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No expectations for 2013 will mean no disappointments


So I’ve made it through 2012 without being put in a funny farm, my husband divorcing me, my family disowning me and my friends turning their backs on me (well most of them anyhow).

This year has been one of the hardest yet as a mother, but I’ve come out the other side and it’s due to all of the above mentioned.

I can’t say I’ve been a delight to live with this year, and have done A LOT of moaning about my lot. Looking back I can see it must have been bloody annoying to all those around me.

From the outside looking in I know many friends would love to have three children very close together, yet some can’t because of circumstances, age etc etc.

We didn’t plan to have 3 children in 3.5 years, it was a surprise for us – but the best one ever.


(my three angels just a day ago)

I admit it’s taken me a year to really get my head around it all and accept I have three children.

I bet this sounds silly to most people but I’m a planner and three wasn’t the plan.

But it was the best thing to ever happen to me, I’m a better person, mother and wife because of No.3.

This year I’ve had to move around a lot of ideals, expectations and emotions in my head and heart, and do some real soul searching.

I look around and see other mums doing a much better job than me and I do feel a bit sorry for my three at times, mainly because I just don’t have as much time to spend individually with all three.

I also battle having patience most days but I’m working on this, eg taking time outside or going to another room until the screaming dies down.

Life as well as work is to blame for this – but we do a lot of things altogether as a family and I hope makes up for this a little bit.

However, I’m overly generous in my love, affection, cuddles and I hope this makes up for the times when I’m cranky, impatient and growly.

This new year brings with it a chance for me to shine again, reconnect, get fit, be more patient with my children and appreciate the Husband more.

I don’t believe in resolutions because if I’ve learned one thing this year it’s not to place unrealistic expectations on myself.

Wishing you all a gorgeous, happy and healthy 2013 with lots of laughter, cuddles and kisses.


Emily 🙂

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Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

10 thoughts on “No expectations for 2013 will mean no disappointments

  1. I’m not putting any pressure on myself with resolutions either, in all reality they would be made in vain fully knowing I wouldn’t be going through with any of them! I need to try to be more patient with my kids too, especially when things turn hairy 🙂 Happy new year and best wishes for 2013 🙂

  2. Happy New Year Emily……hope you have a wonderful year ahead with your lovely family…x

  3. I am so glad you got through 2012!! Great post!!

  4. I’m sure each year will get a little easier, as they all grow up a bit more. I still think you work too bloody much for a work-from-home-mum-of-3 but I will stop lecturing you about that! I know it’s hard to say no to money when it’s there, especially when you don’t know how long it will be there for. Haven’t you heard, while we’re busy making plans life happens? Was obviously just meant to be and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that we can’t undo what’s done, just need to suck it up and get on with it. I only have 1 and there are plenty of times I get cranky at Nick, so can’t even imagine what I’d be like with 3. It is what it is, no use moaning, it doesn’t change anything. They’ll all be in school before you know it and then it will be a different kind of chaos 🙂

    • Yes I do take on too much, but I just can’t say no. Maybe 2013 will be the year I say ‘no sorry I’m too busy’
      Moaning can be fun though 😉 As long as the person you’re moaning to is willing to listen, not take it on board and just let you get it off your chest.

  5. I’m so with you, Emily. I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions. Why does the stroke of midnight have to determine how better of a person you plan to be?
    I also hear you on the patience thing. I’m so working on that. Twins will do that to you. Just like 3 kids in 3.5 years. Happy new year!!!

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