Have a laugh on me

We're not all in the same boat, some of us struggle to even get in the boat!

Do you usually speak your mind? If so, then you’ll totally be able to relate to this post.


People like me don’t just quietly live their lives – somehow we seem to offend, upset or mortify peeps without even knowing it!

And by people like me, I mean those who speak their minds, wear their heart on their sleeves, and usually call a spade a spade.

I don’t intend to offend but sometimes I do.

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But I also pride myself on having the ability to put myself in someone else’s shoes – however sometimes it seems they don’t fit so well.

I could warble on here and give a zillion anecdotes but I’m going to spare you the melodrama.

So here’s a few Things I Know about myself that must annoy the crap out of people but they never tell me – what silly sausages they are.

1. I speak WAY too fast – like auctioneer fast – and if you throw in my Kiwi accent then half the time I know people are just nodding and smiling because they have not a clue what I just said.

2. Over sharing – it’s a McMassively huge habit of mine – I’ll divulge lots of random crap to strangers, check-out chicks and daycare teachers. PMS, period pain, why my eyebrows look so unruly, why my hair looks so dirty – you name it I’ll share it! I have no idea why, I sometimes just suffer from verbal diarrhoea, so shoot me!

Okay so I probably wouldn't tell a stranger something like this!

Okay so I probably wouldn’t tell a stranger something like this!

3. I will put my screaming and tantrum-throwing children in a makeshift naughty corner in a shopping centre. It doesn’t matter where, in fact last week I made my son sit on the ground at the end of the check out until I was done. I didn’t blink an eye, I stood tall and strong and didn’t make unnecessary excuses for what I was doing. I was parenting.

I get about 15 of these a day, when he doesn't get his way, usually they are accompanied by heading banging on tiles or whatever surface he has throw himself on.

I get about 15 of these a day, when he doesn’t get his way, usually they are accompanied by heading banging on tiles or whatever surface he has throw himself on.

4. As my children grow I will let them decide who they want at their birthday parties – why should I make them invite kids that they don’t want there? I know this isn’t a popular point of view but I’m also a parent that believes kids should learn they won’t always win, get a prize and have to have a few disappointments early in life. This might sound tough but I want to slowly and carefully prepare my children for the harsh reality that is the real world. And in the real world they won’t always get their way and will have to learn to cope with many setbacks.

Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up

6. I’ll NEVER sugar coat it. If someone asks how I am, especially someone I consider a friend, I’ll be straight up and tell them I’m struggling, going half insane and wish I could run away with the circus.
Don’t wanna know how I am, and I mean REALLY how I am? Then don’t ask! Last year every day was a shitty one and that is pretty much what I told anyone who asked – and with some I could almost hear the eye roll over the phone.


But then again, at least I’m honest and to me that is what friendship is all about, isn’t it?

Do you over-share info? Tell people how you really are? Or do you prefer to keep your private life private?

It’s been too long Miss Cinders @ Saturday Morning Ogre Mum but I’m back for Things I Know

Things I Know

And a big hug to Grace @ With Some Grace and Bree @ Twinkle in the Eye for letting me FLOG AND FLASH (and I do love flashing!)


Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

69 thoughts on “Do you usually speak your mind? If so, then you’ll totally be able to relate to this post.

  1. Emily my friend, you sound like just the kind of person I like best. Like you said, and which my husband changes it to: just call a spade a bloody shovel. Although not holding back is costing me dearly at the moment, with my family not speaking to me. Not good, but not something I can change either. Great post πŸ™‚

    • You know my honesty is about to get me in shit because I am waiting to see someone in person before I ask them a very pointy question. But you know I’m sick of ‘friends’ being shitty! Thanks and hang in there, it’s tough being honest but worth it, most of the time xx

  2. Overshare as much as you like Emily. I cant look away!

  3. We all suspected you weren’t wearing any knickers anyway so that wasn’t really a surprise πŸ˜‰

    And those parents that invite every child in the class to their kid’s birthday party are just INSANE! Much more effective parenting to teach your child to let people who weren’t invited know nicely that Mummy said they can only have (insert number here) children at their party.

  4. I usually tend not to speak my mind. Especially if it means keeping the peace. I don’t know what we’ll do for N’s birthday this year as it falls smack bam in the middle of school holidays.

  5. It’s always better to have a friend like you that tells it as it is, then someone that pretends and fakes their feelings πŸ™‚

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. I’m usually super private. It’s hard to believe being a blogger and all πŸ™‚ Rachel x

  7. Oh! I can soooo relate to number 1 and number 2…!

  8. Love people who call a spade a spade. We need more of them and I am an occasional over sharer, but hell people like us make for good gossip πŸ™‚

  9. I agree with everything you said. This parenting thing is not a popularity contest. Like you, I am trying to prepare my kids for some of the tough times ahead. Bullying incidents have to be faced. Consequences of behaviour have to be felt and they are the better for it. My kids sure aren’t perfect, but they are basically nice people who can make a contribution in the future. If they can live their lives doing that and a bit more, we’ll I have done my job well.

  10. Hell yeah, I’m an over-sharer, that’s why I blog!!

  11. I love people who ‘tell it like it is’!!!

  12. I do that thing where it just comes out the wrong way, so I don’t mean to offend, and then I think maybe it came out wrong and I did, and then I apologise (via txt) hours later and then have no idea what I’m talking about…

  13. I think blogging attracts chronic over-sharers like you and me! Yes, I’m a heart on my sleeve kind of gal. Hubster sometimes wonders why I would want to put so much of myself “out there” in bloggy land. But he knows it’s just the way I am and it makes me happy!

  14. Oh shit, I think we are one and the same!!!
    We have one tiny difference – you talk fast, I talk quietly – the outcome is the same πŸ™‚
    Be true to you and stuff anyone that can’t be real.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  15. Massive over sharer here also, I’m all “I’m sorry random stranger but for some reason I absolutely must tell you about my life in the 4 minutes while you get my bread and take my payment”

  16. Over share? Me? Never! Emily you are hysterical. Hysterical I tell you!!

  17. Someone told me the other day she was wearing no knicker, so I asked if the seams of her pants went up her fanny.
    I guess I’m a pretty open person too…. πŸ˜‰

  18. I was the same with tantruming two year twins . Don’t all bloggers over share …tell me you sit down at the shopping centre and tell them your innermost feelings.

  19. And there was me thinking you were a shrinking violet. Live and learn!! I’m an oversharer in real life but less in e-life… I have a terrible Smith Talking Gene and often just cannot shut up. But not as bad at all as my rellies in Scotland, man can they talk!

  20. Love it! Say what you mean, mean what you say xx

  21. I call a spade a shovel. If you want something sugar-coated, go to a lolly shop. Apparently I’m a witch. I prefer others be the same. That way you know where you stand.

  22. so, are you wearing knickers or not?????

  23. Oh I am totally an over sharer , sometimes I get reciprocal over sharing , other times I get the ” weirdooo” look. Stubbourn that I am, it doesn’t stop me from over-sharing.
    Oh and fake friends, who needs ’em. Love that expression in the selfie xxx

  24. I’m more the sort of person who says very little and then develops high blood pressure stressing over the things I wish I’d said. I’m working my way up to becoming an over sharer, so you go girl!

  25. My in-laws are just now starting to understand the person that I am, after 7 years. That just because I speak my mind does not make me an evil bitch and that I will still bend over backwards for any one in particular even thought we clash on about every topic under the sun… especially raising MY kids. πŸ™‚

    You sound like my kind of gal! And now I’m a new follower!

    I host a weekly link-up party on Fridays and I would LOVE it if you would this post sometime, or any others!

  26. Love that last quote. Hate fake hugs almost as much as air kisses. If you’re gonna hug me bitch, bring it in…none of those little pats my back crap.
    Love how your so comfortable with yourself. Keep celebrating it, girlfriend πŸ™‚ x

  27. Oh, definitely with that last one. If you’re going to ask me how I am, you’re going to hear about how I am. I won’t turn it into a therapy session, but I also won’t answer with ‘great, super, fantastic!’ if I’m anything but.

  28. I am so the same as you with number two. Ad the kids party thing. Not everyone is going to like you and want you at their party. Get used to it kid! And at 16 months Mi already knows there is a ‘thinking corner’ wherever we go!

  29. Honestly, I wouldn’t have a problem with you at all! Kudos to you about using the naughty corner even at the shops. I am always in awe of parents who manage to do that…I sometimes want to walk up to them and congratulate them! While I’m not an over-sharer in person, I am one online! πŸ˜› But I don’t mind over-sharers. Oh and I’m a a fast talker too!! πŸ™‚

    • I either get shitty or knowing looks when I tough love at the shops, but until someone has walked in my shoes they have no right to give me the evil-shit eye! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  30. Oh, I’m actually jealous, b/c I get SO caught up in having people like me! It’s ridiculous! I feel like I’m still in high school. But I can’t seem to get over it. It’s an affliction.

    • You know Rachel I have lived my life like that, and sometimes I still feel a bit like this – but it used to make me so upset/sad/anxious all the time that I have tried to just not give my heart to people who trample on it! Thanks for visiting x

  31. I too am a fast talking over-sharer. With that said, we could have some seriously epic conversations in no time at all!

  32. You are all kinds of awesome girl! lol I used to do the make shift naughty corner anywhere! I talk too much and I am a TOTAL over-sharer!!

    My apologies on the REALLY late comment, I am a total slack arse the past few weeks.

    MC xxx

  33. How did I miss this post?!
    I try to keep things in but at times I think I over share. Usually at completely inappropriate times.
    Robo X

    PS. BTW knickers are overrated.

    PPS. (I’m just saying that. I don’t go anywhere without my scungies.)

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