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Trying to turn around my shitty day with a post about gorgeous men and taboo topics


You know those horrific days when you wonder how the hell you got to this point?

When you spend all day battling a toddler who is harder to please than your old-school newspaper editor who smoked a pack a day and glared over your shoulder and breathed on your neck as you typed.

Today is one of those.

My youngest child is a screecher, and not your garden variety, but your death metal band screecher.

In fact when he’s at full throttle dogs from at least 1km away start barking, I shit you not.

My little screecher feature, as I affectionately call him, is just 16 months going on three.

I get about 15 of these a day, when he doesn't get his way, usually they are accompanied by head banging on tiles or whatever surface he has throw himself on.

I get about 15 of these tantrums a day when he doesn’t get his way, usually they are accompanied by head banging on tiles or whatever surface he has throw himself on.

Every day I battle to not lose my shit at him – most days I fail and I end up running to the other end of the house to hide from him in Get Smart style, closing doors behind me as I flee.

Or at my worst I scream back at him and then feel like a total cow because he’s just tired and can’t tell me what he wants or why he’s upset.

As a blogger who says it like it is, warts and all, there isn’t much I wouldn’t write about, especially the fact that I yell at a 16-month-old – MOTHER OF THE YEAR!

But in the interests of playing nicely, and that fact I really dig her blog, I’m joining in with Kirsty’s @ My Home Truths for I Must Confess

The theme is ‘taboo topics I won’t tackle’.

The problem is that I will pretty much say and write about anything, but will apply sensitivity and tact if needs be.

So I’m bending the rules slightly and listing topics that I know would really anger or upset some people off if I wrote about:

1. My views on religion and wars across the centuries.
2. Why I think some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children.
3. When people who have dogs directly compare it to having kids – apples and pears people.
4. That I’m sick of parents who ignore their kids at parks, playgrounds, parties etc, and then get the shits with you when you tell their lil’ devil off for pushing your toddler in the dirt and then jumping on him.
5. People who tell me I’m SO LUCKY to have three children – I know I am – I’m not a complete f*&K head – but don’t say it to me when I’m knee-high in shit, tantrums, washing, screeching and work.

Something I know that won’t annoy most bloggers (well perhaps apart from Kev @ The Illiterate Infant) is writing about spunky men.

I figure it’s okay to look at the menu as long as I don’t select – although I reckon I’ve got a bloody good chance of getting lucky with the man in the last photo.

In keeping with Deb’s @ Home Life Simplified Listmania here’s the scoop I who I crush on.

The dudes I used to get all hot and bothered about as a teen were Johnny Depp from 21 Jump Street, Luke Perry from 90210, River Phoenix from Stand By Me, and Keanu Reeves from Point Break.

Image source

Old school Johnny – but I still adore him now!

Image source

River being a cool dude.

If you haven’t noticed I like bad boys, I always have, which is why I spent most of my 20s with a broken heart.

But here are some more of my recent crushes:

Image source

Bradley Cooper for his come f@*k me eyes and awesomely unshaven face.

Image source

Jack Hughman, as I like to call him, is totally HAWT.

Image source

George Clooney – I’m partial to a bit of salt n’ pepper!


The Husband – my very own Mr Clooney – who I think is a total spunk and everyday I am grateful to have bagged such a gorgeous man, inside and out.

So there you have it, what I shouldn’t blog about but probably will, and a list of peeps I crush on!

If you haven’t already, link up with Kirsty for I Must Confess


And Deb for Listmania


Not to mention the lovely Alicia @ One Mother Hen



Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

33 thoughts on “Trying to turn around my shitty day with a post about gorgeous men and taboo topics

  1. love it – the photo of your hubby fits right in – deb xx

  2. We have similar taste in men ha ha. I forgot about Bradley Cooper but he is very easy on the eye! Your hubby is up there too!

  3. Oh that photo of the screeching toddler on the tiles is hilarious! And OK, Bradley Cooper is GAW-JUS! Oh my I’ve come over all flustered.

  4. Very nice selection of men. I drooled over the same boys/men growing up and your current ones are easy on the eye. I haven’t been able to muster the energy to post today as I’m having one of those days. I hear you on the whole toddler thing. My youngest used to be a head banger – I wrote a post about it (I’ll put the link below) – so just wanted to offer you some hope that yours too shall outgrow this very painful phase. I shudder just thinking about it! Hang in there – I understand the need to hide x

  5. Some great choices there !!!! I’ve just remembered another one – Patrick Dempsey – McDreamy from Grey’s !!
    Hang in there – it does get better !!! Or maybe I shouldn’t say better – maybe I should just tell you that it changes.
    Have the best day !

  6. nice pics. thanks for the eye candy! No. 5 resonates with me, 3 beautiful kids, I know i am lucky – but its F*$!ing hard work and sometimes I just feel crappy and not so lucky, but you know what, thats ok too

  7. I hope your day is going ok, and your head isn’t too done in. I like to get out of the house when they are intent in doing my head in, it always helps. I love a post with good looking photos 😉 You have your own bit of salt and pepper there! wit woo.

    • You Alicia I’ve now got gastro, great for weight loss not so much for tummy gripes or putting up with kids. I will try and get out of house tomorrow, I haven’t today but NEED it. Hope you’re having a great week and your awesome calorie counting going well x

  8. Some nice eye candy there. Johnny Depp’s on my list, too! Bradley Cooper & George Clooney float my boat. Nom noms. Oops…didn’t add my husband. Bad wife.

  9. I have to say Em, that pic of George, and the pic of K – K totally kicks George to the curb on that one! Can certainly see the resemblance with those two! And oh my yes, Bradley Cooper. YUMMO! Where can I get one of them?!

  10. p.s I don’t believe ANY of that about my little man O. He’s an angel! 🙂

  11. Ohhh those taboo topics would be very juicy as are the hotties. I did think your hubby was a celeb I hadn’t heard of upon first glance.

    Agree that having 3 kids is challenging but rewarding. x

  12. You know how I hate posts like this (NOT). I used to have a Johnny/Keanu thing going on too. I used to joke that I had two types – Johnny Depp/Keanu type (all dark and exotic) and Eric Stolz type (red headed and wholesome). I married the latter. Anyhow I think the last dude is the pick of the crop 😉

  13. I hope your day got better Em! I would read any of your posts on your ‘taboo’ topics, I’m sure your would certainly not hold back. Your hotties are all hot – I’d forgotten about Keanu, I did have a bit of a thing for him in my teens. Thanks again for linking up to I Must Confess!

  14. My sympathies – Miss 16 was the Queen of Tantrums as a young ‘un. Many was the time I would phone the hubster at work in tears while she was screaming blue murder from her room. I’m sure the neighbours thought I was killing her!

  15. I was never a Luke Perry girl but I am with you on Keanu!! My pet hate is when people say “you are going to have your hands full” when refering to my 3rd pregnancy. As my 2 are so freaking easy and angelic and have never given me a moments trouble. NOT.

    • Ha ha I know what you mean Ann, like you’re now able to sit down and enjoy the ‘good life’ with ‘just’ 2!!! It’s so hard being pregnant with 2, you have no energy to chase the wee buggers around 🙂

  16. My just turned 2 year old is not a screecher but he does the throw himself on the floor and yell and cry about something for at least 30 minutes a day. We live in close proximity to neighbours- I am almost certain that some of them think I beat my kids with the amount of screaming from my boys you can probably here from outside the house!!

    Love George Cloony. LOVE!

    Jumped over from Listmania!

    • Hi Lulu – thanks for stopping by! And I almost certainly thing my neighbours are tempted to call DOCS for all the noise that comes out of our house, shocking! I know I can hear my son screeching from our mailbox, even with door closed 😦

  17. forgot about George, I am letting the team down xxx Rae

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