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Skinny dipping and why you should look after your back right now!

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This is how my back looks at the moment – no shit – but it’s not sore at all.


(thanks for sharing this cupping therapy photo Patricia)

My back has been a constant source of agony for months now, and yesterday before it snapped in half I took action to try and relax it a bit.

After 1.5 hours of cupping therapy, acupuncture, hot stones and massage, my lovely therapist Alex told me my back felt like she’d hardly done a thing to it.

No shit, every physio, masseuse that has ever touched my back can’t believe how stuff up it is.

But as well as having something weird going on with my vertebrate/spine, my problems also relate to my shocking posture

I give the Hunchback of Notre Dame a run for his money at times, especially when I’m tired.

A sore back is also what you get when you have 3 kids in 3.5 years, don’t have any core strength, carry all your stress in your back and sit at a computer to work any spare second you have.

On a positive note she has talked me into taking pilates classes asap, otherwise she fears I’ll go down the bulge/prolapsed disc path like so many others, I’m that close.

But how the hell do you not lift kids, babies, etc – not to mention learning not to use your back like a crane, instead engaging your core strength to lift and using your knees not your back.

You’ve only got one back and if it’s stuffed your quality of life is so much worse.

I know from experience as the Husband has a 10% permanent disability in his back after a workplace accident years ago.

So for all of you with niggling back pain out there, be nice to yourself, don’t delay, take proactive measures to ensure you aren’t stuck with daily pain like I am.

Never mind, a few medicinal beverages tonight with some besties and I won’t feel a thing, I might even go skinny dipping in the ocean!

Now wouldn’t that be a sight 🙂


(this could’ve been me years ago but it’s not – just saying!)

I have no qualms about nude swimming, in fact it’s quite liberating, as long as no one else sees me, or I forget that someone has seen me.

Over and out until I return to the world of technology.

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