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Flying can be fun, and not just for those in the Mile High Club!


Every time I go to the airport there’s a flame inside of me that ignites.

I’m taken back in time to years gone by when I travelled around the world, a little bit, and airports meant a new destination.

It also means a chance to imagine where everyone is going, what they’re doing and who will meet them at the other end.

Last week I flew with my lil’ sister to Cairns to meet our big sister and the three of us spent the weekend lounging in Port Douglas.

To break the ice before the flight we had a sneaky (bottle of) bubbly – not because I’m scared of flying, I love it, but because it was 12.30pm and I had no kids with me – totally a reason to drink plonk!

iPhone - Jan 2013 - Feb 18th 2013 904

Once we boarded we made quick work of our surroundings, took note of the exits, fascinating people on board and discussed if we could ask the attendant for more than one wine each when they trotted by with the cart.

Thankfully while we were waiting we found some eye candy on the screens – HELLO Bradley Cooper!

iPhone - Jan 2013 - Feb 18th 2013 918

We then passed time by reading magazines, so maybe you don’t know this about me but I can’t stand trashy mags – so I made my lil’ sis buy a women’s magazine or something.

It had some tips on snoring spouses, popcorn v’s chips (dir) and tips for those with bad bladders, being a calm mum, stinky breath and fat tummies (I knew there was a reason I bought it).

Am I looking calmer or what? Maybe it was the wine!

Am I looking calmer or what? Maybe it was the wine!

By the time the plane took off we were giggling gerts but not so much as you’d hate to be beside us.

We had a national basketball team travelling with us – they were hard to miss being so tall (okay we did notice them as we were people watching at the airport).

I tried not-so-sneakily to take a photo of a dude that was so tall his head touched the ‘roof’ of the cabin. Later on in the flight we met and talked with him – I but don’t want to reveal his details.

Totally looking at me - oops.

Totally looking at me – oops.

We soon became friendly with our air hostie and he gave us a free wine because it was my birthday – gotta loving flying with the big V!

He gave us cheek the entire flight and it was awesome – he even took photos and the woman behind us totally photo bombed our shot – LOVED IT.

Peace out - lucky mole had a spare seat beside her - no wonder she was so happy!

Peace out – lucky mole had a spare seat beside her – no wonder she was so happy!

So after we guzzled back our free vino we were looking for more (as you do) I mean it’s not often I can drink at 2pm right?

I can’t be sure if we waited til the hostie walked past us or if we buzzed, but we looked like this while we were waiting…

iPhone - Jan 2013 - Feb 18th 2013 925

But it wasn’t long until good old V airlines pulled through and we were back into the swing of things and were like this…

iPhone - Jan 2013 - Feb 18th 2013 926

I really don’t condone being a trash bag on a plane – but we weren’t loud, rude, obnoxious – we were happy sisters loving each others company and so excited about the prospect of seeing our big sister for a weekend of relaxation!

So we made it to Cairns with no dramas and with only one pit stop by me.

Our amazing hostie was so familiar with me that he leaned on the door so I couldn’t get out of the plane’s tiny toilet – bloody hilarious – and I didn’t even blink when I finally got out because I knew it was him – I just told him that I loved how much fun he’d made the flight for us!

Just arrived in Cairns

Just arrived in Cairns

Our gorgeous big sis was there waiting for us – we were happy campers with a little glow on!

I really have to say that having an awesome cabin crew can make a flight so much more pleasant – whether it’s short or long haul.

And I know it’s not a glamorous job, but if you’re in the sky you have to act like you’re amongst the clouds – if that’s not your style then stick to the ground.

Have you had an awful or awesome experience in the air (not just those who’ve joined the Mile High Club – I’ve tried to do it before but we were both too big for those teeny toilets.

Do you have a flying ritual? Something you do on EVERY flight?

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62 thoughts on “Flying can be fun, and not just for those in the Mile High Club!

  1. Happy birthday!! Sounds like you had an awesome flight…. I love a good drop of “plonk” (my hubby HATES it when I use that word) on a flight too! šŸ™‚

  2. I don’t fly much at all. I’ve only been on 3 trips and they were all to Melbourne and I was nervous each time. Maybe I needed people like you guys to chill me out a bit!

  3. So glad you had such an awesome flight !!!!! Yes, hosties can definitely make or break a flight.
    My only ritual when flying is the white knuckles on take off – not a big fan of take offs !!!
    Have a great day !

  4. I love flying, with or without the kids. I love watching their faces when we take off and the cars become ant-like BUT, flying without them is so relaxing! Happy Birthday. šŸ™‚

  5. Happy Birthday! I too love flying…. I also love trashy mags. My husband makes it a mission to score at least two alcoholic beverages per flight! Look forward to hearing about your weekend šŸ™‚

  6. I have NEVER flown. Ever! But I want to sooo bad. And I’m thinking this year will be it! I’ll fly to see my mum šŸ™‚

    I think it’s awesome that your crew were so down to Earth – in a flying thousands of metres above the ground kind of way!

    Happy Birthday for the other day! I logged onto Facebook and then forgot to go wish you a Happy Birthday! I know *hangs head in shame* bad blogger friend I am!

    Hope you had a fantastic day AND weekend!!


    • Thanks for bday wishes! And I have to say I’m pretty amazed you haven’t flown, but in saying that us Kiwis usually can’t wait to fly the coup to see the rest of the world! Your mum will be over the moon I’m sure šŸ™‚

  7. you know exactly how I feel about flying!! But I bet I’d have been just fine on that flight with you and C – I’d have been too distracted to have even noticed we were in the air! I am scared of drinking too much when flying b/c I always think I’m going to piss my pants waiting for the flight to land and I can’t get to the toilet. Yes, I’m a mental basket case! so glad you had a fabulous time! hope you get to do it again soon! xo

    • You crack me up – yes we would have distracted you but you would have also drank 3 bottles of plane wine and I’m sure you could hold on til we landed, in saying that we also had turbulence (while I was in the toilet – funny) I love flying – such an amazing feeling xx

  8. I fly solo with the 4 boys fairly often, I can’t say I have any set ritual. Making sure all of the children get on and off, and try not to lose i devices (not always successful).

    Loved your story. Makes such a big difference when you get a great attendant. Our best so far was with Qantas, they made a cubby for the kids and employed the eldest to help them with the cleanup. Also, they got to have a photo in the cockpit.


  9. I love flying too! I always order a bottle of bubbles to kick off any weekend away! Girls weekends are just the best!

  10. Hello, what a laugh. I really love airports and flying and can’t work out why it scares people. What’s scary about watching movies and being given food and drink – with no washing up required??!!

    Seriously though it’s the people watching that’s the best. Am so envious of your wee escape escapade with your sisters. My big and wee sister are both in Scotland, making weekends together a wee bit tricky!!

    • I’m with you – I can’t understand how it scares people, but then again I’m not really scared of a great deal – mainly just something happening to my children/family – but you can’t control everything in life. Oh I feel for you not having your sisters here, must be hard, I am VERY lucky I know xxx

  11. Happ birthday! Oh my ritual is always a Gin and Tonic! Yeah! My worst flight attendants were years ago on a certain German airline starting with L. So surly. I was scared of them.

  12. Ha ha – crack up – love the gin and tonic ritual – a girl after my own heart! Nothing worse than grumpy old flightees xx

  13. I have had the gambit. The best was the first business class flight we upgraded to – bubbly flowing and free gifts (good ones)! The worst was on Aeroflot, not just the scowls on the hosties faces but the green faces that poured off that flight, talk about turbulence and being soo sick.
    Just for the record, champagne should be drank when departing an airport at ANY time.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  14. I haven’t flown since Mr 3.5 was 5months old. All of my experiences have been great though and even flying with a baby I didn’t have any hassles.

  15. That looks like heaps of fun! I’m the same with airports – I always get excited when I’m there. I used to do heaps of overseas travelling but these days it’s a once-a-year domestic flight if I’m lucky, so you have to make the most of it!

  16. Lovely to hear about you and your sisters having a fantastic weekend. My relationship with my own sister is a little “challenging” so your antics made me smile (and feel a bit sad too but that’s life hey?). I haven’t flown for a while but the worst was a Turkish Airlines flight in the late 90’s where everyone smoked including the hosties and even the PILOT!

    • Wow even in the 1990s they were smoking – that seems so hard to imagine – it’s like when all the pubs and restaurants were full of smokers – thanks for visiting and sharing your experience šŸ™‚

  17. I have never ever been in a plane. I’m not scared of heights or anything, just have never had to. I totally look forward to it though, and glad to hear good things about that airline.

  18. I’m terrified of flying. I have a st Christopher that I wear as an earring on every flight. I once left it in the hotel and almost didn’t get on the plane, I was so sure it would crash.
    I know it’s ridiculous but I can’t help it.

  19. My S-I-L is a hostie and I’m sure she’d say that they love having happy fun passengers like you!

  20. Okay so our flight was slightly shorter… and slightly less fun (we avoided the alcohol… for my sake!) but the mile high club? I didn’t realise you needed to use a toilet for that… šŸ˜‰ x

  21. Happy Birthday, great post, what a fantastic time you must have had. I like the extra free wine as well xxx Rae

  22. Gee you and your sister look alike! What I wouldn’t give for a girly weekend on the plonk *sigh*
    Happy birthday love x

  23. I’d be on the champers too – I have a terrible fear of flying. I just don’t understand the concept of a giant, heavy plane floating in the air. It’s not right. Sisterly weekends are the best though.

  24. what fun – happy birthday – i travel a lot and love to watch as many movies as possible and read magazines galore!! deb xx

  25. I once sat next to miss australia on a flight to brisbane I didn’t have any fun I sat pressed up against the window trying not to stare at her. Your flight sounds wayyyy more fun xx

  26. Looks like fun! I actually went on a flight to Sydney for the day last week for work and it was so nice to just hangout by myself . it was a bit early for a glass of wine on the plane but I did enjoy one as I was waiting to go in to the event. I know people who travel for work all the time dont love it, but when it is a welcome change of scenery then it can be most enjoyable!

  27. Happy Birthday Em, looks like you had a ball! The best experience I ever had on a flight was with good old Ansett years ago on route to our honeymoon in Paris. They gave us this huge bottle of french champagne and we scored awesome seats with tonnes of leg room, all because we were newlyweds. Pity I was so freaking sick from not eating much on my wedding day so I couldn’t enjoy it properly… šŸ˜¦

  28. What a fabulous hostie to start your Happy Birthday weekend! Hope it was gorgeous Em xx

  29. Love flying, love travel, love airports and TOTALLY love people watching. Looks like you had a blast, Happy Birthday again xx

  30. Sounds like lots of fun. I love flying too even though I get a bit scared of bumps.

  31. I totally understand your feeling towards airport. I love them. There are so many stories happening there. As for cabin crew, there are some better than the others but I never had a bad experience. The only bad experience I had was more regarding delayed flights, losing luggage, missing flights.

  32. Thankfully I’ve never had anything go missing, or lost and actually never missed a flight!!! Thanks for best wishes Rita xxx šŸ™‚

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