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Hello, my name’s Emily and I’m addicted to weighing myself


I’m currently waging a war against the flab that has decided to call itself home on my body.

To be honest it didn’t just appear, I kind of helped it along its way with too much eating and drinking.

Having three kids in four years used to be my excuse but if I’m honest it’s not really a good one.

It’s just that I don’t have much willpower so I haven’t deprived myself of much in the past few years.

However, I’m now in the zone, a place where I WANT to lose weight, not just for my health but for my happiness.

And you know the tool that I use every day to motivate me?

No not the treadmill in the garage, or my sexy black dress – it’s the mighty digital scales in my bathroom, aka Sally the Scales.


(and yes I did wait until the number had disappeared before taking this pic – see I’m not just a pretty face)

I weigh myself at LEAST 6 times a day, as soon as I wake up, after I have a shower, after breakfast, around noon, after dinner and then before bed.

Obsessed or dedicated? You be the judge.

It might sound a little whacky to some but being a serial weigher (now that can’t be a word) ensures that I’m on track with my weight loss.

I need to know right away if I’m getting results and if I’m not it just motivates me to be stronger and better at it.

If Sally tells me I’m piling it on and I’m hurting her then I don’t get disheartened I get strong.

If she tells me I’m losing weight I become even more determined not to have that bottle of bubbly in the fridge or a loaf of fresh bread with lashings of butter.

In the past four months I’ve lost about 7-8kg, I still have at least 8kg to go but unlike a few months ago, I really have the desire to do it now.

It’s summer, my kids are active and in the water all the time and I want to feel comfy in my own skin again.

Yep I have stretch marks, a jelly belly and I’m not sure my legs will ever be the same – but I know I can feel better about myself if I stick with it.

For too long I have made excuses – it’s time to cut the crap and get my fitness, health and vitality back.

I can’t guarantee I won’t fall off the wagon, especially as Xmas when I totally will drink like a fish, but as long as I can crawl back on it afterwards, then I think I’ll be okay.

Gotta go – Sally is waiting for me.

How often do you weigh yourself and why?

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I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

33 thoughts on “Hello, my name’s Emily and I’m addicted to weighing myself

  1. I love weighing myself too. Maybe not as often as you do, but I think it is a really good thing as it has helped me to make sure I know where my weight is at and it has never got out of control. I have rules about when I weigh though. Always in the morning, before breaskfast, after I pee. Not after rice or pasta for dinner. I actually find it fun 🙂

  2. Just ‘found’ you via both memes. Totally on the same page, I’m just starting a post second pregnancy weight loss, and scale jumping at least twice a day!

  3. I stopped weighing myself because I wasn’t seeing any results and it was de-motivating for me. I decided to go on measurements and how my clothes fit (and how I fit into old clothes) as it seemed to yield better/more accurate results. I know I’ve put on a lot of muscle in the 6 months I’ve been doing PT so I think the scales can sometimes be misleading. Plus I always assume every scale is “broken” 😉

    • See weighing myself just serves to motivate me, we’re all different, and yes cms are a good indication, as are clothes, mine are also feeling less tight, another great indicator. For the record, Sally is not broken 😉

  4. Your weight fluctuates hourly and daily so you are not really helping yourself – sorry! Weekly is about the right amount, try to do it at the same time and take into account whether you’ve been to the toilet, just eaten, your period etc. If you’ve put on a bit and you’ve been good, it’s more to do with those things 🙂
    Good luck with it. It sounds like you have the rest of it sorted.
    Becc via #FYBF

    • You are right about weight fluctuating, perhaps that’s my fascination with weighing myself so much! But for some reason it works to encourage me. Thanks for the best wishes, I’ll hopefully be able to report great things come January! 🙂

  5. Our scales weigh slightly light. It makes me happy even though I know it. When we go to my MILS house I gain 2kg in one journey and it is such a relief to lose the weight again by simply travelling home again 🙂

  6. We left the scales behind when we moved. This was a good thing for my sanity.

  7. I have stopped weighing myself more than ever two weeks at most. I find the more I weigh myself the more I become obsessed with the number on the scale and the less weight I lose. When I don’t worry about the number on the scales and focus on the way exercising and eating well makes me feel I do so much better and am always then pleasantly surprised when I do get on the scales and see a loss.

    • It’s always nice to see a loss, especially when you’re not expecting it. It’s interesting how our minds all work so differently, the numbers on the scales mean different things to everyone it appears.

  8. I used to be a serial-weigher. Our scales then broke (over use?!!) so I haven’t invested in another set as of yet. I’ve been back at the gym, so I might sneak in a cheeky weight check just prior to Christmas…

  9. I put on stacks with my last 2 kids, and really hadn’t lost it all from the frist three, been avoiding the scales for a year and a half – but it only made it worse! I got on the other week and knew what I had to do, joined back at the gym and signed up for weight watchers. I’m happier than I have been in a long time! Do whatever motivates unless it’s becoming a health problem

    • Your are right, whatever motivates you the is the to go with! Good on you for joining WW, it’s how I’ve lost most of my weight throughout the years, I still remember and have books so I’m basically doing that also without actually going to meetings etc! Good luck!

  10. I’ve recently lost 11 kgs through WW – only a couple to go and I’ll be where I want to be. My scales are actually pretty useless and say that I am 3 kilos less than I really am. That first ever weigh in on proper scales was a huge shock to the system! I hope you continue to be strong and stay the course – it is worth it!

    • Hi Kirsty, yes I’m a BIG believer and past user of WW, in fact at least 3 times in my life, to get myself back on track, so I am using my previous knowledge of the system to help in my weight loss. Thanks for the encourage and good on you for losing 11kg, that is such a big loss. I’m in the zone so hopefully I’ll be able to say I’ve lost the 16kg I want to very soon, 8 down, 8 to go!!

  11. I only visit my Sally a few times a week. I started exercising a couple of times a week and cut out most carbs… Feeling heaps better about me… Well done to you!

    • Thanks so much, I appreciate your support. It’s hard work and I do think exercising is the key. However, I’ve been told that you can’t out run a bad diet. And for me, who has 3 under 4.5, and I work from home, I don’t have much time to really exercise, so I am starting with diet, eg cutting out carbs like you and wow doesn’t it make a BIG difference. 🙂 Keep me posted on how you’re going!

  12. I honestly haven’t weighed myself in years. I got weighed the day I gave birth to my kids so that they would know how much medication I needed, but other than that I have no idea how much I weigh (hopefully less than that day!). I tend to go by whether my clothes feel comfortable or tight. We don’t even own a set of scales! I guess if I needed to weigh myself I could go to the shearing shed and get in the wool press which has scales that measure to 300kg – that should be plenty 🙂

  13. I get a bit stressed if I visit my version of Sally too often. Unlike you I guess I’m easily discouraged if the numbers move up even a tiny bit! I have 3 kids too, but the youngest is 18 months old now – not so much of an excuse anymore! My supermodel days are over (as if…) but I do want more energy for my kids. I’m working at it slowly this time though (also through WW) rather than any kind of crash dieting. Best of luck to you and Sally!

    • Sounds like we’re in the same boat – it’s a long hard road, I did it after No.2 and then just after I lost about 14kg I got pregnant, by surprise! WW is such a great way to go, I always get results when I do it, and the knowledge I have has lasted me years. Good luck!

  14. Hey. Found you through FYBF. I love weighing myself but I try to limit it to once a week. When I am being really good with my eating I’ll get on every morning. My weight can fluctuate 1-2kg either way within a 24 hr period so it can either feel great or just terrible if I see a sudden rise.

    We have some crappy Aldi scales and I’ve been hoping to get some new old school analogue Seca scales. I love seeing the bar move down rather than just seeing the electronic numbers change.

    I know people who never weigh and just rely on how their clothes feel to get that sense of achievement from a diet. Not me, I gotta see those numbers!


  15. YAY another weigher, phew, I was starting to think I was a dying breed. I love the old school scales, they are awesome – haven’t seen any around in ages! I’ve been super great with my eating in the past two weeks and man it’s just amazing how much difference it makes, and with 3 pre-schoolers to run around after, I’m reasonably active. It would also help if I got on the treadmill a few times a week, but I’m building up to that 😉

  16. Sounds like you have a very tight relationship with Sally 🙂
    I try not to weigh myself too much. Sometimes I don’t go on for several days and then it’s twice in one day.
    Well done on losing all that weight! x

    • Thanks Grace, I appreciate the comment and visit. For some reason the numbers just speak to me and are very encouraging, whether higher or lower than before. In saying that I’m not silly enough to forget that muscle weighs more than fact and once I’ve dropped more I’ll start toning and then the numbers won’t matter as much! Have a great week.

  17. Are those bloody scales…my nemesis!

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