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Oh how the mighty have fallen into a life of no romance


Isn’t it funny how times have changed? Okay so maybe it’s more a little sad than funny but you catch my cliche.

Just imagine this – it’s 2005 and Valentine’s Day – I arrive home from work to find my bed laden in flower petals, a teddy bear, chocolates and a dozen red roses.

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This how I expect the 14th of February will occur this year:

We are a family of five

But you know what? Despite the fact that I no longer have much romance in my life (BOO) or the rose trimmings on the bed – because No.3 will eat them all – I wouldn’t change it for all the boutique wine in the world, and that’s a big call coming from me.

You know why? Because I have my awesome soul mate to spend it with!

I reckon until you meet yours you think it’s a load of SHITE – but for those of you who are super lucky, like me, and have met your soul mate – well be BLOODY GRATEFUL!

Our wedding day was so much fun!

Our wedding day was so much fun!

I had met a few men who I considered to be ‘the one’ but things didn’t work out for various reasons and so I was kinda thinking I would have to ‘settle’ for someone who was on ‘the cusp of being the one’.

A friend told me she had met her true love and that when I did I would ‘just know’. I laughed it off – because I didn’t think it really existed.

Thankfully I was wrong and found that it was true some years later when I stumbled across mine when I was dragged out to a pub in Sydney to be a ‘wingman’.

As soon as I saw the Husband and our eyes met I felt like I was looking at life through rose-tinted glasses and even now I know that I can face anything with him by my side.

This is a feeling I wish for everyone – but especially my two gorgeous sisters – this is us – aren’t we ridiculously CUTE and rocking those bowl cuts with style!


Then again, maybe we aren’t all destined to be with Mr Soul Mate.

Instead many of us are lucky enough to meet our Mr Perfect Right Now, Mr We Complement Each Other, Mr We Piss Each Other Off Less Than Anyone We’ve Ever Met or Mr We Should Be Together Because The Time is Right and We Love Each Other For Who We Are!

So this Valentine’s Day – whether you celebrate it or not – let’s enjoy how much we love our significant other for who they are and why we love them!

Because love is the only thing on this planet that we really can’t buy.

Are you a Valentine’s Day person or not? And do you believe there is just one person out there for us, or do you think timing plays a part in who we end up with?

This post was brought to you by me – listening to Grammy-award winning Goyte – Somebody That I used to Know – these guys ROCK!

Listen to this amazing song here

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Crack me up!

Crack me up!

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Linking with Jess – who is hitting the dirty thirties soon while I am about the start the second half of mine! @ Essentially Jess – VISIT HER!!

65 thoughts on “Oh how the mighty have fallen into a life of no romance

  1. Gorgeous Em. I’m glad you found your man. I’m hosting a linky this Vday if you’d like to share it there. X x

  2. A lovely story. While I was immediately attracted to my husband I didn’t really have the “thunder bolt” moment. It was more a gradually realization of what an amazing person he is. As you say I am “bloody grateful”.
    PS: You both look amazing in your wedding photo.

  3. There’s timing (in the sense of where you are at at the time effects who you end up with) and luck. Plenty of good people end up with no one. I like the Tim Mitchen (sp?) song ‘If I didn’t find you, I’d probably have married someone else’ (or something along those lines).

  4. Oh Em. Beautiful. I’ve never gotten rose petals and flowers, sigh.
    I love your “Mr Perfect Right Now, Mr We Complement Each Other, Mr We Piss Each Other Off Less Than Anyone We’ve Ever Met or Mr We Should Be Together Because The Time is Right and We Love Each Other For Who We Are!” hahahaha. Perfect. At the moment, I’m trying to figure out which one mine is…

  5. I read this post right through then forgot what it was about when I saw the image of GOYTRE IN TRAFFIC!
    I DIED laughing!!!

    I knew I was going to marry my husband the SECOND I saw him. True story.

  6. Yes I am blessed to be married to my best friend and soul mate – we’ve been together 25 years and married nearly 23. I won’t say it was “love at first sight” but definite like!

  7. Awe bless you and your true love. It really is the best feeling in the world isn’t it? I knew the moment I saw Mr Awesome how awesome he was.

  8. We’re not really at all romantic and Valentine’s day can pass us by… but we do love each other, and it’s all about the actions not the words. Isn’t it?? Not that I’d mind a few roses, of course….

  9. I always thought I would “know” as soon as I met the one, but it definitely wasn’t like that with me and M. I wasn’t even sure I really liked him that much! HA! I guess it happens differently for different people. We have good men. Good husbands, great fathers, we are very lucky! You popped up in my column for IBOT today so you get the #teamIBOT from me! 😉 ps. think we should hunt down some other GC bloggers and have a meet up!!?? Have just been inspired by Grace.

  10. I don’t know that it was love at first sight for us. I think we were best friends before anything else. Having said that A bought champagne glasses with bride and groom sandblasted on 3 months after we met. A couple of months later we were engaged and then married and 25yrs on we are still married and as happy as ever – especially now as we have more time to ourselves because K is all grown up ! I don’t get much in the way of flowers – mainly because we both feel that they aren’t worth the money although there are odd moments when I think it would be nice to get some – and in years gone by I have – now it is more likely to be a pandora charm or something I can keep.
    I didn’t realise you are on the GC – yes, we definitely should organise a get together sometime soon !!!!
    Have the best day and look forward to ‘meeting’ you soon !

  11. I’m very happy right where I am. That said, I never was one for long term relationships. One wedding and then all I had to hear was “Will you…” and you wouldn’t see me for dust.
    I guess that’s why so many who know me are shocked when they find I’m happily settled and have been for a few years!
    Our relationship is full of romance still…it’s just in our own language now. 😉
    Congrats to you too! xxx

  12. Snap Em, I feel so grateful too! 15 years for us, and even though the romance isn’t in the obvious roses way, I know we’d be lost without each other xx

  13. I’ve never been a big Valentine’s Day person (partly cos it’s only a few days before my birthday so it’s seemed a bit greedy!) but I certainly agree with everything you say about finding ‘The One’. I’m not sure if I believe in ‘soul mates’ and maybe some people can meet more than one One over their lifetimes, but my One and I clicked from the very first meeting. 14 years later – so far, so good! Grateful, definitely.

  14. I like the idea to celebrate the good bits….Mister H certainly has some great bits.

    That sounded weird.
    Forget it mentioned it.

  15. Settle for someone on the cusp of being the one… hmm… words to think on. I think I’ll skip VDay this year!

  16. Aaah yes. Romance. What’s that again? lol
    We don’t really worry about Valentines Day. We say we love each other every day…..we don’t need a special day to show it.
    But having said that, I wouldn’t say no to a bunch of flowers! 😉

  17. My hubbie and I were friends for a few years first. I had a sneaky crush on him of course though 🙂

  18. Gorgeous post! I’m not sure about the soul mate thing but me & Mr Been Together So Long We Make It Work do just fine 😉 Happy Valentine’s Day x

  19. Hey love your wedding pic — and your wingman tag!
    Have you ever been so busy that you remember V Day the day before and then completely forget on the day… ooops.

  20. I knew with Boatman, and have never regretted a day since.
    I love hearing other people having that same love in their lives.

  21. I’ve found my soulmate too and feel very lucky most of the time – except when he bags me out on the blog 😉

  22. The only thing I celebrate on Feb 14th is my gorgeous daughter’s birthday 😉 x

  23. Lucky you to have found your soul mate! 🙂 and what a gorgeous wedding photo. Here’s wishing you guys a very happy Vday, even if it’s filled with kids crying and laundry a-flowing.. Because that’s part of what a happy family makes 🙂

  24. Wonderful that you have met your soul mate and I love your wedding photo! There will be no romance here for Valentines day…even though we are up the coast on holidays with NO kids. MrMM is not a romantic. So no – valentines day is not a big thing here. The last time it was for me was when I was a teenager and cards would arrive in the mail – very exciting…or a boyfriend would buy me flowers or chocolates or something. I don’t need that stuff though 😉

  25. Love that you met your soul mate. I think my Valentines day will be similar to yours. My youngest sounds like yours with regard to the rose petals- but on a serious note, would rose petals be classified as a vegetable? Also, I downloaded Goute for my labour with my youngest x

  26. Just like you, I to have been lucky enough to have fond my soul mate. Our Valentines day usually involves us cooking dinner together while sharing a bottle of wine then eating by candle light while listening to the sweet sound of the PS3 LOL kids in the background.
    Hope you have a lovely Valentines Day with your soul mate xx

  27. We’ve never been romantic sorts with traditional grand gestures. We’re more sentimental. He proposed at 6.30am on my first Mother’s Day by nudging me awake and giving me a ring box. I don’t think he even uttered the words “Will you marry me?” I know that we love each other and we share similar goals and values. We’re committed to each other and our daughter. I think if he scattered rose petals on the bed I’d piss myself laughing. Happy Hallmark Day!

    • I haven’t got a V Day present or gesture since we met – and to be fair to my hubby, we had known each other 4 months and he waited to snag me – hence the big show – he got me and hasn’t done a pickle since!!! Thanks for visiting Di 🙂

  28. Love! It is always about appreciating what we have… and we can do that all year round too 🙂 xoox

  29. Hubby was my friend first but i had a crush and had to work hard to get him to make a move (i was 22). When i was hanging out with a mutual friend she asked me to say all the things i was looking for in a guy and when i did she said “that sounds like X (hubby)” and i said “but he has blonde hair” (i only dated darker guys usually and he was blonde / blue eyes. her reply “it’s not like you have to marry him”. We got together a month later, and celebrated 18 years together in December!

    LOVE your wedding photo Em – beautiful xx

  30. It’s beautiful to hear about your love story Emily! People use to tell me that when I will meet “The one”, I will know. I always thought it was a lot of crap… Until I met my hubby… I looked at him and I knew in my head that I was in trouble!
    (just let you know that for some reason I can’t see the picture with your sisters)

  31. We don’t do valentines any more….many reasons including my birthday being 2 days previous and our engagement anniversary being 2 days after. Not forgetting I celebrate my birthday for a month, so what is valentines compared to that?
    We are both very lucky to have found that perfect person. I too would love for all to be able to find what we have 🙂
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

    • Love that you celebrate you birthday for a month, mine is the day after V day so they usually get meshed into one, actually I haven’t got a card for either yet from my hubby. Totally false advertising when he did his first grand gesture! 🙂

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