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Why I am cursing the end of school holidays!


While most mums are pulling victory laps of the school drop-off zone – I’m actually lamenting the end of the school holidays!

And no I haven’t gone soft in the head, I just really adored spending quality time with my oldest cherub, we also had lots of laughs.

Not surprisingly I also LOVED not having to force help two cheeky toddlers get dressed, put shoes on, get in the car, sit in their car seats, get strapped in to their car seats, be transferred to a stroller, not scream and hit me in the head, EVERY MORNING!

Borrowing the moo's helmet, sunglasses and cardigan - PINK PRINCESS

Styling it wearing my daughter’s helmet, sunglasses and cardigan – eat your heart out Pink!

My girl and I had such a great time bonding, dressing up, crafting, catching up with friends, riding her scooter, and playing Candy Crush Saga – sorry Jess it must have my daughter who asked you to “send me a life” (okay so it was me but let’s not tell anyone else πŸ˜‰ )

In saying all of that – it just wouldn’t be a post from me if I didn’t point out a few obvious benefits of school.

For six hours a day I don’t have to answer 345 tricky questions from a curious and smart five-year-old, especially ones such as “what is a stiffy?” (thanks husband for this great terminology).

Instead of strapping three kids in the car, I only have two – that also means less toilet stops, fewer shoes to put on, fewer teeth to ensure are brushed, less time wasted picking clothes to wear, and less time spent spraying anti-cootie product in hair!

I can tell my three-year-old that Maccas has run out of chips, we have no ice blocks, and that there is a sign in every shop telling him that he can’t do the naughty thing he is doing!

While I didn’t get any more sleep, I did spend more time with my eyes closed, lying in bed and not worrying about having to get up and out the door at a certain time.

However, this was marred by the fact that No.3 had more time to learn how to open the fridge, pull out the water jug and attempt to fill his cup most mornings! I can’t believe the little monkey can actually do it, but I have a huge pile of towel washing to prove it!

I think the kids also enjoyed being allowed to watch more movies, I mean visual educational material πŸ˜‰

I think it was about 7am when this photo was taken, and the first time I had actually got out of bed for the morning - BLISS. And surprisingly they aren't staring at the periodic table of elements, the TV is on!

I think it was about 7am when this photo was taken, and the first time I had actually got out of bed for the morning – BLISS. And surprisingly they aren’t staring at the periodic table of elements, the TV is on!

What do you LOVE or HATE about school going back?!

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Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

60 thoughts on “Why I am cursing the end of school holidays!

  1. I see school terms as a bit bitter sweet. It is very very nice not to have to make any lunches, or makes sure there are 3 clean uniforms to wear, or find 6 socks, which should hopefully resemble each other. But I totally get the carseat thing. I feel really happy that my 9 year old has just started doing his own! (he was in a booster jammed up against another car seat so he couldn’t do it) So when the 3 older ones are at school (at least on Kinder days) I only have to do one carseat… one! It’s the simple things… (I also -love- bin day and get very cranky if we miss it)

  2. You know my stance on this Em. I practically clicked my heels walking out the kindy gate yesterday morning!

  3. I love the hols, as long as I get respite. The school hols are my hols too so sometimes I end up climbing the walls.

  4. We’re only on to day two of school holidays here! And so far I’m loving having my little boy back… so far.

  5. This is our last week of school in WA so I am looking forward to the school holidays starting. Not having to get up so early, pack lunch boxes or have the morning rush is only days away and I am hanging out.

  6. Em, I count sleeps until the end of term, and all the other mums think I’m nuts! But, i just love having a break from that full-on routine…..no lunchboxes or uniforms, woohoo!
    Having said that, I’ve just dropped Bell off for the first day of term, and I feel like I can start getting stuff done. I love having time for us to spend together, but it is nice to get back into the swing of things after the break.
    And your kids totally look like they’re reading the Periodic Table πŸ˜‰

    • Hee hee, they totally could have been reading that table girl!! And you are not nuts, I know what you mean – it’s fun because there is no watch we have to keep up to!
      In saying that I had NO kids at home with me today, thanks to kindy and school and SHIT I got SOOOO much done! Thanks for always commenting hun – Em xx

  7. lol I have no school aged kids yet, but I’m a teacher, so you know…I dreaded the return of school holidays when I was teaching, and the endless “Do you know what I did on the holidays Mrs East??” Each child of course needed the same enthusiastic response “Oh tell me! What did you get up to!?” and I needed to come up with some equally exciting stories, because I couldn’t really tell them I spent most of my time on the couch watching Sex and The City.

    I’m looking forward to one day enjoying those benefits of school that you listed too πŸ˜‰

    • Aww Angela bless your cotton socks for listening and being lovely to kids such as mine that go in to details about their holidays – YOU deserve a medal. But know that all your lovely comments make small kids SOOOO happy! Em πŸ™‚

  8. Im loving that I can potter without too much distraction but I do miss them. Kids, you cant live with em and you cant live without em! xxxxx

  9. Our school holidays in NSW have just started – I’ll have to get back to you with my thoughts on returning at a later date.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  10. Em, Can I just say…I think I may want you as my Mum! they are are such lucky kids – and from the photos I can see you are having just as much fun as they are. Gorgeous.

  11. Still only at daycare age, but I bloody love that place. I love my days with D Man, and I love my days with him at school.

  12. I love the day they go back to school! I enjoy my time with them and the break from routine so much, but I don’t do well with 24/7 family time for 2+ weeks. Deb xx

  13. I love the long cuddles in bed during school holidays and I agree – not forcing a toddler to get dressed, get in a car, and generally behave at 8am has its benefits to my sanity – but i do miss them – the house is so quiet without them – oh bliss (did i say that aloud?) xx

  14. I’m with you, I always enjoyed the more relaxed pace of school holidays.

  15. Em I’m only on day 4 and I’m pulling my hair out already! My big boy has SOOOO much energy I can’t keep up!! (although it is nice having him around)

  16. Hello ducky, well, our school hols just started. I fell about laughing at the idea of telling the kids that Maccas has run out of chips. I MUST try that line, I must. Might be too late for my kids but I’ll give it a bash. Oh you have brought back memories of having twins at home, NOT ALL GOOD!!!

  17. I love the expressions on their little faces. Only little for such a short period of time, sometimes it may feel like forever, enjoy xxx

  18. I like the school holidays too and some great time with the kids, but I worked part of the hols and got sick too which didn’t help the enjoyment. School term time is very busy for us, but I only have one in a carseat!

  19. School going back doesn’t affect me yet, all my kiddo’s are too young! But it’s lovely that you got some QT with your big girl, so nice to hear about it xx

    • Thanks Kel, you’ll be there soon enough – man they just get so much amazeballs as they grow! BTW – I did a bloody bug bomb today after reading about yours and only got 4 cockroaches, scared of what I’ll find tomoz!!! HUGS you awesome mumma you xx

  20. I do like school holidays because of the sleep ins. Yep My kids let me sleep in. They actually sleep in till 9am and if we have had a late night they can last till 9:30-10. the oldest 2 will make breaky for their younger sisters and I can slowly get up. School holidays just started here so I’m just getting the begining of it.
    And movies all day everyday is good for the soul.

  21. I love having a bit of extra time with my big girl in school holidays, I love the girly things we can do. We can get so caught up during the school week that both her and I are too tired to bond.

  22. We only had a week holidays. Man it nearly killed me. A week is not nearly long enough, I feel so ripped off! Even the valid points you raised in school’s defence was not really enough to make me glad for it’s return on Monday.

  23. Em, School holidays don’t really worry me except for thinking about how to entertain them. Glad you got to spend time with your girl..

  24. I am so not looking forward to the whole school thing. I am blessed with cherubs who sleep in, and I think getting to school on time is going to be awful! Glad you enjoyed your school holidays πŸ™‚

    • I have to say it was a rude awakening this year for sure – but we’ve got there slowly! Thanks for visiting Robyn! And I have to say I am glad you have cherubs who sleep in, I don’t, but I’m so GLAD for those that do πŸ™‚ Em xxx

  25. Bloody Brill post!!! LOL

    I miss school hols too even though saying it out loud does get me some scathing glances from my mates!

    I love the lazy mornings, that’s the clincher for me!

    I have trained my three to quietly go downstairs, put telly on, fill bowls with dry cereal and wait for Mama QUIETLY.

    My the summer hols I’ll have my eldest trained in making Mama an espresso, cleaning the downstairs toilet and running the Hoover over… watch this space!


    • Yep lazy mornings equal no stress! I think I will start training mine to do that when the youngest is 3 or 4! Just 2 years to go. And I like the idea of teaching coffee and cleaning skills! πŸ˜‰ x

  26. I loved school holidays. 5 days a week is too much. I much preferred kindy, 4 longer days a week but having that extra day with him. I am sure Maddi loved her mummy time too. Glad we got to see you guys! xo

  27. Oh you crack me up!
    I miss the lazing around in the morning, but do enjoy the return to routine. Missing my big girls though. 😦
    As for Candy Crush, well your secret is safe with me πŸ˜‰

  28. And we’ve just started our school holidays here in NSW! What is with all the States being out of sync???
    And yes, having eyes closed is almost as good as sleeping. You take what you can get! πŸ™‚

  29. Visual educational material, and they all look they are being so educated in that pic. Lol, kimx

  30. Sounds like a lovely time Em! I love reading positive stuff like this. xx

  31. This last picture is priceless! They look so absorbed by the TV!

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