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Mums should support not stab other mums

Another day, another shit fight in public.

This morning we got No.1’s Prep uniform, she was super excited and fortunately we are friends and neighbours with the P&C President (some of you will know the benefits of this) so could hang out back.

To amuse No.2 I gave him my phone and he played some dinosaur game but then got the shits with it and threw on the ground and gave it a little kick for good measure.

Of course I took it off him, despite his protests, which lasted for 15 minutes!

“I want my dinosaurrrrr gggaaammme” – he said this over and over and over, tearing streaming down his face.

We then had to visit the reception to book an appointment and he was still howling, much to the disgust of the other mother waiting.

The bitch must have perfect kids the way she was looking at me in disgust at the show my kids were putting on.

I explained very loudly why he couldn’t have the dinosaur game so everyone knew there was a good reason I was torturing my child.

We left the office and out into the school grounds, past dozens more disapproving eyes and made it to the car!

It got me thinking about why other mothers can’t just ignore other mums and kids when they’re having a meltdown?

I don’t even bat an eyelid when I hear a child, shout or throw themselves on the floor behind me at the supermarket – out of respect for the poor mother who has to deal with said child.

You can understand why old people give you the evil shit eye, because they’re old, cantankerious and probably haven’t had sex in years so are very uptight.

Also probably because back in their day if a child had acted that way they wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week after arse smacking they got for such rude behaviour.

But surely mums can band together and pretend to ignore other mum’s kids when they’re being little turds.

I make a point of it, if I catch their eye, or they mumble embarassingly, I tell them that their kids are practically angels compared to my horrors, just to make the poor bugger feel slightly better.

So come on mums, don’t stick the knife in, stick together!!


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I have a lot to be thankful for this Thursday

So every Thursday I have to write about what I’m thankful for because I know sometimes I can lose sight of all that is awesome in my life.

I suppose I don’t have to, but I’ve realised that most mummy blogs are dripping in love, happiness and thankfulness, so I thought I’d better do at least one post like this a week.

It might also be the much-needed slap in the face I need to suck it up princess and stop moaning – just for one day!!!

  • Today I’m thankful it’s Thursday! Why? Because it means it’s nearly Friday and my older sister is visiting and that’s going to make my three children, and me, SUPER happy!
  • I’m thankful to have friends, admittedly less than I probably think, who put up with me and understand although I moan like a bastard I still love my kids and life dearly.
  • I’m thankful to have a husband that works his butt off and very rarely complains about it.
  • I’m thankful my gorgeous three-year-old is now letting me SHOWER him with kisses and cuddles, he even sneaked into my bed this morning for some extra affection!
  • I’m thankful to my mumma who comes down and puts up with me and helps with my three monkeys, despite the fact she hardly ever sleeps, and has chronic foot pain and never moans about it.


(there she is with No.1 – what a star, I’m SOOO lucky to have her)

  • I’m thankful that I’m healthy, my kids are healthy and that I love my husband so much that I feel sad if I don’t hear his voice at least once a day.
  • I’m thankful I don’t have to work until 10pm again tonight and that my work is nearly over for the week – sorta, kinda, does ever really end for someone who works from home?
  • I’m thankful my busy lil’ sis left me a nice catch up message today, and although our lives are so hectic we can pick up where we left off.

So what are you thankful for?

If I knew how to link up to Thankful Thursday I would – anyone help me here?

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Look what lunacy happens when you get drunk with a former model!

For those of you who are just getting to know me, you’ll come to learn I have no qualms about having a few drinks and having a laugh at my own expense!

We recently went camping by the beach with two other couples and their kidlets, well it was more like glamping as we had cabins.

Happy hour started whenever we felt like it, I think the mojitos started about 2pm and we didn’t stop.

Okay so I didn’t stop, my more sensible camping mates did because they know how to ”say when” – I know how to say ”more please”.

I am known for being a bit of a ”taking it too far toxy”, and so my drinking didn’t stop until everyone in the campsite was fast asleep.

However, before everyone was tucked up in bed for the night, my friend, and former model, thought it would be funny to get me to pose on the beach.

It all started when she took a random shot (see below) of myself and my beautiful daughter, I was flicking my hair out of my face because it was windy.


We were pissing ourselves because I was truly looked like I was posing my ass off, but I wasn’t.

The posing was yet to come.

By this time of the night I’d had a few and so would’ve agreed to anything! Even sex on the beach (okay okay we tried it but the wind was too annoying).

Anyway I digress, as usual, but we sent the kids up to bed and my hilarious friend showed and explained the poses I had to make to try and look sultry.

You be the judge – but I don’t think I really pulled it off.


This is a seriously freaky shot right?


By this stage I was giggling uncontrollably – and trying really hard not to piss myself! 

Check out that awesome tricep though (my left, your right) disguising itself as a tuck-shop arm.


I’d almost given up on my modelling career by this stage – as you can tell – but shit it was hilarious.

However we persevered, had a few more drinks and came up with this?

Or maybe she took this earlier and we thought we could perfect it – who the hell knows, I was totally chopped by this stage!


I look like Zoolander here and haven’t quite pulled off the model shot but for me, it was HOT!

Probably the closest I’ll ever get to being a model (plus-size of course).

It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever done and I’m so grateful to my friend for the laughs!

As for the rest of camping it was gorgeous, and so were the people I went with.

I hope you enjoy having a laugh at my expense because I loved every second of my modelling shoot.


My three-year-old is denying me kisses already!

So my gorgeous, nearly three-year-old, has banned me from kissing him!

It used to be just because he hated my ”stinky breath” in the morning.

In fact he often insists I go brush my teeth at 5am in the morning so we can continue our morning snuggle.

I oblige because he’s quite insistent and SOOO snuggly in the morning.

Then he didn’t want kisses because they were ”too sloppy” – eg I didn’t have my mouth firmly closed so I inadvertently allowed the slight moisture on my lips to come in contact with him.

A kiss of this variety caused all sorts of face wiping, yukking and cranky behaviour.

It’s not as long I was slobbering over the poor child like a eager puppy just cute fish kisses.

But then last night at bedtime when I went to smoother him in more kisses he said ”no kisses”.

I asked him why and he said I had ”tuna breath” – no way that is possible because I had tuna for lunch not dinner.

Surely the fishy smell can’t hang around for that long?

Much to his disgust I kissed him all over anyhow – surely he can’t deny me this pleasure at the tender age of three?


(nothing like a poorly centred selfie!)

I feel sorry for whoever marries him, she, or he (you’ve got to keep an open mind these days) will have to be a top-notch kisser to even get a look in!

Maybe he’s just going to be a cuddler (not a word) and again, I feel sorry for whoever he shacks up with.

Because really nothing beats a good old-fashioned pash right?

I mean it’s how most of us fell in love with our significant others in the first place.

If you haven’t got the odd occasion raunchy kiss in your life then, well, I think that’s a bit sad.

Back to No.2 child though, don’t get me wrong I’m not overstepping the mark in regards to our nightly kisses.

But I do wonder why he no longer wants kisses.

Perhaps I have to resort to carrying Listerine in my pocket, or chewing gum?

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I’m glad I don’t have to wee in public like men

Why should men have to wee in public?

I know this is a weird subject but I heard a conversation on the radio today and it struck a cord with me.

The subject was urinals and the etiquette surrounding them, eg not looking at other men’s peckers, not getting too close, not making eye contact etc, and it dawned on me that I reckon I’d be pissed if I had to always pee in public.

I mean for efficiency reasons I can see the benefits of providing a wall to wee against, a quick shake and then being able to leave. (Because we all know that most men don’t wash their hands after weeing, but don’t even get me started on that).


And I suppose they could use the toilet with a door but I presume that’s really there for those in desperate need of going to dump city.

But what about those who don’t like getting their old fella out in public and weeing? What if my boys are like that?

I suppose I just think it’s a bit unfair for blokes who’d prefer to do their business in private, or maybe there’s not many that care about that?

In saying that I suppose I should praise the mighty urinal because it does free up the toilets with doors for me when I sneak into the blokes bogs at music festivals to save waiting in line for 30 minutes on the girl’s side.

I wonder if teenagers and young boys actually have to psych themselves up for getting out their willy to wee in public for the first time?

Maybe it’s a bit like going to a public toilet and trying REALLY hard not to make any noise while doing our business – silly but I reckon we’ve all done it.

I promise this will be the last of my toilet posts for awhile, I blame my kids for making me think more about the subject than I’d really like to.


Nothing like a shit show to start a Monday!

Why is it that whenever you REALLY need to get something done by a certain time everything turns to shit?

This was the case for me this morning – literally.

I was frantically trying to smash out some work on the computer so I let the kids run free range, first mistake.

Most mums know they’re in for a big clean up if they leave their pre-schoolers to their own devices for a reasonable amount of time.

But when I heard No.2 scream I knew something was up – it wasn’t really a pain cry, more of a scared one.

I ran down the hallway to find a nude toddler dripping wet in something (which I later realised was wee).

(Just as an aside there must be something seriously wrong with my search engine – because this is a photo that came up under the search – toddler dripping wet!)


Seriously WTF – but hey who am I to complain, so I thought I’d post it anyhow, mmm David.

I mean this is probably something us mums need to look at, sort of like therapy, after having to spend a large part of our day cleaning up shit!

So anyway back to the shit show.

I arrived in the toilet to find No.3 skidding around on the floor amongst wee and poo, I mean he was covered in the stuff.

Meanwhile No.2 was shrieking in fear because he was also wearing nothing but turds and whey.

I think what happened was my newly toilet trained boy had accidentally done a wee on the floor in the toilet, but then managed to do a No.2 in the appropriate place.

However, upon leaving the throne to wipe his butt he skidded in his whiz and fell hard into a pile of wee and poo. NOICE.

It was then the ever inquisitive No.3 arrived on the scene to inspect what was going on.

Immediately he tripped up and was also covered in whiz and poo but didn’t seem worried, probably because he’s used to playing in toilet bowls.

Not that I let him, but he seems to sense whenever a toilet door is left open, and races in there with anything that resembles a stick to stir the water.

If there’s nothing nearby he’ll use his hands – yip he’s one of those boys – a shit stirrer you might say.

But hey it’s nothing a shower and a strong coffee couldn’t fix, because it was too early for a wine and definitely not 5 o’clock somewhere.

I put it down to being ”just another Manic Monday – whoa whoa – wish it were a Sunday – whoa whoa” (man I used to love the Bangles).

The week can only get better right?

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Skinny dipping and why you should look after your back right now!

This is how my back looks at the moment – no shit – but it’s not sore at all.


(thanks for sharing this cupping therapy photo Patricia)

My back has been a constant source of agony for months now, and yesterday before it snapped in half I took action to try and relax it a bit.

After 1.5 hours of cupping therapy, acupuncture, hot stones and massage, my lovely therapist Alex told me my back felt like she’d hardly done a thing to it.

No shit, every physio, masseuse that has ever touched my back can’t believe how stuff up it is.

But as well as having something weird going on with my vertebrate/spine, my problems also relate to my shocking posture

I give the Hunchback of Notre Dame a run for his money at times, especially when I’m tired.

A sore back is also what you get when you have 3 kids in 3.5 years, don’t have any core strength, carry all your stress in your back and sit at a computer to work any spare second you have.

On a positive note she has talked me into taking pilates classes asap, otherwise she fears I’ll go down the bulge/prolapsed disc path like so many others, I’m that close.

But how the hell do you not lift kids, babies, etc – not to mention learning not to use your back like a crane, instead engaging your core strength to lift and using your knees not your back.

You’ve only got one back and if it’s stuffed your quality of life is so much worse.

I know from experience as the Husband has a 10% permanent disability in his back after a workplace accident years ago.

So for all of you with niggling back pain out there, be nice to yourself, don’t delay, take proactive measures to ensure you aren’t stuck with daily pain like I am.

Never mind, a few medicinal beverages tonight with some besties and I won’t feel a thing, I might even go skinny dipping in the ocean!

Now wouldn’t that be a sight 🙂


(this could’ve been me years ago but it’s not – just saying!)

I have no qualms about nude swimming, in fact it’s quite liberating, as long as no one else sees me, or I forget that someone has seen me.

Over and out until I return to the world of technology.


Learning to let someone go – no matter how much you love them

Learning to let go of something you love is hard, especially for a four-year-old.

Tonight I released No.1’s ‘pet’ caterpillar into the backyard because I didn’t want it to die overnight in a horrible plastic container.

We found it this morning and put in an air-tight container with lettuce. She loved her new caterpillar, and even gave it a name ‘Caterpillar’ – yep that’s what she called her.



So after she and her ample-legged friend Caterpillar had a busy day of show and tell at Kindy, I told her it was time to set Caterpillar free.

Initially she agreed but once the little sucker frantically ran to the safety of the grass, she burst into hysterics, and stayed this way for an hour or so.

She was devastated to let her ‘pet’ go and hoped that she would be safe, mainly she was worried that she wouldn’t come back and that she would get eaten by spiders.

She has a point in regards to being eaten, but I assured her that Caterpillar had nibbled so much lettuce today that she was about to turn into a butterfly so could fly away from any spiders.

I also explained that sometimes if you love something you have to set it free, and that caterpillars love being outside and it’s not nice to keep them in containers.

After this I mentioned that Caterpillar might die if we kept her in a container all night and wouldn’t that be sad!

But all she could think of was how she felt, and although it sounds harsh I really wanted her to realise that it was important to let Caterpillar go, because that’s what she would have wanted, to be with her caterpillar mates cruising around in the grass.

Maybe I was too tough but I really want my girl to try and put herself in other peoples, and caterpillars, shoes!

Perhaps to make her realise that it’s important to sometimes put the interests of others ahead of your own.

Before kissing her at bedtime I told her to look out for a gorgeous butterfly tomorrow because it would probably be Caterpillar – fluttering around with her friends.

I just hope she wakes up happy, knowing she’s done the right thing by Caterpillar – I know I have.


I skydived nude – and other things you don’t know about me

We all have history, good or bad, it makes us who we are, it shapes who we become.

Like jumping out of a plane naked (okay so I wasn’t naked but I thought I’d spice things up a little – so shoot me!).

I have done some crazy, stupid, funny and amazing things in my life and here’s a few you might not know:

  • I spent 5 years dancing, ballet, modern and jazz, and I have five certificates, and three video tapes, to prove it. For the life of me I can’t understand how they passed me come exam time, once with Distinction. I also wore one of these (see below) at our end of year performance, and so did my older sister. Except we were 11 and 13 so we didn’t look like this – so it was totally embarrassing. And even now I couldn’t walk in the f%*k me heels she’s wearing!


  • At university I once had a flat warming so awesome that two fire engines comes, 8 kegs were drunk and it made it into the local newspaper.
  • I’ve skydived (not naked, but I would if it was free to do so, and that there was no chance my boobs would knock me out during free fall). I have bungy jumped, bridge swung, been on all the adrenalin rides I can find and I would do them all again in a heartbeat if I had the money.
  • I was riding motorbikes at age 4, driving Land Rovers on the farm at age 12 and I have my awesome parents to thank for not wrapping me in cotton wool.
  • Three days before the September 11 attacks I was in one of the World Trade Towers in New York with a group of friends who lived there with me.
  • I once went on a blind date in America, and we went to a restaurant and he bought a $150 bottle of wine and I ditched him in a fancy French restaurant in Soho, because he was boring, to meet up with some friends partying somewhere else.
  • I am left handed, even when I play cricket, which I LOVE. I used to really annoy the fast bowlers, of which I used to be one years ago at high school. I played silly mid on, for those of you that don’t know the sport, here’s a photo of where that person stands, or crouches in my case.  See that dude that is about to get his head knocked off but has his hands out just in case he catches it – that was me and I loved it!


  • I met the man of my dreams, and now husband, after being dragged out of bed to the pub by a friend who really needed a wingman – or woman in this case. Best decision I’ve ever made!!!


Top 5 reasons to have kids – truthful ones and sweet ones!

  1. You will always have an excuse for being late, fat, having a messy house, being tired, forgetful and cranky.
  2. As they get older and become fascinated with things on the floor, they become quite effective vacuum cleaners.
  3. If you’ve never really enjoyed time by yourself, well you’ve hit the jackpot, you will never be alone, even showers and trips to the loo become a two-person affair, or in my case a four-person adventure.
  4. They are great to blame on when something you touch falls to the ground in a shop – until they get older and they can tell on you.
  5. For those insomniacs out there, of which I was one for years, you’ll be so whacked all the time you will pass out within seconds of hitting the pillow.



Here’s some SOPPY reasons

  1. There is nothing cuter than watching a nude baby run up the hallway.
  2. If you love kisses and cuddles, you can get them whenever you want, sometimes you’ll have to beg the older ones but 2 to 3-year-olds are super cuddly!
  3. You will know the true meaning of unconditional love.
  4. The smell of a newborn baby is nicer than rain on hot concrete.
  5. With every child you birth your heart grows (and so does your waistline, sorry I couldn’t be too serious and sickly – it’s just not me).


There’s a half naked man at the end of this blog post

I detest doing dishes.

No that’s not quite right, I DESPISE them.

If I had my way our family would eat off plastic/paper plates, cups and utensils – EVERY DAY.

That is if they were cheap and weren’t made out of plastic and therefore destined to spend 100’s of years in landfills slowly destroying our already fragile earth.

I dread meal times because I know once they’re over I have a bench and sink full of dirty dishes to clean up.

Preparing and cooking three meals a day is painful enough, as is sitting down to meals with kids who are fussy, messy and noisy eaters.

If you hadn’t already figured it out, I’m no domestic goddess.

I used to be amazingly tidy before kids, but then there were only two of us, and we made all our mess at work!

I often rope the Husband into doing them, but he’s slow, loud, doesn’t use enough detergent, plus I know I’ll do a much better job.

I’m sure there’s a lot wives out there that think like this and like me are smart enough not to verbalise this to their partners.

Just in case you wondered, I do have a dishwasher but plastics, oven trays, and our ‘good’ knives are not allowed to go in there.

And if the Husband catches me putting the cheese grater or good knives in there I’m in trouble.

However, when he’s not looking I have been known to shove in an entire roasting dish on the top rack.

It takes up the whole space but I don’t give a shit because I HATE DISHES!

Soon we’re going camping, or cabining (not sure this is a word but you catch my drift) and I’m SO packing paper plates.

And because I have no shame in admitting I’m a big fat lazy pants when it comes to dishes, I shared this idea with my friends and they’re doing the same thing!

It will also free up our time for more important things, which I don’t even need to spell out – but I will – W.I.N.E.

I like to think of it as a smart move not a lazy one.

This (see below) is what I have to tackle after I finish blogging about dishes. (Man my life is boring)


And for those observant ones out there, see the cheese grater? I’m so putting that in the dishwasher tonight, what a rebel eh?

Just as an aside, I was searching google for stock photos of a really messy kitchen to post and the search words I used were:

“Pile of dishes huge” – perhaps not my finest hour, but I thought they were reasonably good words to plug in.

And check out the image that came up in the search results!!!!


Not exactly what I was after, but definitely a dish!

Perhaps I could ask him to clean up my kitchen.

I bet he’d use the right amount of detergent!


Bye bye supermum, hello give-a-shit mum!

Remember being a first-time mum? You were hell bent on doing ‘the right thing’ by your child.

Often this meant altering your lifestyle to make sure they drank, ate, slept when they were ‘supposed to’.

I was admit I was one of these mums who would not attend social events, visit friends or join a playdate because I wanted to make sure No.1 slept.

A fat lot of good it did me – my kids are shocking eaters, sleepers.

Things have changed dramatically as I’ve ventured longer into motherhood. I’ve become WAY more relaxed, perhaps in some cases a little to casual to those looking in from the outside.

But it’s a coping mechanism I think, and a bloody good one.

Here’s a few things I have become more relaxed about:

  • Food

I used to peel, slice or dice an apple before giving to my babies. Now I hand them an entire apple, not only does this keep them amused for longer it also improves their ball handling skills.

If they don’t eat, I don’t care. This is not always true, for example if I know they’re going to get hungry when we’re out and about and it will cost me $25 for a cup of popcorn at Dreamworld I’ll insist they eat before we go.


(hey check out the dude in the background of this photo in his budgie smugglers – so VERY GC)

  • Sleep

I used to make sure I was home around sleep times, I very rarely ventured out at night because I didn’t want to break their nighttime routine and I was adamant they had day sleeps.

Now I try and keep them awake if it’s going to help me get some peace when I need it, and if day sleeps happen they do, if not, it means I’ll get to have a wine earlier, I mean get them to bed earlier at night.

The biggest change is the going out at night, I now have no hesitation in going around to a friends for the afternoon/evening and won’t leave until the bubbly runs out or the kids start dragging me out the door, party poopers.

  • Accidents

I used to worry at every scrap and bump, now unless it’s bleeding a lot or a bump is more than 3mm high, I just kiss it better instead of stressing out. How much they cry is also a good indicator.

Stubbed toes now are just part of the territory and nothing to get upset about.

In fact falling over, banging their heads on the tiles and tripping over fresh air, can probably be attributed to the fact that they have an unco mum.

  • Mess

Every toy had to be picked up at hourly intervals throughout the day, you know like in public toilets when there is a board saying this bathroom was cleaned at 10,11,12 etc etc. I used to be a little like this and was constantly tidying my house.

Now there’s enough toys on my floor to create an obstacle course for my children, I suppose this also helps their motor skills, but also contributes to the number of falls and trips my children have.

However, it’s the getting up that counts right??

I can go to bed with washing in the basket, dishes in the sink (but not on the bench) and with the lounge strewn with lego.

  • Handing over my baby

When I first had No.1 I was VERY reluctant to hand her over for cuddles, especially when she was little, just in case they weren’t as good as holding my baby’s fragile newborn neck as well as they should be.

I also didn’t want their germs all over her. I was also worried when other people looked after my kids, just in case they didn’t do it the way I did.

With No.3 I’ll pass him over to anyone who asks, I’ll them ask if they mind if I duck out to the shops for a bit!

And as for babysitting, as soon as my parents arrive to look after my kids for the night, I’m out the door, literally.

Gone are the hourly phone calls to check on them, and to tell mum to turn their fan up or down.

The biggest change is that I’ve realised there is no right or wrong way to do things.

I no longer have an opinion on what others do with their kids like I did before I had kids, and when I was a newbie mum.

We all do the best we can, and before judging I think it pays to try and put yourselves in someone else’s shoes – just for one day.

And even if that’s not how you’d do it – well tough shit – it’s not your life so butt out!

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Baby just threw himself over the side of his cot

My heart leaped out of my chest this morning when I heard that scary scream children only make when they’re really hurt or upset.

You know the one that tears at your heart and you can’t get to them quick enough.

No.3 had just been put to bed and after a few minutes of crying, he started to howl.

I walked in to find him standing at the doorway, somehow he had Houdinied and climbed over his cot rails, landing on his head – and has a massive carpet burn to prove it.

I wonder whether he was fed up with living such a messy room, Virgo, that he just had to get out and clean it!

He’s only 14 months and I think too little for a bed, but I’m not prepared to risk him climbing out again, plus I’ll never sleep at night wondering if he’ll try escape again.

Today he was so lucky to escape with barely a scratch, so I have to try and accept the fact I can no longer contain him in four rails – BOO.

While I’m sure you all know this fills me with a sense of dread – today I’m going to try say some nice things about my precious third born.

So here I go:

  • I love that he adores his siblings, especially when his big bro is in the naughty corner, he always heads there to give him moral support. (see below)


  • He waddles over to me and rests his head in my arms when he’s tired or hurt.
  • Him and I dance, well he head bangs, when I turn my favourite songs up loud.
  • As No.3 he has to share two parents with two other siblings but always joins in, even if it’s rough and tumble.

I could go on but the kids have just got out of the pool with dad and I feel guilty sitting here on the computer so have to cut this short.

Plus they all want food, typical, it seems all I ever do is make them food!

Wish me luck for my first night with a baby who can get out of his cot/bed


A person who is straight up is usually the first to be cut down

It’s hard being someone who says what they thinks – especially to their nearest and dearest!

A person who is straight up and honest is usually the first person to be cut down.

I gave some friendly dentist advice tonight and because it was new to me I was excited to share, however the person I gave the advice to said…. and your point is (and F*YK you Blah Blah Blah ?)

But I think we all have moments when we are bursting at the seams to say something but we don’t because we are worried it will offend someone.

I reckon, if you don’t want to say something, walk away and hope that the person in question hears it from someone else (cop out ) or will realise it by themselves.

But if you do make the decision to stand up and say what you think, then go at it with a vengeance and back it up (but only if you truly believe in the cause).

For example, in the past few years I’ve decided that I will only step up to a cause that I truly believe in.

And if someone has some great announcement then I’d rather here it in person than in a group, so I tend to shy away from group pow wows.

This is not to say that I don’t care, but from my POV I’d much rather speak one-on-one.


Have I digressed?

Of course I bloody have, but that’s because I am busy with my own boring life that I tend to ignore others and wander off on a tangent.

This is not to say that I don’t care about my friends, because I do.

Anyway I’ve gone way off topic now so I’ll end with this.

If a tree falls in the woods and no one was there to see it, did it still make a noise?

Cos that’s how I roll, like a train wreck 🙂