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Have a laugh at my gardening skills – if these carrots could talk they’d be pissed


We all have our calling – but from the below photo you can see mine isn’t growing carrots.

And yes I was going to spread them out once they got bigger but I ‘forgot’.


From the state of my vegies you can tell I’m no gardening guru, unless I’m growing regenerating lettuce varieties and cherry tomatoes – these suckers are super easy to grow.

But my point is – we all have things we excel at.

If you can’t think of anything right now that you are kick-ass at – then think harder – we all have something we ROCK at.

As parents we strive to instil something positive and awesome into our kids, and it shouldn’t matter if we aren’t shit hot at everything, as long as we give it a bloody good shot.

At the moment my kids probably think I’m pretty cool at dancing in the kitchen and lounge, blowing BIG bubbles and cooking (the poor wee things).

However, down the track when they’re older they might appreciate my other qualities, my sensitivity, my big heart, my ability to sniff out a news story, my attention to detail, my writing skills, and my ever inquisitive mind (okay maybe they won’t like my nosey-parker behaviour when they’re in their teens).

Anyhow, back to the carrots, and their significance.

(As you can see No.2 was so impressed with his harvest that he hid his face).

As a mum I’ve done things with my kids that I hoped would open their minds to all the possibilities in the world – this included growing things.

In hindsight it was probably best that I stuck to what I knew best – such as reading, telling stories, eating (and drinking) – things I’ve been good at for a LONG TIME.

But from a young age I’ve told my angels they can be and do what they want, whether it’s a nurse, teacher, pilot, fire fighter or rubbish man or women.

I know I have a black thumb but I still have a small garden because I’d hate my kids to miss out on an experience because I suck at growing things.

Well that’s not quite true, I’m successfully growing three very awesome children right now 🙂

We all have our calling and I just hope my three babies find something they love to do and never doubt their ability to do it.

So it’s Tuesday already – and I’m shouting out to the lovely Jess @ Essentially Jess and her IBOT team.

Thanks Jess for the chance to ride off your very popular coattails!

Happy Tuesday peeps!



Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

38 thoughts on “Have a laugh at my gardening skills – if these carrots could talk they’d be pissed

  1. Carrots are really hard to grow! I am working on a new system… If it works i’ll share with you, but only if you want to stop being such a good example to your children 😉

  2. ohhhh thats exactly how mine look!! i was just so super excited that they were orange and they actually grew i really honestly didnt care… LOL. better luck next time x

  3. Hey, they look like carrots, which is at least 10 steps ahead of anything I’ve tried to grow. I can’t even remember to feed our fish. Nick’s going to think his mummy was really good at sitting on the computer and “doing exercises” (guess the exercises part isn’t that bad). You sure are growing 3 amazing kids. Love them (and you) to pieces.

    hello from #teamIBOT 😉

  4. My carrots always end up like that but I blame the carrots and not me 🙂 Rachel xx

  5. Growing carrots is a bit exciting, even if they didn’t grow like the ones in the shop. Were they tasty anyway? Great attitude to have by the way. You are so right, if we stop and think about it for a moment there is something that all of us are good at in our own way. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT

  6. I definitely have a black thumb and can’t grow anything – we can’t even keep air plants alive !!!!!
    I had so hoped that I had installed the ‘you can be anything you want when you grow up’ in my daughter – but clearly I haven’t because she is nearly 21 and has done 3 years of uni – not completed anything – changed her mind a gazillion times – is a life guard at wet ‘n wild – wants to be a policewoman now but that could change by tonight. While I want her to find what will make her happy, what she is passionate about and follow her dreams it is very frustrating !
    Have the best day and thanks for stopping by my blog !

    • LOL in regards to air plants. I suppose we all try and do our best for our kids, I went to Uni and then didn’t do anything with it for 6 years. There’s a lot to be said for life experience don’t you think? I can just imagine how frustrating it must be, but we all have to learn our own way, and usually it’s the hard way, unfortunately. Thanks for visiting, again, I really appreciate your comments and wisdom! Emily 🙂

  7. haha They don’t even look edible! But good on you, growing food is a gift we all need to give our kiddies x

  8. So true, we are all very good at least at one thing. It is so important to teach the children that they have to look out to what they like and go for it. My mother always told me I’m able to do whatever I like and I think this is the most important thing she has ever taught me.

    • You were a very lucky girl to be told that, and it’s something I want my daughter to know. I still believe it’s a man’s world but I want my girl to know she can be anything. Of course I will tell my boys the same thing. In fact No.2 told me he wanted to marry his best mate, a boy, and I said, well you can if you want to. Who am I to wade into these matters at such a young age 🙂

  9. Are you kidding me?
    Normal carrots are all straight up and down, and yours? You’ve got funky town carrots.
    I think their awesome!
    I’m growing a vege patch so my kids know where food comes from. I’m not a green thumb but I’m learning……you now know that carrots aren’t the easiest things, and their natural want is to be bent.
    I can relate to that!

    • Oh it makes complete sense now that you put it like that, my carrots are actually a representation of me, a little bit bent, a wee bit hairy, a tiny little bit sour but bundled up they are a total package of Awesomeness! Nice to ‘meet’ you – loving your blog. Emily 🙂

  10. I planted a vege garden this year but the self seeding pumpkins took over the garden and half the lawn! I think you carrots will make a great lunchbox snack!

  11. Emily, these are the exact same carrots I grow! I agree with opening your kids to possibilities, I’ve always told Bell she can be whatever she wants.

    • Were they baby carrots Lisa? I bought them because I thought the suckers would be easier to grow, but my BFF told me that if a carrot, any carrot, hits anything apart from smooth soil they recoil and grow in another direction! Who knew??? And yep, I’m big on making my children aim for the stars, why not, what have they got to lose?

  12. My thumb is definitely black! I can even kill succulents & cacti which I think is quite a feat. Luckily hubby is the green thumb around here and grows awesome veggies so I leave it to the experts and stick to my forte (what ever that may be!) Lovely to meet you and your angels 🙂

    • Ha ha, I think I’ve even killed a cacti somewhere along the line, but at least we gave it a shot yes?! You have a forte I know it. I really appreciate you commenting and stopping by. Have a great week! Emily 🙂

  13. Still looking for my calling.
    I too suck at growing ANYTHING….I dont care but it would be nice to find that thing I am good at 🙂
    Becc via #ibot

    • From what I’ve read, you are good at surviving and flourishing against all odds. I can’t even imagine going through what you have and still be nice and happy. I’d be a grumpy mole face for shizzle! I appreciate the visit Becc 🙂

  14. Yay! Someone who is as terrible as growing foliage and food as me! I’ve killed the ‘unkillables’ – think Aloe Vera and Rosemary – before so if your carrots managed to survive to being pulled out of the ground stage than you are doing far better than I! I’d still eat them! Bumps give character. Who wants to eat boring carrots?

    • That’s funny, I think I’ve even killed mint, which is supposed to be one of the ‘growing things for dummies’. And you’re right about the bumps giving character, a pity they tasted so woody. But hey worth a shot. Thanks for stopping by! Emily

  15. I so love your spirit and attitude, Emily. Your kids are absorbing many great unspoken lessons, to be sure 😉 We are growing snowpeas in a giant pot at the moment and they are going ok, but the whitefly and heat are certainly doing their best to thwart us. Despite this, the kids are very excited at their progress. Perhaps some more above-ground pursuits can help you keep track? 😀 #teamIBOT was here

    • We (my husband really) had a great batch of Snowpeas which the kids LOVED to eat, but the heat soon killed them off. I think up ground planting is a great idea! Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated. Emily 🙂

  16. What a lovely post! I’m sure the kids will think the carrots are super yummy – even if only because there’s not a lot of them to eat up 🙂

    • Yes the old supply/demand adage does seem to apply around here! No.2 ate them and was happy, but he’ll eat anything out of the garden, even leaves that he’s not supposed to. I appreciate the visit and comment! Emily

  17. Love the lesson you took from this.
    And if it makes you feel better, the same thing happened to my carrots too 🙂

  18. Well at least they grow..if I were the one wo gardening everything will be dead. Even the grass too! 😛

  19. Don’t feel too bad. Whatever is the total opposite of a green thumb, is what my wife has. I have never seen anyone kill silk (artificial) plants … but she has. 🙂

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