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Life isn’t like a box of chocolates – it’s like a board game!


Forrest Gump’s mama got it all wrong – life isn’t like a box of chocolates, it’s like a board game!

Indulge me if you will, while I attempt to associate the names of the below games to what it’s like to be a parent.


What you will be doing from the moment you child is born, whether it’s figuring out how to swaddle them, holding on to a runaway toddler or stopping them from body slamming their brother.

You will also scrabbling for money, to get them to school on time and to explain to your inquisitive kids what ‘adult cuddles’ are.

Surely this has got to win me the game!

Surely this has got to win me the game!


What happens to your uterus once you have kids, say goodbye to carefree bouncing on the trampoline or laughing without fear!

For dads, this is what will happen to your sex life.

You will also lose your marbles over and over again.


Your life will revolved around feeding, or attempting to feed children.

If you have grazers you should put a stool in your pantry or kitchen and sit there for the entire day because you’ll be asked to hand out food every 30 to 45 minutes!.


It’s highly likely kids will “twist her” around the bend with their questions, repetition of the word ‘mum’ and their ability to poo just as your strap them in their car seat.

Parents will also be twisted and pulled in so many directions that they’ll often end up collapsing in a heap!

This is the classic version, just so you know there are many new takes on it, especially kinky ones (for those of you wanting to spice things up a bit) Image source

This is the classic version, just so you know there are many new takes on it, especially kinky ones (for those of you wanting to spice things up a bit). Image source


Life is now full of ups and downs and just when you think you’ve got it sussed, you’ll have to start at the bottom and work you way back to the top again!

But there will also be some amazing highs that you didn’t realise existed until you had children.


Most days you’ll have no clue in regards to what you are doing, but if you wing it, trust your instincts and NEVER read parenting books you’ll get there.

There’ll also be days when you’ll accuse Professor Plum of hitting Colonel Mustard on the head with a candlestick – whereas in actual fact it was Colonel Mustard who started the shit fight by tying Professor Plum up with a rope!

Wasn't this one of the best games EVER!  Image source

Wasn’t this one of the best games EVER!
Image source


A word that you will approx about 5460 times* to your child to your child before they are 15.

Something your partner will be in if s/he wakes up a baby you have spent FOREVER trying to get to sleep.

They sure don't make 'em like this anymore.  Image source

They sure don’t make ’em like this anymore, the bobble thing in the middle isn’t as sturdy that’s for sure.
Image source

And if you are wondering why I have left much-loved Monopoly off the list, well it’s because.. I HAVE NEVER PLAYED MONOPOLY – EVER!

Yes it’s highly likely that I’m in the 10th percentile of people my age who haven’t played this game.

That’s my claim to fame and I’m sticking with it!

What board game represents your life right now? What game have you never played? Anyone want to come over and show me the big deal with Monopoly is?

*(I calculated this by the fact you probably say it once a day every day for about 15 years – I’m sure there are days when the word ‘trouble’ is not said at all, but others when it’s used four or five times a day.)

It’s Tuesday, I’m off to the dentist (BOO) but I’m linking with Jess @ Essentially Jess


Author: Have A Laugh On Me

I'm a mum to three, write from home and I rarely cook, craft or clean but admire those who do. I try to live by the mantra that there's no point in worrying about something that might not happen! Be warned this is not a fluffy, sweet mummy blog, rather a place where you can cringe, laugh and be shocked at my brutally honest take on my life.

67 thoughts on “Life isn’t like a box of chocolates – it’s like a board game!

  1. OMG! Twins! I wrote about Trouble today too!
    And you’re right … life is like a board game! Far too similar in fact. Shit …
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  2. Love it.

    What game for my life? Definitely kerplunk ! Also some jigsaw puzzles as I try to see the big picture and put the pieces together- deb xx

  3. Isn’t listmainia on Board games next week? You’re the second post today on board games? I was thinking I’d got my weeks messed up??!! I LOVE Cludo….and 10 days in Africa.
    Pick Up Sticks is my life in a short summery….

  4. Perfect analogy! I had never thought of parenting like that, but you are right! x

  5. Hi Em, I’ve played monopoly, but my husband whoops me every time, so it’s not my favourite. But I’ve never played hungry hippos or cluedo or kerplunk! (sounds amazing though) Also I had not played Jenga until last weekend, curiosity satisfied now though. Jenga would make for a (slightly depressing) parenting analogy, so i’m not going to thing about that too much. Happy Tuesday, I hope the dentist isn’t too painful! Eeeek! xx

  6. So funny Em. My life is definitely trivial pursuit at the moment. You know the age where EVERYTHING is all about WHY mummy, but WHY mummy? They can find out the answer to everything in this board game. Great post! Love Ker-pkunk. My hubby would agree with you there. x

  7. Love it – on our recent driving holiday, I played Twister delivering things to kids in the backseats, trying to keep them happy.
    I would add Boggle to the list because, well, the mind boggles at the things you’ll do once you’ve had kids!

  8. So true!!! My husband is a big Monopoly fan. And it probably relates pretty well to our family- you know having too pay taxes to community chest, regularly going straight to ‘jail’ (home), investing in too much real estate that we risk it all…..

  9. scary just how many games you came up with! best post ever. xo

  10. Ha ha, well said. We are playing Snakes and Ladders at the moment … and have seriously enjoyed Trouble for the last 4 years!! Cheers, Alison #IBOT

  11. Hahaha! My life is definitely a case of Kerplunk and Hungry Hungry Hippo at the moment. I can’t believe you’ve never played Monopoly!!! You need to get down to the shops now, girl, and buy yourself one!

  12. Oh this is hilarious because it is so true! But must admit I am floored you have never played Monopoly. Never? Really?

    • True story Jodi, as kids it was the only game we never had – talk about a deprived childhood. We bought a set of it for kids but it’s never been opened, they too young, but we’ll learn together in a few years I imagine ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. haha! I would add the board game Round and Round that Lola (from Charlie and Lola) hates, because all you do is go round and round and round. The number of times I can pick up the same toys, wash the same dishes, fold the same clothes….

  14. Oh gawd your so right on everything. Another thing that goes KERPLUNK are your boobs.

  15. Mine would definitely be Jenga. Just when you get everything lined up in a nice tower, someone pulls the bottom out from underneath you! Hope the dentist wasn’t too bad xx

  16. Absolutely love these analogies! We are stuck on Hungry Hippo’s! Gosh, my four year old is going to physically eat the house soon ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  17. Classic!! Monolopy definitely applies – some days seem like they will NEVER end (much like the game) and you lose a lot of money. Plus I feel like I’m constantly being sent to jail & not getting to pass GO to collect my $200! Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Just brilliant.
    My house is currently like a game of Battleships ….. just had a carrier arrive with teenage boys onboard dock at E10 (eating) and sink the cargo ship (my fridge). Followed by a complete sinking of the destroyer in the games room. I acted like the patrol boat and circled but was hit and sunk when the submarine arrived home from work and joined in on the action with the destroyers. I feel the need to just get in my cruise liner and head out to sea.

    • LOVE LOVE LOVE it Susan, very clever analogy – that games was fab. We used to play it, the non electric version, the old school one – just classic! Oh to head out to sea in a cruise liner ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. You definitely win Scrabble, especially for having IBOT in there. What’s with the Fig Jam though?
    Also I think my life is quite like this shopping game we used to have for the kids. I buy lots of useless stuff and then everyone loses the pieces ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. hmmmm which game represents my life right now, I would have to say PACMAN. I feel like that I am going round and round in circles making everything look all nice and clean and then behind my back clutter just appears! Also I feel like PACMAN as all my two year old wants to eat is sultanas!

  21. Oh I love it! So appropriate. We do Scrabble on speed every single morning around here trying to get everyone to work/school/kindy. And then I Kerplunk into bed at the end of the day and try to get some sleep before the 2 year old climbs in and starts his nightly game of solo Twister. So much I can relate to here!

  22. Right now Operation would be the game for me. The last 2 nights putting the young man in bed has been like pulling teeth out ! He keeps running out of bed! Steph x

  23. I think we called Trouble Ludo when I was growing up – might have been a northern hemisphere thing – great post, love the pics!

  24. Very funny, you daft woman!! Yes, Kerplunk is about right…. that’s exactly what happens. We are playing a game not a boasr game here, Blind Man’s Bluff… no-one can see clearly and we’re bluffing ALL the time.

  25. Love it! I think I’d like to add UNO Stacko to the list…just when you think your tower is nice and high, some basket case will come along and take one of the bricks out, making your tower crumble around you.

  26. Great post Em. I have to say you really haven’t missed out on anything by not playing monopoly – it just goes on and on and on and really its basically a game of greed :-). I played it regularly with my siblings as a kid ( now that I think about it – it was pretty clever of my mum as it kept us out of her hair for hours and hours!). Inevitably though we all ended up fighting as the lure of cheating for some of us was too great ( helping yourself to cash from the bank when you thought nobody else was looking :-).

    • Yes I think I would tire of it easily – I’m not really a fan of greed – although I would love all that play money! We used to play the Game of Life and there was money I used to help myself too – thanks for visit Lynda ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Love it Em (loving it late, but that’s been my week). I would like to think life is more a game of skill, but a lot of the time its more luck than good management. So I’m going with Trouble as the game that sums up things for me – sometimes I feel like I get so close to being ‘safe’ at home and I’m back to the beginning! You are so creative with your ideas – you will have to come over for a game of Balderdash, which if you haven’t played, is basically a bullshitting game.

  28. Great posts and can relate to so many!
    My life is definitely connect 4 at the moment and im loosing
    I’m getting many tasks done but something always stops me from finishing it
    Visiting from FYBF and Sweet Little Pretties

  29. hilarious and true! Great post! Katie at Mumabytes ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. This is so true. I think you’ve described each one perfectly!

  31. Oh Em, you never ever fail to make me laugh!!! Brilliant! Plus I’ve never played monopoly either – I’m game to play with real money though???

  32. Oh you have got it in one – at least we know that the parenting life is a game! Perhaps we shouldn’t take it so seriously!!

  33. Yes – Yes!! Hungry Hippos. The never ending Hungry Hippo game is in our house too.

  34. I envy the fact that you have never played monopoly! I truly wish I had not wasted my precious time on such an annoying game ๐Ÿ™‚

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