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I love being able to make my son happy by just being me.


Today I felt like I was REALLY wanted as a mumma.

To my middle born I was not just a cook, cleaner, nose and bum wiper, or someone who puts on shoes, knickers and fills up his water bottle.

He is sick, just a flu or cold, but he was desperate to snuggle with me, so we watched his dragon movie and his wee body fell into my bosom.

I felt so happy with my babe in arms.

I felt so happy with my babe in arms.

Mind you he’s always been a boob boy, he was the child that BF for the longest.

I’ve often joked to the Husband that he’ll marry someone with ample knockers just like his mumma!

But back to my serious point.

I loved being able to cuddle, hug and nurture my boy when he needed it the most.

As mums we are so used to doing the essential things for our kids – but it’s rare that we get the chance to indulge their needs, smooch them for hours and comfort their wee souls.

I feel privileged today – I am everything my son needs and more.

Can you remember the last time you sat down for 30 minutes with your child and did nothing?
A time when you were just two souls together? Didn’t it feel great?

31 thoughts on “I love being able to make my son happy by just being me.

  1. Gorgeous post Em.

    BJ and I have time on my Ned most nights reading a book. But tomorrow we’ve got a date to watch a movie curled up on the lounge because we’re still flooded in šŸ™‚

    Beautiful moments that pass before you know it. Soak them up.

    MC xxx

  2. Mine wiggle and squirm too much for that.

  3. My youngest is boob boy too, we also say he will no doubt choose women with big boobs šŸ™‚
    It’s hard when they’re sick, but those snuggles are the best.

  4. LOL I’m also from the “ample knockers” category and have 3 boob boys who love their cuddles! Every night without fail they rce to see which one gets to sit next to me on the couch to the point where I even need to remember who “had a go” the previous night. I am very aware that this won’t last forever, so even though some nights I’m exhausted and could really do without perople climbing on me I always make the effort to really appreciate it šŸ™‚

    • Today they are all sick and all want me – especially as soon as they see someone else getting some mumma love. Precious times really, although ask me tomorrow and I’ll be totally over sick/clingy kidlets. Thanks for visit Rach. Em x

  5. That is beautiful Em. I love how boys are little ‘Mummas boys’ when they are little. As long as it doesn’t continue into adulthood! lol My Mr 11 is going out of that stage now, but Mr 8 and 4 are still Mummy’s boys. I love the cuddles.

    Hope your little man is feeling better. x

    • Yes my boys are very cute, but still so young 1.5 and 3 years so I’ve got a good few years to go. My oldest is also a BIG snuggler, and gives her baby bro a cuddle when I tell him off and he runs crying to her, quite cute really! x

  6. Oh I miss those days, though sometimes Miss 16 will snuggle up while we’re watching TV.

  7. It’s been a while since K snuggled up to me but at hearly 21 and given the fact that she is very close to getting pushed out of home, she isn’t much into snuggling with me !!!!! Unless she is sick – then it doesn’t matter how old she is – a good snuggle with Mom always makes her feel better !
    Have the best day and I hope your middle born is feeling better soon !

    • Thanks hun, he’s slightly better – it’s now 1.5 year old turn to be grizzly and sick but he’s too young to sit still and watch TV like the others. Nothing like cuddles from mum at any age – precious šŸ™‚

  8. All my boys were boob boys as babies but middle child will often stop in the middle of his games to come over for a kiss & cuddle. Its the best feeling. ps. thanks for visiting today-congrats on being recommended by everyone over at Home Life Simplified.

    • Aww that is cute, my middle is also super cuddly – but especially first thing in morning. No.3, aka 1.5 years going on 5, very rarely stops for cuddles but I hope he does as he grows and slows down, if he ever does slow down. I really appreciate the mention on your list – I really feel my life is so much fuller thanks to bloggers such as yourself – BTW, I love the new gravatar/logo – Em x

  9. Sigh. Beautiful. We’re usually trying to cram so much into our children’s lives that we need to remember to just be sometimes. Just be with them, that is.

  10. Beautiful post. I love those rare moments, makes all the hard work worth it some days.

  11. Those times are so special aren’t they? I hope your little one is feeling better, fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you both. Beautiful post

  12. It usually doesn’t happen often, because my two are off doing something else within minutes. It’s nice when they come and snuggle up, certainly makes this job easier.

    • Yes Alicia it’s a rare thing when I get to just sit and do nothing but cuddle, the Husband was home yesterday which was why I could indulge him. But had 3 sick at home today so wasn’t quite as romantic as yest šŸ™‚

  13. I don’t get to do that often at all – it makes me sad to realise that now. Glad you got that special time today and thanks for reminding us all of the power of the little things. Thanks too for linking up to I Must Confess again Em!

  14. I love that one-on-one time with my boys. The fact that they WANT to cuddle me back (instead of me just stealing a cuddle) melts my heart. There’s nothing in this world that feels any better. Love your blog! šŸ™‚

  15. Awww! I’m all teary. It’s a beautiful feeling to be loved by a child ā¤

  16. Aww I just love that. My youngest Josh he is three, is such a cuddle monster. He cuddles with his whole little body, I love it.

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