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I’m always trying to make a pre-emptive strike!!


The second I inhaled deeply into No.3’s pants I regretted it! What the hell was I thinking? Of course the damp looking area was yukky runny poo – but I just had to be sure.

Just as I thought it was a smart idea to get up last night and turn his fan down in the middle of the night just in case he got cold. The only thing he got was SHITTY, that I changed his air temperature – so the wee bugger woke up – for an HOUR, and in the process annoyed his soundly sleeping nearby older brother, who then took another hour to settle.

Why the hell do I do it? If it’s not broke don’t fix it says the Husband and numerous wise friends. But if I wake in the night and it’s all silent I have a habit of always thinking a few hours ahead and wondering if my children are going to get hotter/colder. So as a pre-emptive strike I adjust my children’s fan.

What a dick I am.


(Here is No.3 looking quite happy in his sleeping bag in winter, yet I would probably not have slept much this night wondering if he was too hot or cold).

And after four or so years as a mother you would have thought I would’ve learnt a thing or two about stuff like this.

Nup, nada, no way Jose!

But maybe I’m getting there, for example last night I woke at 2am, just because I used to be an insomniac and that’s a hard habit to break, and it was all silent in the Smith camp.

So what did I do, I went in and checked on all three of my babies, just in case. Am I the only one that does this? Perhaps, the Husband thinks so.

However I didn’t alter a thing, surprisingly. Maybe because what the Husband has said a million times  keeps ringing in my ears ”if they are unhappy they will wake up”.

I think my habit of fiddling with stuff is because I have a bad habit of trying to stop bad things from happening before they do, eg it gets cooler in mornings, sometimes, so I turn fans down just in case they wake up because they are cold!

In actual fact I wish I could just sleep for 6 to 8 hours straight and not give a second thought to my wee darlings until they come to visit with a cry/wee/poo/spew all over me, or in No.3s case a scream in to the baby monitor.

I envy those mums who can put their kids to bed and not worry about them til they wake.

I really doubt I’ll ever be one of those.


Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

2 thoughts on “I’m always trying to make a pre-emptive strike!!

  1. The only time I ever checked on Nick was when he’d slept far longer than usual, and that was to make sure he was breathing. Even then I hesitated, because if he wasn’t breathing, I didn’t want to know.

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