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Nothing reeks of desperation more than a beer in your handbag!


Experts say you can tell a lot about someone by what’s in their handbag.

Take this one for example – one can only assume the owner is bloody thirsty, hungover, battling to stay awake and ridiculously slightly addicted to caffeine!

Quite an impressive haul right?

Quite an impressive haul right?

I spot four drinks and a wallet – and this is what I assume they are for.

1. Beer – the hair of the dog – the poor biatch is as hung as a horse and is hoping a swig of beer will help.

2. Iced coffee – just in case the booze doesn’t help, the caffeine combined with milk will act as a binding agent to help prevent the beer coming back up.

3. The cola drink fake sugar – obviously this is a desperate last-ditch attempt to bring the tired body back to life.

4. Water bottle – to clean up whatever surface is hurled on after the person consumes the above liquids!

5. A wallet – to buy more beer if it goes down REALLY well!

And here is why the owner of this handbag – MOI – had all those drinks in her bag…

A night out with the hubby for our anniversary after a few bubbles were consumed, and not ones from the bath!

A night out with the hubby for our anniversary after a few bubbles were consumed, and not ones from the bath!

And I’m happy to report I managed to drink and hold down ALL of the liquid refreshments – and a few hours later I felt FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC! (probably thanks to an entire box of medium-sized movie popcorn – droooolllll).

What is the most unusual thing in your handbag at the moment?

Anyhoe, today I’m a guest blogger for the lovely Kyla from Three Quarters Full – she is hosting a series of posts by mums who are taking the time to remember (or reclaim) who they were before they became a parent first, a person second.

Here’s a snippet of what I wrote…

Despite the fact I’m a ‘sensible’ mother of three – there is still a risk-taking party girl lurking inside of me somewhere, desperate to get out.

So head over and have a read @ The Woman Beneath

It’s TUESDAY and I BLOG – and thanks to the lovely Jess I get to link up and read about what everyone else has been up to!

Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

52 thoughts on “Nothing reeks of desperation more than a beer in your handbag!

  1. You forgot your Panadine!

  2. Super impressive haul! You really are all kinds of awesome

  3. I have a photo somewhere of my handbag on an overseas trip a few years ago – right next to the passports is a wooden spoon!! We were in a really tough patch with one of the kids and the threat (fortunately never had to use it!) of a smack was the only thing he responded to. So knowing the wooden spoon was with us was a great deterrent πŸ˜‰ Don’t ask why we were traveling with a child at that stage – although the answer lies somewhere in the fact that I hunger for the free traveling days before I became a parent…

  4. Add a block of Cadburys and I’m there!! x

  5. dummies, water bottles for kids and snacks that are soggy are usually what is in my handbag…

    I miss the beer drinks in handbag days!

  6. Yeah nothing exciting here! I downsized to a smaller bag so that I couldn’t find unsual things in it any more!

  7. I’m too scared to look right down into my handbag. God knows what is lurking there, but I sure know it’s not as entertaining as your stash!

  8. I will always be a party girl inside. Just don’t tell my daughter. πŸ˜‰

  9. No sausage and egg mc muffin? Totally understand the beer – it’s the cure. πŸ˜‰

  10. Oh wow … the thought of all four mixed together in your tummy is definitely not an appetising one!

    Visiting from #TeamIBOT xxx

  11. I went out on Saturday night, as you know…
    We had to get to the middle of nowhere on NSW public transport. We also drank on the way! ;o)

  12. Your handbag must a good size like mine to be able to carry that lot around with you ! At the moment I am totally unaware of what is exactly in my bag…….
    I think I may just have to go see xx

  13. A spew bag & a half eaten muesli bar is about as exciting as the contents of my handbag gets these days. Take your bevy of beverages any day! Glad you had a good night out x

  14. LOL – you crack me up! I’m so glad to hear you had a lovely anniversary outing with hubby (and let the party girl out!!) πŸ˜‰ My handbag is a dumping ground. God only knows what you would find in there but it has my purse, my phone, my keys, my lipstick, billions of receipts and notes I’ve written to myself (acrrued over many months), antibacterial gel, a fold-up umbrella for those rainy moments, a little mirror should I need it, and well … lots of crap. This has made me realise that I REALLY need to clean out my handbag!! Min xo

  15. Sounds like my kind of night out! I just cleaned my bag out tonight. It was full of biccies from Ollie. Each time I reached in I would get it stuck in my finger nails! Happy Anniversary xxxx

  16. I found some rocks in my handbag the other day – Delilah is quite the collector of them! Well done on downing your haul – impressive Em!

  17. It has been YEARS since I had a beer in my handbag. It’s been YEARS since I actually drank beer (my food sensitivities don’t allow for it … bugger!) I used to carry a hipflask of scotch for a while (as my BYO option) but that was over 10 years ago as well. I am now a champagne drinker and about a year ago I spent a week carrying about a piccolo. I accidentally pulled it out at a meeting. The good thing about champagne is it’s associated with celebration rather than just plain old getting hammered so having it in my handbag didn’t appear overly desperate (I don’t think).
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  18. Hahaha! And this picture! So funny! My handbag is officially boring!

  19. I love it, only a Gold Coaster can have a night out on the bubbly in thongs instead of heels!

    My handbag is kind of like that right now, but filled with drugs (NOT the good kind) instead of liquids. Cold & Flu tabs, cough syrup and painkillers, antihistamines, eye drops and beconase… I’d totally swap them for caffeine and beer.

    And thank you so much for the post, I totally relate xx

    • Oh hun sucks you’re so sick, boo. Go the boring drugs to get you well or at least give comfort!
      I’m show grateful to you do chance to write for Woman Beneath!
      And yep I love that I haven’t worn heels in years!
      Em x

  20. Hope you had a great anniversary night out (although the proof is really there in your handbag). I must say I consumed a fair few bubbles too for our anniversary that we share. I actually purposely downsized my handbag to avoid so much crap but I’ve been known to stow a beer every now and then.

  21. Em, my handbag has a small windup cat in it at present. And a dongle. Mainly because I just love to say dongle. ‘Oooooh look! Sorry – i dropped my dongle on your foot. Must pick it up.’ I miss being out. Can you go out for me again please? x

  22. You crack me up!! Somewhere beneath my pjs and dressing gown is a party girl too!! She will come out again one day!!

  23. You’re a bloody pisshead lol

    Ummm… weirdest thing…. shit I don’t know…. my bags pretty damn boring these days, I’ve been freaking myself out by cleaning it out every week. I know! Who does that?!!!

    Loved your guest post… one day I think your party girl will explode out and fly overseas for the weekend just because! Hahaha! Okay maybe that’s a bit extreme!

    MC x

  24. oh Em , you are hilarious and I am giggling at the very thought of it.

  25. At least it’s not a tinnie. πŸ™‚

  26. You crack me up! I had a photo of what was in my bag recently… but the one I’m questioned on most, is my 3DS and my cross stitching! πŸ˜‰ xxx

  27. Ahh the bag expose , I spot some seriously essential items in there that one must clearly never leave home without πŸ˜›

  28. Reminds me of walking into my wedding reception with a bourbon can in my pretty satin handbag. I was in a rush and hadn’t had a bevy all day, I cracked it on the way and wasn’t giving it up!!

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