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The day I nearly put my head in the oven just for some peace and quiet


So please raise your hand if you have ever wanted to put your head in the oven?

What? – no takers – really??

I always knew that I was one of a kind ;).


Perhaps I should put this initial statement in context.

It was 5.15pm and I had been up since 5.15am with three sick and very attention-mad children.

Okay that description is putting it nicely – which is so unlike me – they were like sneaky hawks circling their weak prey – ME.

They were taking turns to torture me, repeating my name over and over, crying at me and begging for food – generally driving me bonkers.

My kids pretty much wrote the manual for witching hour.

Anyway, so I hadn’t cooked the Husband a proper meal in three days and so was cooking a roast dinner (pork – aka Babe).

It was even complete with home-made gravy – to give the impression that I was still a shit-hot housewife!

But as dinner time drew near the three sickies elevated themselves to levels of madness that I haven’t seen in ages.


It’s been raining on and off for weeks here on the GC and I’ve been on the brink of insanity throughout it all.

But after having to care for three sick kidlets all day I was SPENT!

I even called the Husband on his way home to ask him to please stop at the bottle-O because it was an emergency!

He didn’t even ask why – and that’s just some of the reason why I will love him forever and look past the fact he can’t put toilet rolls in the bin.

Here is the Husband being a super dad!

Here is the Husband being a super dad!

But that is also why when my hard-working Husband arrived home, after 13 hours away from us (lucky bastard), I made sure his family were sitting at the dinner table trying to be civilised!

It didn’t last for long – but we tried to not annoy the shit out of him for the first 30 seconds πŸ˜‰

And you know what? As soon as my gorgeous six-foot hunk walked in the door (yep I’m a total suck up) – I felt the weight on my shoulders instantly lighten.

My rock was home, he was here to help me.

No I'm not married to Thor - but what a hero and those arms - cha chinngggg

No I’m not married to Thor – but what a hero and those arms – cha chinngggg

The love of my life came through for me again.

If it wasn’t for him (and vodka) – and the fact that he puts up with me for who I am – then my life would be beyond shithouse!

It’s days like that when I recognise how hard it must be for those who parent alone.

Motherhood ain’t easy – but a trouble shared is a trouble halved.

How crazy is witching hour at your place?
Are you fortunate enough to have a partner in crime to help parent – or do you do it alone sometimes? (and have my UTMOST respect and admiration!)

It’s totally IBOT with the McAwesome Jess from Essentially Jess

68 thoughts on “The day I nearly put my head in the oven just for some peace and quiet

  1. Thankfully I have worked since K was 4 weeks old so we always got home from work together and tackled whatever had to be done !!!!
    Hope your week gets better and your children are well in no time !!

  2. Now my youngest is nearly 5 the witching hour seems to have finally become manageable MOST days (discounting the occasional meltdown about homework from the older two boys).

    But I totally relate to the way you feel about your “rock”! I sometimes wonder why they put up with us? Could it be becuase we are shit-hot in bed? Yes, it could very well be… πŸ™‚

  3. Those days are SO HARD!!! Must have been something in the air yesterday! xxxxx

  4. Very thankful for the boy who helps me whenever he can do πŸ™‚ i really admire those that do it on their own though… especially with a few kids because it really can get so tough, and I just have one now!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. They don’t call it the witching hour for nothing eh? It’s funny as I thought it was bad when I just had G, now that I have two of them it doesn’t take much to spiral into chaos. I’m lucky that most evenings my hubby is home by 5 so it’s a joint effort.

  6. I’m “The Husband” and yes Rachel – being shit hot in bed does make Ems easier to put up with LOL

    The roast dinner also helps too.

    Love you Ems

  7. oh my…. I’m so glad you have your person who sounds wonderful – especially with the alcohol deliveries!!!


  8. Not much is harder than 3 sick, whinging little kids. Vodka makes everything better. Rachel xx

  9. We all have days where we’re just hanging on to sanity by the tips of our fingernails, the weather here on the coast has been abysmal – you know it’s bad when your 3 year old is sick of putting on his gumboots and jumping in puddles. My sister is a single mum – I have no idea how she does it, utter respect to all the girls (and guys) that have to do it alone.

  10. You had me at the title. I really didn’t need to read more, but I did and I’m glad. I don’t know how single moms do it. You are so right. Just walking through the door is all they have to do. I think it’s because there’s strength in numbers! This post is hilarious!

  11. When my husband comes home from his FIFO job in the Middle East, I feel so light and relieved I practically levitate!!!

    Sick kids, any kids at witching hour are a horror.

    By the way, here’s what I reckon: ‘A problem shared is a bloody good laugh for everyone else!!” Thanks for a wee laugh and here’s to dry bloody weather!!!

  12. Some days are just sooooo hard you seriously wonder how the hell the human race has kept going! My husband works from home 2 days a week so he’s generally here (see: can’t avoid) the witching hour on those days. It definitely helps to have another pair of hands! On the other days, I just make it up as I go.

  13. And that is why Coping Cordial was invented lol. Sick kids AND dinner to be cooked is enough to make a saint stick their head in an oven. Heres hoping tonight is a better one for you hun x

  14. Yep! Totally take my hat off to single mothers – I doubt I could do it without my husband.

  15. Sorry, must drag my attention away from Thor…..
    I don’t know how you cope. I am like that with one son (there will be no more and I have a pretty good one!!).
    Yes, Gin & Vodka help, but heaven knows how many times I’ve thought about the oven scenario.
    Thank heaven for husbands – aren’t they divine πŸ™‚
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  16. I feel the same about Mr Awesome, the moment he walks in no matter what is going on, I suddenly know that all will be well. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you and your knight in shinning armour. I hope all the kidlets are feeling better now.

  17. I’m totally with you Em! Mine works permanent night shift, 14 hour shifts and I can’t wait until his business takes off and he’s working from home, we’re a team. Go the vodka xx

  18. omg this was me last night! Exact same time, trying to get a blog post written after I had supplied them with sufficient nutrients and distraction. Clearly.. still not good enough.

  19. That’s exactly how I feel when my man walks through the door too xxx

  20. Witching Hour.
    Don’t talk to me about it.
    I work full time and then I pick up screamers who need food, a bath, milk and sleep.
    My partner does help but he arrives home at the tail end of the witching.
    Wine helps. Lots of it.

  21. Oh this was such a cute story! Thank God for awesome husbands, and even more awesome husbands who bring wine. πŸ˜‰

  22. I know the feeling! I am always hanging for hubby to get home…A good way to avoid witching hour is to make a slow-cooked dinner or salad or soup or whatever early, and take the kids out of the house at that god-forsaken hour. That’s what I do anyway. πŸ™‚ x x

  23. Reading this made me want to stick my head in the oven…..until the knight in shining armour bit (and Thor’s arms). It’s a tough gig some days. I can’t tell you how bad I hang for that glass of wine!!!

  24. I can totally relate…except it wasn’t the oven I wanted to get into…it was the shower with a showercap on. Those shower caps are noisy as the water pelts on them and you don’t hear a thing going on out there! There’s a tip for you…you’re welcome! πŸ˜‰ I know what you mean about the relief when hubby gets home! I do not know how single parents do it. They are incredible!

  25. I have a huge respect for single parents.
    I just love the way you describe your husband!
    And how lovely that he commented on your post!

  26. Thoooooor, moooore. I have one,but he often only makes it home before 9 about twice a week. He often only sees the girls on the weekends, so at shit o’clock, I’m it. Some nights the hardest decision is vodka, gin, or wine????

  27. I know I could not parent alone – I need my husband to be there, even if all we can do is sneak in an eye roll at each other when things are crazy! I hope today was better for you and that your munchkins are on the mend now.

    • And talking in code over dinner to explain how the day went. I’m so glad you have a super hubby like mine, we’re super lucky fur sure. Kids are getting better slowly – except we had unexpected visitors yesterday – Mr Lice and his family – ARGHHHH

  28. Shit yeah witching hour is full on round this joint hence my dependence on ABC2. I have a joke with my friend that as soon as our husbands walk in the door we “tag them in!” wrestling style. haha!

  29. Oh yeah, I remember witching hour so well. At 13 and 9 my kids are beyond that witching hour stuff (I think, I hope, have I spoken too soon?) Our hours of frustration come in the morning when trying to get them organised for school and home work at the start of the day. And yes, that problems shared, problems halved thing is so true.

    Hope everyone gets well soon!

    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    • I can already tell school work is going to be a pain butt – especially with 3 very close in age – so maybe I should just enjoy my ‘easy’ life while I can.
      Thanks for best wishes, sickness is now the least of my worries, we’re on to head lice – ARGHHHH 😦

  30. I am nodding my head throughout this entire post!!! Can my head join yours in that oven?
    But you are right. We have our beloveds to share the load with us.
    I would be lost without Mr Surfer. He’s my rock, my punching bag and forever my shoulder to cry on!

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  32. Ha ha…I can totally…TOTALLY relate to you!! Yes, I think I will join you and Mama Grace too in the oven.
    Once I did ask my husband to buy a bottle of my favorite drink too because the day was sooooooooo crazy. And once he popped by the door the first thing I asked was “where’s my drink?” lol!

  33. Em…you crack me up-you write so well. My drug of choice is chocolate. If I starting drinking I wouldn’t stop! Ha ha

  34. Someone once told me that with kids there is a difficult hour in every day, a difficult day in every week, a difficult week in every month. But when there are multiples, well you can get two kids going through their difficult periods at the same time. It’s enough to drive anyone bonkers. As for single parents – hold my hat out. I reckon you’d just have to drop the standards. Let them watch TV. Let them eat whatever. etc. Otherwise, HOW?

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