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Dental nurse told me all dentists hate the movie Finding Nemo

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So my current hectic work schedule has left me little or no time to blog – how annoying.

But I just had to follow up on No.1’s dentist visit – it was a raging success!


I sprung it on her when I made a surprise visit to daycare and she was fine with it – man kids can be surprisingly tough.

I did tell a wee white lie and said the lady dentist phoned and said she wanted to see her. Half of the problem was she doesn’t like men doctors, dentists etc, she says their voices “sound funny” – in fact she also thinks this about some of her friend’s dads.

But she was super excited once there, talked the dental nurses head off and told her she ate some celery before arriving (I made her eat it just in case they asked what she had for lunch!)


She then wanted to go back to daycare to tell all her friends, giving me an extra hour to finish off a press release, hang out the washing, unload the dishwasher, put on another load and prepare dinner.

Great news is she got a clean bill of health, teeth are great, the only thing I got told off for was allowing the finger sucking which is severely deforming her front two teeth.
But that’s a problem for another day.

Right, gotta get back to the grindstone, about 3 hours left of work before I can have a drink, I mean a sleep!!!

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