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Why I’d ride a camel, and confessing I have nibbled on rubbers!


I’m not exactly sure that what I’m about to post is kosher!

But I was recently given a virtual ‘pat on the back’ by Jess @ Essentially Jess.

She asked me to be the BLOGGER OF THE MO – how could I refuse!


Yes I know, talk about being up myself, but I wanted to share the Q&A’s with you all – because the questions were pretty hairy!

So indulge me fellow bloggers – it is FLOG YO BLOG FRIDAY after all 🙂

What is the most random thing you have ever eaten?

As a kid I used to LOVE nibbling on rubbers, and no I’m not talking about root suits, aka condoms, I grew up in New Zealand and we call erasers rubbers.

I also had a taste for paper, yep the stuff you write on, nothing too flashy or thick, just your garden variety A4, lined stuff.

Oh and mum told me I used to eat the dead flies from under the window sills because I thought they were raisins – YUMMO!

GROSS - I can't believe I used to eat these suckers! They were dead, surely that counts for something? Image source

GROSS – I can’t believe I used to eat these suckers! They were dead, surely that counts for something? Image source

Would you rather ride on a puppy dog for 1km or a camel for 100km?

Seriously, a puppy dog? Is that a trick question? Because have you seen the size of me? I would kill a puppy dog if I rode on one and I have enough to feel guilty about in my life.

As for a camel, I do like a bit of a hump.

If you were a colour what would you be?

I’d like to say red because I’m pretty outgoing and slightly angry – but then again I wear a lot of black, not because I’m having Goth crisis but because it hides my muffin top.

You’re in a karaoke bar and you have to sing: what song is it going to be?

My singing voice is crap so I’m probably going to belt out a song that actually doesn’t need singing – like a rap – Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady for example.

I’ll even turn my hat around backwards, drop my pants a bit so you could see my butt crack and throw in a few YO YO MOFOs!

Isn't this a cracker of a shirt?  Image source

Isn’t this a cracker of a shirt? Image source

You must choose between only having either chocolate or alcohol for the rest of your life. Which will it be?

You all know I’m going to say: “Hi, I’m Emily and I choose you alcohol”.

But I pride myself on being able to overcome any obstacle so I’m going to pick a chocolate liqueur – two birds, one stone – BOOM!

So tell me – what is the weirdest thing you have eaten? And would you ride a puppy or a camel?

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FLOGGIN’ thanks to Grace @ With Some Grace



Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

63 thoughts on “Why I’d ride a camel, and confessing I have nibbled on rubbers!

  1. I’ll join you for a camel ride Em!
    I’m struggling to think of the oddest food – ears, eyes, brains, testicles? It all depends on your definition of odd and well, you’d be surprised what passes for normal around here!

  2. I just read that while eating my brekkie. Flies urghh you made me choke on my porridge! With you on the camel though but not at the same time it’d kill the poor critter!

  3. I love you so much!
    I remember once seeing if I could eat an entire piece of A4 paper in one go. Rather special child I was. 🙂
    I also ate dry dog poo once cause I was curious, so you’re not the only weird one. Just one of the awesome ones xxx

  4. Dead flies??? Well, at least they are protein-packed, yes?? Hehe. I’d love to try a camel ride too :p awesome qns to ask Jess, and awesome answers!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. I’d be jumping on the camel too Em!! I used to eat matchsticks as a kid, not the entire thing just the phosphorous!! 🙂 LOL

  6. Library paste…buy don’t tell anyone!

  7. Oh my goodness, that was a bit random, I think I’d have to go for a camel, because I’m not a small/short person either, but maybe one of those giant horse-dogs might take my weight, and may be not too happy about it. Sounds like a lose-lose situation. Congrats on being pick of the month at EJ! You’re a legend.

  8. Root suits?! I’ve never heard that one – hilarious!

    I used to eat dried whiskas sandwiches when I was a kid. Mmmm… tasty 🙂

  9. Camel, any day! I freaking LOVE camels, they have gorgeous faces and pretty eyelashes and a healthy ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude which I find quite inspiring. I would ride the came for 100 k’s and then ask to take it home with me afterwards. P.S. Congrats on the award 🙂

  10. Definitely Camel.
    I’d have to ask my Mum what the strangest thing was I had eaten.

  11. I would love to hear you rap the real slim shady lolz. My karaoke song of choice is Tomorrow by Silverchair. It’s the only song I kick ass in on Singstar …

  12. Deep, thought provoking questions there, Em! I’d definitely go with a camel. Because I’ve always wanted to ride one and do the Lawrence of Arabia thing. As for the weirdest thing I’ve eaten? Gosh…horse sashimi, perhaps?

  13. Green ants… they’re quite sweet really and I blame my sister. No, you shouldn’t ask. 😉
    Love your work Em! xxx

  14. Go you Blogger of the MO!!
    Since meeting John, we’re regularly eating what I would have once considered weird, sometimes his mum won’t even tell me what I’m eating!!!
    At the moment I think I’d even squash the camel, so maybe I could just carry the puppy?
    Well done, gorgeous! xx

  15. Chocolate liqueur – you are a freakin’ genius!

  16. Oh Em, you have just made me ROTFL this Friday afternoon!! I’ll be with you on the camel as that poor puppy would have no chance if I sat on it!! My mum told me that she once left me sitting on a blanket on the grass outside while she ran in to grab the phone (or something) and she came back to find me stuffing a frog into my mouth!! EEEEWWWWWW!!

    • NOW that comment had me ROFTL – you crazy gal you – wish she’d taken a pic! Mind you back then it wouldn’t have been so easy. Hee hee, you take the cake for the weirdest thing to eat R xx

  17. Camel – totally pervy to ride a puppy. (That shirt, on the other hand is exceptional!)
    Weirdest food – not big on weird food. Duck tongue and it was gross, no surprises there…

  18. Haha, it’s still funny the second time round! Oh and I like a good hump too. 🙂

  19. I may have been a garden snail eater!

  20. Mmm. Flies… I used to collect the shavings (if that’s even what it’s called) off rubbers after I used them… Love your random funniness!

  21. I love ALL the posts by you!

  22. Weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten would probably be mud pies as a child, but then I’m pretty sure I was tricked into eating ox tongue once and that might be weirder.

    Id have to choose the camel, but only because it would be cruel to ride a puppy. We used to ride the neighbours dog, but he was one of those big ass English whatever dogs (you know like the ones on the dulux ads?) and we were like 4 so it wasn’t that bad, but I think it would be animal cruelty to attempt to do it now.

  23. I’d choose CHOCOLATE! As for weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten – my Mum used to say I was partial to the dog’s biscuits when I was little but I don’t remember it 😉

  24. Hello, I am dead keen to go on a camel safari into the outback.. coming along? I have been for about 25 years though and it doesn’t seem to be getting any closer. Weirdest thing eaten… um… dogfood, very mundane!! Frogs legs?? Quite pleasant actually.

  25. NO way would I ever consider riding a Puppy so Camel it is.
    And the weirdest thing I have ever eaten? To be honest I can’t think of anything recently but when I was a young child I did eat the Dry Dog Food with the puppy dog that I was visiting 🙂
    And I love your thoughts about Alcohol – and Chocolate – YEP I so would combine the two!!

  26. Did you ever see Clifford the Big Red Dog? I’d ride him 🙂 Camels are horrid, ill-tempered looking things, I’d rather walk 🙂 As for eating, I eat a LOT of weird stuff. Worst was probably the five bulbs (not cloves, bulbs) of baked garlic – I was fairly unpleasant to be around for a few days after that 🙂

    • I would totally ride Clifford, LOVE that dog, and he’s red, my favourite colour! I eat whole garlic gloves, as in swallow like pills so don’t taste them – it’s just that, like you, I STUNK for days after. Mind you I couldn’t smell it so who cares 🙂

  27. Giggling …camel – 20+ yrs ago a new daddy camel who was spitting and snorting because he could hear the mama being noisy too. We saw the baby camel too.
    Weird – cannot think of anything right now except chocolate…where is the chocolate.

  28. Oh thank god … I thought you had nibbled on condoms! Congratulations on being Blogger of the Month 🙂 Tough decision – I think I’d have to go chocolate … it doesn’t give me a headache. Cheers, Alison

  29. Haha like Alison I thought you meant condoms. After riding a camel in Cairo I’m just a wee bit afraid of the nasty things so a puppy it is, poor thing would be crushed but at least it couldn’t spit at me. I like chocolate dipped in French onion dip which is probably about as gross as I get food wise but there are a lot of people who will tell you that’s beyond disgusting.

  30. Funny! I especially loved your answer on the camel vs dog debate…

  31. You had me laughing at root suits. Never heard that one before. And I have heard a lot from my apprentice days at Tafe!!

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