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Why sending a child to school is hard for a control freak!


My ‘baby’ is starting school on Tuesday and I’m a little freaked but a little pumped.

She is 100 per cent pumped and not even a fraction bit freaked – and that makes me so happy.

My gorgeous girl at about 4 months.

My gorgeous girl at about 4 months.

Here at  just 18 months

Here at just 18 months

This week I devoted two full days to spend just with her (no little ‘bothers’ around to cramp her style) and she wanted to do the theme parks.

So we did – THEM ALL!!!!!!!

I gotta tell you I’m a tad over them now, the queues, the sun, the noise, the expensive ice creams ($4) – give me the beach any day.

Eat your heart out Pammy!

Eat your heart out Pammy!

I love these guys, especially the penguins

I love these guys, especially the penguins

But she had a ball and was finally allowed to get her hair braided, she has been asking me about this for months and I’ve always said no.

Well today she got her wish and she was so happy.

I wonder if she’ll be allowed to have it at school – public? (anyone know?)

She sat patiently for the 10/15 minutes it took.

She sat patiently for the 10/15 minutes it took.

After I took this I got told to stop taking photos, and she's right, sometimes it's best to just enjoy the moment

After I took this I got told to stop taking photos, and she’s right, sometimes it’s best to just enjoy the moment

I don’t think the reality of school has fully dawned upon me yet.

I won’t have my big girl around to help me, or spontaneously ask for ‘a lift up cuddle’ and I won’t get to hear her cute voice during the day!

As for my fears about school, like most, they are that she won’t make friends, she’ll feel scared, lonely and overwhelmed.

But I just hope I’ve done enough to help her navigate her way through it all confidently.

Me with my favourite girl in the whole wide world!

Me with my favourite girl in the whole wide world!

You know what though I don’t think I have too much too worry about, she is pretty confident, clever and gutsy.

There’s an awesome adventure playground quite high up at Sea World and she had no fear going up and running across high rope bridges.

I know many of my friends wouldn’t dare do what she did – she must get her love of adrenalin and non-fear of heights from me!

She has such a brave, caring and gorgeous soul.

She has such a brave, caring and gorgeous soul.

This is not for the faint hearted!

This is not for the faint hearted!

And I know I’ll cry on the day, but there is no way I will cry in front of her – I will be cheery, excited and supportive.

I will also have the Husband there for moral support and he’s not a crier which is helpful, but also bloody annoying.

But that’s not to say I won’t bawl my eyes out in the car and then wonder all day how she is, if she could open her lunch, find the toilets, or had to sit by herself at lunch time 😦

I get a lump in my throat thinking about it.

Learning to let go is something I’m not great at anyway, but to have to let go of a part of me, well it’s gonna be tough!

Super excited in her school uniform!!

Super excited in her school uniform!!

Wish me luck peeps and to all those in similar situations I do the same for you.

For those old hags (hands) out there what is the one thing I should NOT forget to tell my daughter about school.

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34 thoughts on “Why sending a child to school is hard for a control freak!

  1. You are going to be great, confident and have a little cry after you drop her off. And she is going to LOVE school! Look at her I wouldn’t be climbing those things!

    Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team Member #TUST

  2. We’re in the same boat. My P1 is starting school next Thursday. I’m OK with it. She’s a July birthday so we held her back a year. Now she’s so ready. All the best of luck to you and your gorgeous young lady.

    • See mine is a March baby which makes her young, which is my main concern, she’s not as street smart as many of her older peers. But I have to believe in her or else I’ll go insane! Good luck to you too xx

  3. I love the photo of her in the boots at 18 months and in her school uniform!!! I think she looks like she’ll have no troubles settling in…… all the best with the transition x

  4. Oh you have no idea on the control freak side… my “baby” is allergic to egg and strawberries. Paranoia kicks in BIG TIME… even moreso this year, now he’s in a lunch area with 3 times more children it’s even more of a stress. Can’t I just send him back to prep? 😛
    Good luck to your very confident little miss! 🙂 xx

  5. I’m sure she’ll be fine – looks like you’ve done a brilliant job getting her ready. As a former teacher, I’d remember to tell her to a) have fun b) know that there are people at school and at home who are always looking out for her!

  6. Awww I know exactly how you are feeling, not that any of my boys are starting school for the very first time, but my youngest starts High School on Tuesday and I have the very same feelings. Silly really but its hard to let them go and grow up, Good luck to you and your little one and don’t forget the tissues, I know I wont.
    Happy Friday x

  7. Good luck! She will be fine and you will cry (it’s a rite of passage) but I’m sure she will make friends and enjoy herself and love every moment. Tell her to relax and have fun – that’s the best advice I can give, anyway.

    BTW I completely get your annoyance at your husband not being a crier – my husband isn’t either and I seem to cry at the drop of a hat – freakin annoying! 🙂

  8. She will be fine! So lovely that you made time out for some one-on-one time before she heads out into the big wide world. All the best for the big day!

  9. Great post – I am glad that I have a few years to wait before school is an issue. But I think she will be fine – what a spunky little character! And what a great idea from you to have some special time before starting school. That is a memory that will be treasured forever -xx-

  10. Your daughter is gorgeous! Best of luck for her start at school!

  11. She looks really confident, she’ll be fine. Am I the only Mum to have sent all the kids to school and never shed a tear!! Have always been over the moon to see them there. Three of the four were close to six and probably that being older helps, they are so ready. I have felt and wept tears of pride but never regret!!

    • You know she won’t even be 5 when she goes which is why I feel so sad about it. She’ll be 5 years old come the end of March, and will be with kids that have been 5 since July/Sept last year – BOO

  12. I love this post! It’s the thoughts and feelings of tens of thousands of parents (ok, mums) right now all over Australia! Good on her for saying PUT the camera away please Mum.
    I wrote a post today which involved an interview with my grandson who’s about to start school too.
    Oh, and you will be OK!!! You will.

  13. Oh no words of wisdom here, but I hope it goes well. I am glad mine still have a long way to go, because I too am terrified of my girl going to school! 🙂

  14. She’s gonna love it!

    All I can say is remind her that her teacher is a safe person. Go to the loo as soon as recess and lunch go out. Make sure you have a drink too. And have fun 🙂

    I always planned to go out for a cuppa on the first day of one of the kids schooling. I would go insanely mad if I didn’t. the clock is not your friend!

    Thanks for linking up to TIK Emily! xxx

    • On your advice I have spoken to her this morning about her teacher being a safe person – will mention the loo and drink the day before! Thanks so much. I’m lucky to have the Husband home that day and work to do so I’m sure while I’ll look at clock the day will go fast! Love the link 🙂

  15. Oh, she’s a little pocket rocket! Confident and brave. What more can you ask for?
    I know you know she’ll be fine. Doesn’t make it any easier to let go, does it?
    Sending you lots of luck and hugs for the big day.

    • Grace, she is a pocket rocket and brave on rides/adventures but she’s not confident around other kids, and is scared to start playing with them etc. But I can’t do much about that. Thanks for the hugs and luck!

  16. Oh man – mine’s starting too – though Tuesday week. Can they drag it out ANY longer? She’s so ready, being a July girl, and I am too, but wow, just reading your post just made me start to feel a bit throat-lumpy. God help me!! Best wishes to your little princess x

  17. She sounds a lot like my daughter! My little one goes to daycare, but I’m so nervous about her going to school next year. It’s scary but I’m sure she’ll be fine – good luck!

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