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Sending a small child to a school of nearly 700!

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When I turned five, I went to school. A small one, with only 15 other pupils (this probably quite rare in Australia but not in a small country town in New Zealand).

This is why I’m having such a hard time comprehending that next year I will be sending a child that is 4 years and 9 months old to school. And a big one at that, with 150 other preppies, and the entire school role is expected to be 700 kids in 2012. ARGGHH.

In OZ kids are sent to school depending on their birth in a financial year cycle and I couldn’t think of anything more STUPID.

So my daughter was born in March 2008 has to go to school with kids born in July 2007 – do the math. Okay so to save you time, I will, that’s kids that are nearly 10 months older, wiser, and meaner!!!!

Already there’s been some problems at pre-school in regards to other smarter and more cunning kids leaving my girl out or being nasty.

My biggest gripe is there isn’t anything I can do about it – apart from hold her back a year – and when she’s so excited about school, I couldn’t do it to her.

I just wish they would put the younger ones together in a class, but if I ask for that I’ll probably be called a Heli Mum (see previous post).

So maybe I need to get over it – but every time I think about it I get redder in the face!

I have one thing to say to the Queensland Education System – NOT COOL!



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