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‘I know it’s hard being horrible AND ugly but if you had manners it would help’

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I’m pretty sure the sales guy at the electronic shop just blank-faced lied to me because he had no idea abut the hands-free thingee I wanted to buy and didn’t want to admit he was clueless.

It’s not relevant, but he looked like a young Mr Bean, which made me even more suspicious about his ‘advice’.

Customer service really is turning to shit these days. There are exceptions, including the young motivated chick at the phone shop and the older lady at the chemist – but finding pleasant staff can be hit and miss.

For all those in sales who kick ass at your job, you know this rant doesn’t relate to you.

But If you’re paid to deal with the public, then take the lemon out of your mouth, smile and say something nice to me – even if you don’t mean it. Because if you are rude or unnecessarily impatient with me, I’ll not hesitate in giving you a peace of my mind.

In saying that I don’t expect to be treated like royalty, just with respect and politeness.

Not like the middle-aged lady at Sea World (theme park) that got shitty with me because I asked where the VIP ticket holders could get in without having to queue up. I swear she sighed, rolled her eyes and kept talking to the other bitchy, booth lady.

If I didn’t have the children with me I would’ve said to her ‘I know it’s hard being horrible AND ugly but if you had some manners, it might endear you more to the general public’.

I try to be courteous to sales people because I used to be one and know it’s not an easy gig.

When I was at high school and university I worked at a sunglass shop, Para Rubber, (the NZ version of Clark Rubber) and the movie theatre (hence my addiction to heavily salted and buttered popcorn).

There are always dickhead customers who are hard to be nice to, but I’m not one of them. I’m polite, quick, and even provide some self-depreciating humour.

So next time someone is rude to you, ask them, sarcastically, if they’ve had a bad day ‘love’, ‘darl’ or ‘sweetie’  – nothing like being condescending to piss someone off.


Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

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