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We're not all in the same boat, some of us struggle to even get in the boat!

It’s really not hard to spot a mother of three!


While I would hate to tar every mum of three with my dirty ole’ brush – but here’s five ways to spot one! (a mum of three that is, not an old brush).

We’re so busy making sure our offspring are dressed appropriately – that we often neglect our own appearance, because quite frankly we couldn’t give a shit how we look.

In fact it’s a win if we manage to strap on a bra, comb our hair, and brush our teeth to get rid of our morning coffee breath.

I often just smash back a piece of sugar-free gum as I dash out the door!

I can't for the life of me understand why my daughter's teacher looked at me funny the other day.

I can’t for the life of me understand why my daughter’s teacher looked at me funny the other day.


As we battle to get scooters, shoes, strollers, wine water, snacks, change of clothes, sanity, out of the car, we often get our kids to try do more things for themselves.

While this has resulted in pants being put on backwards, a day when my daughter went to kindy without knickers on, and water puddles on the kitchen floor from trying to pour their own drink – sometimes they get it right!

In saying that, maybe it’s a bit much to expect my 1.5-year-old to “find your blue pj’s, the ones with the three fish on them, and put them on them on please”.

I asked my gorgeous boy to put his helmet on - great job me thinks!

I asked my gorgeous boy to put his helmet on – great job me thinks!


Because we have more kids than adults in our family, every outing is a shit fight, and we just have to accept that – or go more insane than we already are.

There will be crying, kids wanting to wee 30 seconds after you pull out of the garage and “a traffic jam, when you’re already late” (thanks Alanis).

But because we’ve accepted the fact that we have very little control over our developing devil children, we just say MEH and take it as it comes.

This includes letting them swim in clothes, run around in the nick, and eat bark chips and sand, there’s gotta be something nutritious in it surely.

We also don’t have the energy to worry give our No.3s much more freedom when it comes to playground equipment.

Is that a mermaid?

Is that a mermaid?

Thankfully No.3's head is blocking the nudeness of No.2!

Thankfully No.3’s head is blocking the nudeness of No.2!


Despite the fact that we are tripping over toys all day and night, we usually have one BIG basket, container or cupboard we can shove shit in to make the house look tidy in 30 seconds.

These will be strategically scattered throughout the entire house, take a look next time you visit a MOT, once you know what you’re looking for you’ll see them in EVERY ROOM!

We don’t distinguish soft toys from cars or balls anymore, we just throw it all in the one spot, telling ourselves we’ll sort it out soon (WHATEVER).

This faithful basket has been hiding shit for the past four years!

This faithful basket has been hiding shit for the past four years!


Once you’ve had three kids, you really don’t have the time or energy to give a shit about much.

You find that you end up surrounding yourself with those who can accept that you’ve gone a little bit whacked in the head and love you anyways.

Sisters are always great for that – they listen to you moan about how you’re going insane and that life is SHIT but they just nod and listen because they know you don’t really mean it but you have to vent to someone!

It also helps if your husband isn’t very observant and doesn’t notice your hair needs a wash or that you’ve stacked on 10kg overnight because you can’t be farked exercising.

This is what happens when you have three kids and go on holiday with you amazeballs  sisters! NO SHAME

This is what happens when you have three kids and go on holiday with you amazeballs sisters and get drunk! NO SHAME

What other tell-tale signs give us MOTs away? What is your secret to parenting three or more kids?

Thanks to the AWESOME Grace at With Some Grace I’m flogging my blog!

Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

46 thoughts on “It’s really not hard to spot a mother of three!

  1. Ha! This may or may not describe me…

  2. I can so relate to this, especially the giant toy containers… And I only have one! Haha. I love that they learn indepence and responsibility from a young age though 😉

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. A toddler harness???!!!! (LOL reference to the Babbling Bandits post on With Some Grace today!

  4. I do most of those things and I only have one LOL.

  5. This is GOLD Em! Although its scaring me slightly about what I’ll be like if we ever get up to three as I already do some of this (the basket for all the toys, and maybe even kitchen utensils that are being used as toys, and swimming in clothes). You’d think with only one kid I could sort my shit, but no. Might be best to stop at two! Lol!

    • As you go through things, you realise how easy you had it with the 1st, 2nd and then by the third you totally give up and just take each day as it comes. Kitchen utensils are a great play thing around her also Ky x 🙂

  6. Sadly I have to admit to doing all of these Em, and I’m only a MOO (mother of one)!! xx

  7. Not so much difference between a mother of three and a mother of two then. Happy Friday – have a drink for me.

  8. Haha! Sounds very much like a Mother Of Twins! No shame, mess and nudity sounds about right!

  9. Well I do all this with 2, so god help me (& them) when the third arrives!!!

  10. This is so very true! Lord how my standards have dropped. It’s embarrassing that we went to emergency 3 times with our first child in the first 12 months and he was completely wrapped in cotton wool. The staff must’ve laughed when we left. Our poor third child (and fourth) have had so many accidents but barely get a washer and bandaid!

    I need to add ‘not knowing what day it is’ to the list. I have a half written post I’d planned to link today and just realised it’s Friday when I saw the FYBF button at the bottom of the post!

    • You are totally right Marti – I have only taken No.3 to emergency when his eyelid was half cut open and needed attention, whereas I went on a whim with the others!
      And I agree about now knowing what day it is, accept I usually have a fair idea because the weekend means I have the Husband home to help! Thanks for visiting and commenting. Em

  11. You never fail to make me laugh! 😀

  12. Yeah I so agree!! We have five boys and I am not sure that I will ever have the look back!

    And exercise – what’s that? I also need a hair cut…its only been over a year 🙂

    But its worth it, my kids make my day better

  13. As a fellow MOT – I can completely relate – well for when my kids were little like yours anyway. I think there must be a different way to recognise a MOT of older kids but I need some time (wine) to think on that one 😉 Min xo

    • Being a single MOT older kids I know know that while some things get easier ie, they can dress themselves (well the girls anyway) and feed themselves (once again the girls are a little better my son just eats pb&J but it’s something) and go to the bathroom by themselves… You find that you actually have less time than before because now you are running them all over God’s creation, work 2 jobs and volunteer for one school activity or another! I love my children and they provide me endless entertainment but sometimes I ask myself “What was I thinking having 3 children in 4 years?!”

      • Sarah, I take my hat off to you, as a single mum FULL STOP! But I’m also glad to hear it gets easier, kinda. And like you I had 3 children in 3.5 years – very close. I have to say you sound like an awesome mum, especially with volunteering at school. Thanks for your feedback. 🙂

    • You’ve hit the nail on the hammer, or is it hammer on the nail! It’s the wine! My mum is MOT and anyone that has been there knows what I’m talking about Mins xx

  14. Absolute classic post! Very funny x

  15. Sounds about bloody right! I came from a family of 3, but I only have 2 myself, still a lot of similarities!

  16. There are many, many , MANY secret baskets lying around this house to store the mess err I mean toys. And nothing wrong with making the kids a but resourceful either – for their own good obviously 😉
    Love the post Em xx

  17. Great post! All of the things you mentioned are why I stopped at two. Those, and the fact that I have two arms – one for grabbing each kid!

  18. I have most of these symptoms and only two children! Time to shape up, me thinks!

  19. I may not be a MOT, but I am a MoM (Mother of Multiples) & I can totally relate to all of the above. I actually did the shove the 5h!t in the cupboard trick at my last rental, when it was being sold. Silly me didn’t think they would check out the storage size, did I. Oops. 😉

  20. I’ve only got 1 kid but I’m pretty much the same. I dream of a tidy home where all Ned’s toys are organised. I used to separate soft toys, cars, superheroes and miscellaneous but I got so sick of doing it all the time that now everything gets stuffed in together. Ned doesn’t care, so why should I? V.

  21. I can totally relate to all of this, and I only have two! I always look like shit lol. I think you blog like I do…no crafty sweet and light…just the ugly truth 🙂 Glad I found you. I saw you on an old issue of Mothers Grouo Magazine cos I have been a contributor there too.

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