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Have you had an unwanted visitor who turns you in to a social leper?


Sickness arrived our house about a week ago and WON’T BLOODY LEAVE!

My poor wee muffins are battling high temps, endless amounts of snot and a smoker’s cough like you wouldn’t believe.

It’s also the first week of school holidays, well for me it’s actually the second because last week my schoolie was home all week sick ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


My kids are great sharers, which means the germs have gone from oldest to youngest.

It’s inevitable that No.3 will get it, especially considering he just took a swig of his brother’s germ laden drink bottle – kill me.

I believe you have to take the good with the bad when it comes to sick kids.


1. Instead of running around like crazy units, they are content to watch TV and leave you alone (well maybe not those under three).

2. It’s the best excuse ever for not leaving the house.

3. You can get away with not cooking tea cos no one will eat it anyhow!

4. Having sick kids gets you out of almost ANYTHING – work, cleaning your house, meetings, returning phone calls (writing a shitty blog post that probably has lots of typos).

5. You get LOTS of cuddles from kids who want to sit on you for hours – which means you can play candy crush guilt-free with your spare hand – GENIUS!

Awww don't you wish you could just eat them?

Awww don’t you wish you could just eat them?


1. Kids who can’t blow their noses, I think someone should start-up a business doing this – oh yeah and while you’re at it, a toilet training school would also ROCK.

2. The probability you will get snot, phlegm, spew, poo, wee on you rises exponentially.

3. It costs a fortune to buy pain relief these days, and for a kid who has a 39C temp for four days you can’t avoid it :(.

4. They don’t stop whining, whimpering, calling our your name (poor wee mites but it does get taxing).

5. You are instant social lepers and miss out on parties, catching up with friends, school holiday movies, theme parks.

My new favourite toy - www.quickmeme.com

My new favourite toy – http://www.quickmeme.com

Has ‘sickness’ visited your house yet? And did he bring his mates cranky, grizzly, moanie and sneezy?

What is the best and worst part of having sick kids for you?

It’s Tuesday, 9.30am, and I wrote this in 25 minutes because I have FOMO in regards to IBOT.

For those not in the know, fear of missing out on I Blog on Tuesday!

Thanks for the link-up Jess @ Essentially Jess – you’re a legend!


Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

64 thoughts on “Have you had an unwanted visitor who turns you in to a social leper?

  1. Oh, I hear you! Hope your little ones feel better soon – they are soooo cute!
    I have one home too today, although I suspect he would have been fine going to school! There goes my free day!

  2. I always get sick on the school holidays……I am waiting for it to hit but so far I am feeling good. I better get everything I need to get done this week in case I have to spend next week on the couch (shame really)!

  3. Yes – it’s visited our house but avoided the kids and made a beeline straight for me. We does it always have to happen when I’ve got a busy week ahead. Shiz

  4. BOOOO to the lurgies!! We have been bug-free for a while, *knock knock*. Without a doubt my favourite thing about sick kids is that they slow the feck down. The hyperness is absent and they do chill and watch TV, making you think guiltily: Now THIS is what it would be like if they weren’t oppositional, bickering nutters all the time!

  5. We are day 2 of 4 weeks of school holidays here, and Miss 4 has just started sniffing this morning. Typical.
    Hope the scourge departs your home ASAP!

  6. I hate when the sick bugs visit! But I also love having the excuse to stay in jammies all day snuggled under doonas watching movies! Hope that you are all feeling better soon.

  7. We’ve just been through the black plague and after our visitors yesterday, bracing ourselves for the next wave. Looks like your kids sharing ability is not unique.

  8. Yes! There are actually positives to the sickness plague. Although touch wood we’ve escaped so far. Sending well wishes your way

  9. Ugh, we had the week from hell last week. Thankfully our poo and spew visitors moved on fairly swiftly, 24 hr bug, but unfortunately we went down one at a time like dominoes so we had a full week of dealing with it. I think it’s actually better if everyone is sick at the same time so you don’t have to entertain one energetic kid while everyone else is slumped on the couch. Or worse, try to get one kid to school while the others don’t want to move out of bed. Not fun! Hope all is well with your tribe soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Oh I hear you girlfriend, as I write this comment I am continually coughing and wiping my snot ridden nose and thanking my darling sons for passing it on……we will teach them to share, wont we LOL
    Hope everyone is your household gets better soon.
    Sending hugs your way xx

  11. oh bless look at them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ More mites, and poor MUM! I’m crossing everything they’re all better by next week so we can still do school holiday movies!! xo

  12. Oh Em, hope they’re on the mend soon! Bell started sneezing on Sunday, and she finally hit the deck last night, which is why I’m off IBOT today. I just had to swallow my FOMO ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I’m expecting to wake up with it tomorrow, wondering if alcohol will ward it off……….
    Take care xx

  13. My little’uns are sick too. Best part – they get sleepy. Worst part – I catch EVERYTHING. I have it too. And I’m sleepy too.

    Hope you and yours get better soon xxx

  14. Em you have such a great knack of telling things EXACTLY as they are!! And give me a Tuesday laugh too!! I feel for you and your littlies – our house has been just the same! You just forget to mention the WORSE part…….when the bugs get a hold of you!!! I can tell you, I feel like shite right now!!!!

    • Thanks R – I appreciate you saying so – it means that I’m not just a pain in ass, that someone can relate to my posts! I hope you are on the mend, I’ve had the snots/coughs for weeks – I hope it passes soon! Em xx

  15. Awww, your babies are adorable even though they’re sick, poor things! Best part of sick kids, for me, is when they don’t feel well and aren’t in the mood to fight and snark at each other – bliss! Hope they’re feeling better soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. LOL thanks for explaining FOMO – I was stumped!

    Yes we’ve had the dreaded lurgi. Hubster first, then Miss 16, then me, then Mr 19 who only just went back to work on Friday, so it feels like we have had sickness in the house FOREVER. I must admit I kinda don’t mind when the family is sick because I like looking after them and now they are all growed up they don’t often need TLC from the Mamma Bear, so I make the most of it!

  17. PS forgot to say Visiting from #TeamIBOT xxx

  18. Having sick small people – it’s nice that they sleep longer. Having sick teen – it’s nice that she lets me mother her. But I’d really prefer they were never sick of course.

  19. Yes! My girls are both snotty AGAIN! And my ear infection is back. Argh. So sick of sick!

  20. Best part : when the older kids get snugly. Happens so rarely these days.

  21. Lol. A pretty awesome post for something you wrote in 20mins! Sickness visited our house two weeks ago and hasn’t bloody left either. Miss three sneezed in Daddy’s eye last night, so I’m sure he’ll be the next to go down or get conjunctivitis or something delightful like that. I hope your cherubs get better soon.

  22. Sick kids are the pits. We’ve had endless rounds of snot already this year and I keep getting it worse than them. I’m actually considering just trading these ones in and getting some better ones…
    Hope everyone gets better and stops whining at you soon.

    • I can deal with snot – it’s the temps, the moaning and hot flushes that I find hard to deal with. There is no point in trading in – how did you think I got my lot? Totally not as cruisy as the first crew! xx

  23. Hi, totally agree there’s a gap in the market for a nose-blowing and toilet-training school!! A friend actually looked for one when toilet training her son. I’m just not sure there’s anyone crazy enough out there who would do it…

  24. So far we’ve been not too bad, but it’s in the air! All three are snuffly and ‘on the verge’. I don’t look forward to the next few days. I hope your Munchkins are on the mend soon x

  25. I hope they all feel better really really soon – it’s a sucky way to spend the holidays !!!
    Have the best day !

  26. I had two snot monsters running around a couple weeks ago, not really sick though, thank christ. My head has been stuffy a few mornings, which is just as bad when the kids are raring to go and I’m not. Not sure if it’s just not hay fever or something, there is a big flowering wattle over the road.

  27. Sometimes I swear the kids are always ill… but then I wake up and realise nothing is as bad as it used to be with Master 18 in his younger years. Guess I’m blessed!
    Hope they’re all feeling better sooner. xxx

  28. We had about a month of sickness not long ago, it just went around and around. Hope yours get better very soon. It was a good excuse for not doing anything although I estimated we spent about 10hours in a fortnight waiting at the doctors!!

  29. We have seriously had a never ending bug touring our house since Mr4 started pre-school. We keep sharing it back and forth and now hubby just got his second bout which have turned into infections playing absolute havoc with his asthma.
    The last bout I have to admit was the nicest one for Mr4 and myself – movies, staying inside cuddled up and not having to cook was so good. I am not sure I could have done anything else either way.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

    • Oh no that sucks B – I do think pre-school is full of germs but hopefully it helps build their immune systems (or maybe I’m just kidding myself) Yes it is nice when you don’t have to cook and get endless cuddles

  30. Yay to lots of CCS!!!! Nay to snot!!
    We have all been relatively healthy lately, but I have concerns. Every year for the last three years, the kids have got gastro the week before the inlaws come up. And seeing as they will be here in about two weeks, I’m seriously considering going into hiding until the threat is over.

    • Gastro is so hard on kids – mine hate the act of spewing, esp my middle boy. I have everything crossed you stay healthy. As for CCS – I can’t get past 147 – been on it for a week! ARGH

  31. Yep we had the sickness here for months. Hopefully it is all gone now.

  32. My dreaded visitor in my house is the man cold!

    • I have to admit my husband is a bit of a hero when he’s sick, never moans unless he’s half dead – but then again, it also means he expects the rest of us to have a teaspoon of cement!

  33. We’ve had it. Still have it. Over it so badly.
    It sucks so much!
    That is the cutest pic of your kids ever,by the way.
    Hope you all feel better soon. X

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