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We're not all in the same boat, some of us struggle to even get in the boat!

It’s amazing what people look for on the internet and come across my blog!


It blows me away the search engine terms people use, it’s a great source of amusement to me!

The majority of them were related to boobs! Seriously haven’t these people heard of online porn, stick mags or the dodgy DVD section at the video shop?

Anyway, here’s a sampler of some of the more obscure (and socially acceptable) search terms people plugged in and found my blog.

The proof that some people are just plain idiots.

The proof that some people are just plain idiots.

1. Post about farting on a child in a supermarket – I bloody well hope it was on accident!

2. Slightly overweight shirtless naked – How flattering, but I’m confused. Do you want me to be shirtless or naked or both?

3. I’m 51 and cant get my shit together – I gotta say you’d better hurry up and start trying a wee bit harder (and learn about apostrophes).

4. Hot woman accidentally farts – It was only once and it smelled like roses – truly!

5. Land diving for kids – Glad you’re not my parent!

6. Long hair on my boobs – Buy some tweezers or get a wax, but before you do, I’m curious as to HOW long it actually is?

7. Tradies butt cracks – Whatever floats your boat.

8. Hunchback masseuse – Now this I’ve got to see, Quasi Massage, – quite a catchy name me thinks.

I can just see him wondering how the hell he got roped into the massage business. Source: senfonikankara.tumblr.com

I can just see him wondering how the hell he got roped into the massage business. Source: senfonikankara.tumblr.com

9. A dull woman keeps an immaculate home – Damn straight they do – or that’s what I tell myself šŸ˜‰

10. Do hawks laugh? – Sure they do – at your for asking such a stupid question!

Totally know this isn't a hawk - but it's laughing so cut me some slack. Source: palestinerose.wordpress.com

Totally know this isn’t a hawk – but it’s laughing so cut me some slack. Source: palestinerose.wordpress.com

Go on share the laughter, please tell me some of the search terms you have got?? Apart from those creepy rude ones which I kinda have enough of myself!!

Another IBOT with the lovely Jess @ Essentially Jess


Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

33 thoughts on “It’s amazing what people look for on the internet and come across my blog!

  1. The other thing that makes me laugh is when people google as if they were speaking to someone – “I is looking to make a well good butterfly cake” has also landed someone to my blog. Someone once landed on my blog after searching “tadpoles and coriander”, man I hope they weren’t looking for a recipe!

  2. Love it!!! I was thinking of posting about this too, it’s so funny. Just so much wtf?

  3. Quasi Massage! You’re a cracker.

  4. Maybe my blog is too new, I don’t have any crackers like these!

  5. Wtf is long hair on my boobs?? Haha these as gold! I don’t usually check out my search terms, but pretty sure none as eye-catching as these! :p

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. HAHAHA Made me laugh !!! I have had some weird ones too like “The left side of my face is bigger than my right” or “Overripe Broccoli” etc. I have no idea how the world wide web sends them to my site!

    • Oh that poor person who is worried about their face being lopsided, unless you’re a supermodel most of us are a wee bit like that. Overripe broccoli? Now that is odd considering it doesn’t grow on a vine šŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

    • The poor person, don’t we all have a little bad symmetry going on, unless we’re supermodels! As for overripe broccoli, oh dear, it’s not a vine growing vege. Thanks for stopping by šŸ™‚

  7. The disturbing ones are the ones looking for boys undies or knickers. ummm, why!? that’s a weird thing to search for! creepers!

  8. Mine are so dull by comparison!! It’s all ‘sea lice’ and ‘are there sharks at Davidson Park’ and ‘little known parks in Sydney.’

    I am definitely doing something terribly wrong!!

  9. I would love to know how you find this information. I haven’t spent much time in Google Analytics but assume that is where it comes from.
    Your’s are a scream, I wonder if I am as interesting????
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  10. As always I am laughing as I read your post ! I have never actually looked this up……
    Hmmmm not sure that I want to know what pops up for me !! Scary ………LOL

    • I hear you Beck, some of them are in poor taste, but I didn’t publicise them, as there will always be weirdos out there. If you have some goodies please FB or Tweet them for my amusement šŸ™‚ Happy Easter hun. Em x

  11. That’s funny!
    These two really made me laugh: “Is Peter Stefanovic single?” AND “Ugly girl f@#Ks on first date”.

    I’m a bit offended. I usually wait until second dates.

  12. Hilarious! I love that you’re an authority on hawks. Mine have been boring by comparison lately. The most interesting was ‘side falling saggy tits’. Sadly they found my site. šŸ˜¦

  13. Oh those pervy pervs!! I just get lots of variations on “boobs out”. Like “boobsout”, “boob out”, “boobs out in public”. Boobs boobs boobs!

  14. I just checked my search terms for today and there was nothing weird about them! I’m kind of disappointed. If you need inspiration for a blog post, people say to check the search terms and give them more of what they want. I am so looking forward to your blog series on hunchback masseurs.

    • Ha ha Rach – that hunchback series will take a bit of work I’m afraid!! You can check weeks and months back I think! And as for inspiration, most of my search terms are about boobs/tits etc and I KNOW that’s not what my readers want (right?) xx Em

  15. Em, these are fabulous, how special do you feel?
    Such boring ones on mine, I obviously haven’t arrived! And who doesn’t love a laughing owl?
    Hilarious as usual xx

  16. Woman, you crack me up!!! No. 4 is like a backhanded compliment. You’re hot but you fart. But who doesn’t, I tells ya???

  17. Hunchback masseuse??? What the? Most of my weird search terms are to do with Dolly Varden cakes, which I posted about mid last year (on a failed attempt to make one). That and ‘Fireman Sam’ keep bringing people back to my blog. That’s cool with me – hopefully some of them will stay and look around!

  18. I love analysing search terms. I don’t get that many crazy ones but I just had a look (as you do, you have now started something) and there seems to be a theme of sadness coming up – sad waiting, sad pictures, sad quotes, sad images, depressing background, sick smurf, etc. And here I was thinking I was being all positive and stuff… šŸ™‚ But the weirdest search term was “section 35 at rod laver arena for one direction” WTF?

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