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Downton Abbey has given me something to be thankful for


As I’ve spent the past three days battling a tummy bug/fever I’ve come to realise how lucky we are to live in an age of modern medicine.

Women very rarely die in child birth, and staph infections can be fixed with antibiotics.

I’ve just started watching Downton Abbey Season 3 – a scandalous period drama set in 1910-20s – and there’s been quite a bit of tragedy occurring (and lots of PMS crying on my behalf).

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It’s made me thankful for so many things, here’s a few of them:

1. That I wasn’t living in the 1920s because no man would want a woman with an outspoken mouth like mine.

2. I don’t have to get changed 5 times a day and before each meal, and that I can stay in my PJs all day without one of my maids worrying about me.

3. That I get to vote (well in NZ but not here – but that’s another story), can drive, wear pant and short shorts, visit and speak to who I want, and have a say over who I marry.

4. That I won’t ever be forced to give up my son because the only way I could afford to feed him was to become a prostitute.

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5. The class system is almost gone, well sort of, there’s still people that think they are better than everyone else and sadly those who judge based on skin colour. This is something I hope will be non-existent when my children are grown ups.

I love the scandal in this drama, it’s quite different from my usual shows, eg Dexter, Revenge, Fringe, Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, but I love Downton because it reflects how life used to be for some of my ancestors and I love learning about history.

A short and sweet post – not like me 😉

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35 thoughts on “Downton Abbey has given me something to be thankful for

  1. I’m almost embarrassed to admit I haven’t watched Downton yet but I think I’m going to have to!

  2. What a great perspective! Sometimes we get caught up with our white whines 🙂 (Came from Blogs and PR)

  3. You know I have never watched this show, but the ads always have me intrigued. I think it’s because I know Boatman wouldn’t be a fan.
    This makes me want to give it a go though. I’ll have to look for it on DVD

  4. lol my mouth would get me into trouble too! Plus I have no desire to spend hours cooking and cleaning and doing needlework! Actually I like the needlework!

    Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team Member #TUST

    • Well if we were upper class we wouldn’t have to do a thing from what I can see – except just be ladies, drink tea, sherry, wine and get dressed in corsets. Actually it doesn’t that bad after all 😉 xx

  5. hehe what a funny post!! Yes its amazing how far medicine has progressed.. fabulous really!!! Have you seen the Upside Downton Abby spoof from Sesame Street?

  6. My mouth would definitely get me into trouble. I think I would be an old maid, the aunt/sister that everyone worries about because she can’t get a man lol. My partner always jokes that I’m lucky to be born now and not any time in the past or I would have been burnt at the stake for being a witch lol.

  7. I find it impossible to keep quiet… but great things to be thankful for! 😀 xxx

  8. I totally agree with this, we are so lucky! Great post!

  9. I’ve been wanting to watch this show simply because I love the song they’ve been using in the S3 promos. We tried to watch the first ep when it started and couldn’t sit through it. we need a new show now that we’re through Fringe (I miss Olivia and Peter!!)

  10. Oh I luuuurve Downton! I can’t wait for it to start again on Sunday night! I’ve been looking forward to that more than anything else! I can’t stop using exclamation marks! On no! I think my button may be stuck! 😉

  11. I love Downton SICK! Yes thank god for modern medicine although I quite like the idea of “dressing for dinner”, maybe I’ll slap on my pearls and put on my corset for dinner tonight!

  12. I’ve missed the Downton hayride, but my teen daughter has enough passion for it for the two of us.

  13. I love escaping in tv shows. Especially when Im sick and get left alone to just lie there are veg! Downton Abbey sounds interesting….. might just jump on board! Great seeing you again xx

  14. I only watched season 1, was good, but I missed the start of season 2 and never did catch up.

    I would be in trouble back then too! But then again, we would have been raised differently and would know better then to speak our minds or dress differently.

  15. LOL oh you gave me a good laugh!! I don’t think I would fair well in the 1920’s either. I’m quite outspoken at times, love to dress daggy around the house and it would drive me insane having a maid living in the house fussing around me. I’m also very thankful for modern medicine! I’m reading a book at the moment set in the 1700’s – OMG people dying from simple things (to us these days). We are indeed very lucky!

  16. I never watched Downton Abbey but I really want too. I heard that it was really good…

  17. Being an Indo-Aussie I don’t think we’re anywhere close to #5. I hope for my children’s sake, we do get there.
    I’ve never watched Downtown Abbey but it’s so popular! Where have I been hiding??!

    • I hear you Grace, my blood boils thinking about the ignorance of some people and I want my kids to see people for who they are not what they look like.
      If you get the chance do try and watch Downton – it’s quite scandalous in parts 🙂

  18. I’m in catch up mode of DTA. I’ve just rented series one and am about to watch series two. I loves it! Loves it I do 🙂

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