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The most hectic and dangerous pantry you’ll probably ever see – Wordless Wednesday


Who on earth would have a pantry that looks like this schmoozle? (me)

Who on earth would have a pantry that looks like this schmoozle? (me)


Be truthful have you ever seen a pantry as messy as this?? See I wasn’t joking when I told you all my life was a bit disorganised.

Thank goodness it’s Wednesday – Hump day!

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40 thoughts on “The most hectic and dangerous pantry you’ll probably ever see – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Ours is pretty shocking too. But, I’ll let you have this one. Hehe. Those plastic containers look like they’re about to topple any second! 🙂 x

  2. LOVE IT! i love the style and effort you have put into your design. The placement at the top front of the pantry of the coffee grinder next to the plastic container of “stuff” in relation to the Clag glue shows great thought and symbolism. Your right we can not get thru the “stuff” with out some good old family glue and a lot of coffee.

    Should be in a gallery

  3. Yep my pantry gets pretty bad but your top shelf takes the cake ;-).

    I have a couple of big deep pot drawers in my kitchen and find they are perfect, not for pots, but for all the Tupperware and plastic containers …

  4. Wow Emily-you weren’t joking ha ha. Don’t worry I have a cupboard for my Tupperware and my father in law is making me extra shelves because he couldn’t take the mess anymore! Happy Hump Day!

  5. No sugar coating this one. That’s hard core mess.

    • Mess?! That’s being very kind – it’s an abomination!! I’m hoping if I ‘out’ myself it might spur me on to clean it up. It’s only the top shelf that’s bad, the rest is just a VERY busy pantry. xx

  6. That looks completely hazardous! Clean it up woman! Lol

  7. Oh Em, may the force be with you xx

  8. Oh dear I cannot compete – you could confess this to Kirsty too 😉 and then clean it up with help from the Organised housewife.

  9. I can safely say that actually… my pantry is worst!! 😛
    now who wants to help clean MINE up haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka
    Join in: Wordless Wednesday Linky Party

  10. No, I don’t think I have seen anything quite like that… schmoozle… May I suggest you just close the door and eat takeaway? 🙂

    • Ha ha Nath, so now if your pantry is ever untidy you can refer to this as test case! It’s really only the top shelf rhay makes the rest look unruly, selfish thing 🙂 (well that’s what I tell myself)

  11. I thought I”d already commented but it’s not here so I’ll try again!

    My pantry is nearly as bad … except for the top shelf. I keep all my Tupperware / plastic containers in two deep pot drawers which are still really messy though at least they don’t threaten to fall out in an avalanche!

  12. Help! Where are my comments going?! This is the 3rd time I’ve tried on this post! Grrrr!

  13. My pantry has glass doors – yep you can see everything!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hey, you’re lucky you have a pantry!! I have a bookshelf in the kitchen. Yeah, not even kidding!!
    But I’m sure when I do eventually get a real kitchen with a real pantry, it will look just like yours. 🙂

  15. Oooh! It is indeed a very dangerous pantry…! How do you do to get things from the top shelf?

    • You know Rita I have to say if I can avoid reaching up there I do but I often news to out the Husband’s lunch in one of those containers! I’m still not sure if I can commit to doing it this weekend 🙂 xx

  16. It looks very similar to my pantry..in fact DP looked over my shoulder and wondered why I had a picture of a blonde woman in our pantry haha!

  17. That is fantastic! You are a crack up. I didn’t think too many could outdo me, but you know, every day brings some surprises. You know when I think you’ll get around to it? When you find yourself a mere pile of limbs protruding from a mountain of plastic shapes. I have some serious corners of shame though. One full of boxes I will never show you!! 😛

  18. You must be an ace at Tetris! I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen on your head yet 🙂

    • As a funny coindence I am good at that game, remember those old grey ones you used to get, say for like $10 years ago, I LOVED them. And I’ve had a few minor landslides which is why things look so dangerous 🙂 x

  19. Oh I should come over (that sounds a bit ‘stalker-ish’ doesn’t it!), tidying the pantry is one of the few chores I enjoy! I’ve also recently started a mild ‘Tupperware’ addiction (shhh, don’t tell anyone) x

  20. I sincerely thank you for making me feel SO much better 😉

  21. Ooooh. I’d be putting that off every day as well! Ours isn’t super tidy awesomeness, but it’s pretty neat and organised. Helps that our kitchen was only finished late last year and I haven’t had the chance to over-stock it yet.

  22. Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one with a disorganised pantry! But you know what? At least you’ve got lots of stuff in there 🙂

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