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Why you should shed your old skin and say yes to invitations out


In the interests of trying to have a life and reconnect with my friends – I’m frocking up for a cocktail party at a friend’s house this weekend.

For the past few years I’ve turned down almost every offer of a night out, blaming it on the kids.

And so of course the invitations out have pretty much shrivelled up and died.

People will stop asking you to go out if you never take them up on it – thankfully this friend hasn’t because she knows the roller coaster ride my life has been since having my third.

I’m pretty excited about it and I’d like to say that I’ll just sip my mojito, pina colada or marguarita, but I’d be lying – and that’s not how I roll.

This is me after 4.5 hours after landing in Cairns for a big weekend with my sisters - PASSED OUT - I mean tired.

This is me after 4.5 hours after landing in Cairns for a big weekend with my sisters – PASSED OUT – I was so tired 🙂

In fact I’ll probably offer to help the host make the cocktails just so I can get close to the action.

Since I no longer fit my pre-baby clothes and I am too small for my post-baby clothes – I had to find a dress to wear.

Shopping used to be fun when I was young, slim and had disposable income – now it’s worse than having two screaming toddlers hanging off you at the computer (like right now).

I also had to get new shoes because I can’t wear thongs, and since having kids I’ve gone from a size 10 to 11 – totally bizzaro right?

Have a laugh at my dressing room shenanigans.

A rack of boobs anyone?

Boob burger anyone?

It's the bust thing I didn't like - just a bit too pronounced

It’s the clam-style bust thingee I didn’t like and maybe the blah colour – and yes those are my actual clothes on the dirty floor.

This is the winning dress - it looks better from behind, but I can't walk backwards all night.

This pink stunner is the winning dress – it looks better from behind, but I can’t walk backwards all night.

I look surprising okay in this (if I do say so myself). Again I can't walk around holding my camera out like this all night just to hide my tuck shop arms

The dress looks nice in this but it’s because my arms are up but I can’t walk around holding my camera out like this all night just to hide my tuckshop arms.

My horse shoes, size 11, were $35 down to $9.43 - BARGAIN

My horse shoes, size 11, were $35 down to $9.43 – BARGAIN.

Here’s a list of things I know:

* I’ll only be able to ‘own’ the pink number by wearing my faithful sucky-in knickers. For those of you who haven’t discovered these beige beauties, don’t knock em’ – just imagine not having to think about holding in your tummy and front bum all night. SCORE.

* Those cheap-shit shoes will give me blisters and will stay on for a maximum of 1.5 hours, or until I’m drunk enough to over share and tell the entire party that I haven’t worn heals since I had 3 kids in 3.5 years, yadda yadda yadda yawn.

* I’m packing two fast-working headache pills for Sunday morning – yep I’m sleeping over. I know right lucky me – but you know I’m going to be in massive husband debt – and payment options are limited these days.

* That no matter what I think about my appearance – I won’t look as bad as I did in this photo – flashing back to the early 1990s.

What a stunner right - and no this wasn't a fancy dress party, I found this dress of mums and thought I could totally rock it!!!

What a stunner right – and no this wasn’t a fancy dress party, I found this in mum’s wardrobe and thought I could totally rock it! How goneburger do I look?

* I’m bound to say something I shouldn’t and/or dance Gangnam style – but I won’t remember it until a few weeks later.

* On Sunday I will say to the Husband that I’m never drinking again and the kids will be ultra feral and loud.

Image source

I also have some advice to those of you who are staying at home unnecessarily like I was – escape your four walls and go out at night once in a while!

Walk to the shops, have dinner with friends, or just go somewhere by yourself for a $7 coffee/cake.

It’s so easy to stay in your sloppy pants, pour a glass of wine and miserably watch TV and moan about your lot – this was me for WAY too long.

But this year – the Year of the Snake – I’m shedding my old skin and taking up most offers that come my way.

Because meeting new people or reconnecting with old friends is fantastic for the soul.

Are you saying no too much to social invitations? Why? Is it because you were like me and were too tired or felt too self conscious? Any tips for someone who hasn’t been out in ages and is going to be in a room with 10 people she doesn’t know very well?

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Thanks lovely ladies 🙂


Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

61 thoughts on “Why you should shed your old skin and say yes to invitations out

  1. Go you! That dress was pretty stylish you know. I am pretty anti social, of course pre marriage that wasn’t the case! I cringe now thinking about how out there I was at times. I started to push myself socially a few years ago, it did feel good. This year I am taking the ultimate plunge and going to #DPCON13. Deep breath! Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely I hope you have a wonderful night

  2. I had heard that you go up a shoe size after children but my mother in law said it’s only temporary. Obviously her 5 children didn’t impact on her shoe size.

  3. I hope you have a great time and that your hang-over on Sunday isn’t too bad !!!
    Have the best weekend !

  4. I wondered why my friends stopped asking me out… hmm… You’re right though, we NEED to get out, we NEED nights off.
    That pink dress is HOT girl! And yes, I too love my beige sucky-in undies, though I call them my ‘fatgirl pants’. Every time I wear them under a dress I get so many compliments. Except for that time the wind blew my dress up and because of the closeness to my skin colour everyone thought I had no underwear on. That wasn’t awkward at all.

  5. Don’t knock size 11 feet! Some of the most awesomest people in the world wear size 11 shoes. *ahem* And that colour on you is awesome, Em, you should wear it all the time! Have a great time, you definitely deserve a night OUT.

  6. Even if it’s not for a night out, window shopping and trying in new clothes is a great way to unwind too :p see how much fun you had! Haha. Hope you enjoy your party and remember to drink responsibly! 🙂

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  7. Size 11 feet, should mean you’ll be able to track down cheaper shoes- size 11 always seem to be available at bargain prices… and size 6. Have fun at your cocktail party! Love pink on you x

  8. I love ‘suck me in pants’. Warning tho, they are a pain in the arse to put on when you are drunk. Although you will be at a friends place so won’t have to deal with the impossibly tiny cubicles that are night club toilets.

  9. Hey, even all the size minus-zero celebs wear the suck-me-in big pants! Great post 😉

  10. It is so good to be able to go out once in a while and behave like an adult carrying nothing but a clutch purse rather than a whole heap of kiddie crap. I hope you do this often. I love suckie-in pants too!

  11. Thanks for flashing back! I’m over the suck me in underwear – too uncomfortable when you sit. I tend to let it all hang out these days lol attractive, I know! I’m a bit of an introvert so I tend to turn down a lot of invitations when I can…but it is good to get away from these four walls every now and again!

  12. Yep, my feet are bigger than they were before pregnancy. I am hoping they don’t get any bigger after this one!

    I have basically been using any excuse to get o of the house since I stopped giving Mia a breastfeed before bed, which was about 4 or 5 months ago. Even if its just to go to the shops after Mia’s bedtime on Thursday night on the pretense of looking for ‘wedding/bridesmaid’ stuff. It helps to clear my head and help me relax, which s bizarre because I basically hate shopping but any excuse to get out of the house will do at this stage!

  13. Love the dress. I would be starting the night in flats and still expecting not to be wearing them by the end of the night!

    Enjoy x

  14. You look hot in the pink dress and I’d appreciate it if you could let me know which brand of sucky-in knickers you prefer. I am in the market for some new ones as the old ones are about to fall apart! And from your hubby’s first comment on your blog last week I think he might have some ideas for payment options 😉

  15. have a cracking time. I remember how much fun my wife had went she ditched me and Miss 2.5 and went out with her friends. There was a little bit of “never drinking again” in the morning but she loved it.

  16. Go Emily!
    I’m looking forward to a night out next week for my 30th!! That should be fun!! 🙂

  17. Good on you for putting yourself out there! I love the colour of that pink one. I was a hermit for ages after baby number 3 too – felt like the walls were closing in on me but it was too hard to go out with all of them hanging off me! It’s a great feeling when you move past that. Have fun!

  18. I hope you have a ball!! The pink dress looks fantastic from the front too! Boob Burger – bahaha!! Yep – you’ve gotta escape the four walls now and then – fun and laughter and letting go do magic things for the soul…well apart from the hangover part! I don’t go out as much as I used to…but I have got older and what I enjoy has changed. I prefer small get togethers rather than big parties these days…..but it all depends on who and what it is. Have fun!! xo

  19. Loving that pink dress on you!! Have a great night. I definitely need to get out more.

  20. Love your pink dress,great choice 🙂
    As I read through the post I see myself, and just like you, I have decided that this year is the year to turn things around. Enjoy your all nighter lovely and I look forward to reading all about it xx

  21. Gorgeous post Em! Love the dressing room shenanigans! The pink dress was the definitely the winner 🙂 Hope you have fun! I take up as many invitations as I can. Thankfully, all my friends now are in the same boat as me, so we have to do daytime/lunchtime things anyway. x

  22. I’m following you via flash blog friday. The dark pink dress looks great on you! I always go along if gal pals invite me for cocktails. But I don’t like going to big parties and making inane small talk with strangers. I often treat myself to a new dress from a thrift store, maybe $5- doesn’t break the bank! Have an amzing time tripping the light fantastic and pop over for a cocktail any time

    • Hey there – I’ve had a look at your page, you girls are great!!! And have you met each other yet? I got a good deal, shoes and dress for $48 – pretty cheap I reckon 🙂 Please come back again 🙂 Em

  23. I can’t wait until I get to have a night out again! But as I’m about to pop out another babe and most of my close girlfriends have also recently done the same… it might be a little bit of a wait yet. We’ll get there 🙂 have a great time and have one for me!

    • Yes I know the feeling, having to leave the house is such a mission and the tiredness… I remember it all too well. But I have been hiding behind that for too long. Thanks for visit and comment x

  24. Ohh I love cocktails! But I can’t stand shopping these days! Especially when I need something. I often find the best items when I am not looking for them… funny that xx

  25. I so need me some suck the gut in underwear! Must put them on my list of things I need!

    I usually say no to invited. Mostly because it’s a pain in the bum to get anywhere living here. But I am making an effort to have a few nights away just for me every year now, to do what I want to do 🙂

    You did well on finding the dress, and bargain shoes! I can never ever find anything that’s perfect for the occasion when I’m looking. I always find the awesome stuff when I don’t need it!

    Thanks for linking up to TIK 🙂

    MC x

  26. I have to admit, I’m inclined to say no, or my first instinct is to think of which excuse I can legitimately use (this time / again). Until of course someone mentions cocktails or free booze, and then I’m the queen of the party.

    Love, love, love the dress. And totally jelly of your toned arms – my tuckshop arms are whimpering!

  27. You look smokin’ in the pink dress. I hope we get a blog post about the evening’s shenanigans, preferably with photographic evidence.

  28. I take my hat off to you, whenever I have a night out and have a couch day, I always think – “Imagine doing this with kids running around the house!”.

  29. I just think you look stunning in this pink dress! A very good choice! I hope you had a very good night out!

  30. You’re quite right, sometimes we do get stuck in a rut. I’ve just returned from 4 days in NZ so I could attend my BFF’s wedding so I guess you could say I broke out of mine … and this coming weekend is my annual girlie weekend with friends, we’re going to Straddie, yay!

    PS you are v. brave putting the photos of the non-contenders on your blog! The pink one is def. the best 🙂

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