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I must confess my first ever blog post wasn’t as hot as Hugh


While I do have a lot to get off my chest this week, I’m going to share my first ever blog post as suggested by Kirsty @ My Home Truths for I Must Confess.

Because I didn’t appreciate the value of photos my 1st post had none (BORING), so here is one just for the hell of it – it’s of my favourite spunknuts and gentleman!

Please enjoy Hugh Jackman – then my inaugural blog post 🙂

Image source

Here is it:

To paraphrase a friend’s website – this blog ain’t gonna be pretty but it’s gonna be true!

Wow, this is like having to make a maiden speech in front of hundreds of people, except I have no audience, I’m not holding in my sticky-out stomach, and my hair looks like it’s been out the car window for too long.

Shucks so this is really just a place for me to record some precious moments of my life. It’s not one of those precious ”I love being a mum so much blog” – it might get ugly and offensive.

To paraphrase a friend’s website – this blog ain’t gonna be pretty but it’s gonna be true!

So strap yourself in for some amusing, honest, blunt, rude, obnoxious, insensitive anecdotes on my life as an slightly overweight, working, honest, sensitive (at times) mother of three and wife.

So that was it!!! Do you feel totally underwhelmed – here is my third one called Spaghetti – still with no pic 😦 !

If you’d walk past my house or been unlucky enough to visit at 5.30 this evening you would have been wondering how I was allowed to procreate!

For starters we were watching Christmas DVD’s so loud the neighbour’s dogs were trying to join in. Next of all, I had just asked No.1 to find No.3 in case he had found the lollipop he had dropped outside yesterday, and yes he had discovered it in the dirt and was making short work of it.

No.2 was running around without pants shouting wee,wee, no poo poo and trying to body slam No.3 any chance he could.

With husband stuck in traffic, we sat down to eat messy Spaghetti, with Wiggles Christmas still playing (kill me) but at least there was some peace. I was just about to take a HUGE gulp of medicinal compound (wine) when said husband arrived, crap.

Just as my hard working, easy going, tired husband arrives home, No.3 decides the dinner on his plate felt lonely, so he threw it down on the ground to play with its friends, on my recently mopped floor.

While no-one was looking I did the most sensible thing someone in my position would do, take a BIG sip, okay it was a gulp!

Who knew that dinners, in fact every meal, would be such a horrific experience with children. I thought they just ate what we ate, did what we did, and smiled nicely and said nothing.

But unfortunately times have changed and we can no longer scare our kids to be quiet like many of our parents did!!!

Not that I would want to (insert sarcastic face), in fact I love being asked to read No.1’s recently received Santa mail letter from Westfield 7 times (yawn). But it’s true, back in the days kids were seen and not heard.

I don’t agree with that necessarily, but that is a subject for another day. Gulp, night night!

So there we have it – don’t worry I’ve got better and have made my posts more aesthetically pleasing – see image below – another hottie photo because I now despise just posting blocks of text 🙂

Image source

Don’t laugh but I must confess I have always loved Sean Connery, even as he’s aged.

So have you got something to say or confess that you’re too afraid to say to personally?

Link up and get it all out via Kirsty @ My Home Truths for I Must Confess.


Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

29 thoughts on “I must confess my first ever blog post wasn’t as hot as Hugh

  1. My first posts don’t have any pictures either and were just full on blocks of text when they were on my old site – http://krustykernels.blogspot.com.au/2011/01/starting-2011-with-new-blog.html?m=1 Yeah, I had a blog called Krusty Kernels…shoot me now…

    I love you first posts – thanks so much for linking up again Emily!

    • You know Krusty – so going to call you that from time-to-time – I kinda like the way you tried the play on words!! Although you’re definitely much improved from your first blog – and I enjoy reading your posts 🙂

  2. LOL, I didn’t have any photos either, but my first post definitely shows why I started to blog. And I had no idea about meal times with kids either. Who knew these would be my most traumatic times of the day? Thankfully, now that they’re older, it is much more peaceful and I have learnt to walk away from their drama.

    • You know Dorothy I really can’t wait for dinner times to just be easy, a few times last year I just got up and walked away, I was too tired, emotional and sick of kids not eating what I had just made, when I didn’t even want to cook to start with 🙂

  3. sorry I got all distracted by Hugh and have no idea what else you said *drool*

  4. Did anyone’s first posts have photos? I think back in the “olden days” we didn’t understand the need for pictures to break up that ugly wall of text we sometimes create! Great posts!

    • It wasn’t until my BFF told me to put photos in that I did, I suppose as a journo I’d always just written and it got read, but the internet is a different medium, and often they would add photos to my articles. Thanks for nice words 🙂

  5. Lol as you will see from my link up over at Kirsty’s, I was very similar in the no photo department although I had one for post number 3! Your 3rd post was great – far better than mine! Sounds like it was a tough night – but great to read back on. Thanks for the pics of Hugh – nice eye candy 🙂 xx

    • It’s funny to look back at where we started, I suppose my writing hasn’t changed much because that what I’ve always done, but my photos have changed a great deal. And yes gotta have eye candy on a Monday morning 🙂

  6. LOL sounds like everyday here at the Bogan Box. I still rarely bother with photos. I am a hopeless photographer and technophobe. Nice eye candy. Great idea.

    • Ness I haven’t seen many posts from you in awhile, will go and reunite myself with your blog!!! And yes it is like that everyday here also – I now just walk away if meal times are that bad and hide in my bedroom and leave the hubby to it – Emily 🙂

  7. I’m sorry – you lost me at Hugh. SWOON! I can’t focus after so much hotness has burned my eyeballs. 😉

  8. Yes I wasn’t big on pics with my first blog (Footprints – which I am about to close down). I’ve learnt a lot since then! Yesterday I posted some pics of our wild weather and had about 10 times my usual number of visitors!!!!! Which made me happy but then I wished they’d visited for my brilliant prose rather than just weather photos 😉

  9. I still don’t always have pics. I’m a lousy photographer and I can’t be bothered asking people permission to use pics. I do try if the post is long enough that people have to scroll, though. Hmmmm, maybe I should be doing it all the time. Especially if they’re of Hugh Jackman.

  10. I don’t even think you can call my first post – as post. It was only 54 words long and no pictures!!!

  11. I really enjoyed reading your post! I thought it was catchy.

  12. My first post was pretty short too. Love the story about the spaghetti. I have found telling my 3.5yo ‘fine don’t eat the damn thing’ usually gets him to inhale it. Reverse psychology and all that

  13. I also never had many pics – just reams and reams of text !!!! I am so glad that I don’t have to go through that every day – I would probably be doing more than having a gulp of (medicinal) wine – I’d be chugging the bottle or setting up a (wine) drip !!! OK – it wouldn’t be wine because I don’t drink wine- it would be Amarula or vodka, lime and lemonade !!!!
    Have the best day !

  14. My first post had a terrible photo on it! So none may have been better!

  15. How funny to go back. Sometimes you just have to do it and hit publish.

    FYI my girlfriend went to uni with Hugh Jackman and almost flatted with him, but decided on other digs. Silly her ha? Next time she heard of him he was famous. I just want to know why I was never introduced to him…. gorgeous man that he is.

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