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Is there anything more awesome than getting a kick-ass trophy? NUP!


It doesn’t matter if you win or lose as long as… YOU GET A TROPHY!!


Just a wee bit excited about getting this trophy!

Just a wee bit excited about getting this trophy!

Last night my netball team, the Bluebirds, played in the grand finals and we …


Yes hard to believe considering the shit-hot trophy I have in bed with me to show for it, but it was a super close game.

After 40 minutes of gruelling play, including a few Academy Award-winning stacks by yours truly – the score was tied!

So – much to the excitement of the crowd, all five of them, we had to play for 10 minutes more – you could have cut the tension with a blunt, rusty knife.

I could say that “it was a game of two halves” and “the better team won on the day” but that’s not the case, it was honestly a tight game, with lots of handling errors on both sides.

We were bloody legends on the court – and I’m proud to be a retired Bluebird!

Just after we lost by one point - BOO :(

Just after we lost by one point – BOO 😦 I’m smack bang in the middle of this pic, just in case you can’t recognise me!

You know – before I got on the court I wasn’t stressed about winning, but as soon as that old dude on the sideline started cheering for our opposing team – REALLY, REALLY LOUDLY – something inside of me broke.

I leaped like a muppet and ran like a headless chicken to defend those shooters because I wanted to WIN mother fuggers!

If you didn’t know I once got an F for sportsmanship – I don’t like losing.

But it wasn’t to be – sadly they won by one – YES ONE BLOODY GOAL 😦

However, they say every cloud has a silver lining and ‘they’ were right – this particular silver lining came in the form of a TROPHY!!

WHOOP  - a runner-up trophy!!

WHOOP WHOOP – a runner-up trophy!!

The last and only ever trophy I won was at a work function where I kicked ass – wait for it – at go karting!

So to get one for netball was amazing (and not just because I paid $120 plus for fees) BUT I know that my children are going to go OFF when they see it!

I will be like a SUPER DUPER NETBALL MUM in their eyes!

And seriously, isn’t it a great feeling to see your children’s eyes light up – no matter what the reason?

Just a tiny bit proud - and sweaty - YUK

Just a tiny bit proud – and sweaty – YUK

I also have to admit that I might have acted like a bit of a pork chop when I was handed my Academy Award trophy.

I’m not saying that I bowed to the crowd other players – but I might have.

Isn't she GORGEOUS! Seriously - what a stunner!

Isn’t she GORGEOUS! Seriously – what a stunner!

Before I shut the hell up about winning a stupid runner-up netball trophy wrap this up I want to point out the good and bad of playing netball outdoors in winter.

1. I usually get out of the dinner, bath, bed routine.
2. The girls I play with are AWESOME, most were mums, but there were two or three lovelies under 20 that were FANTASTIC, and happy to listen to my mum drivel.
3. I had 15 minutes, to and from netball, in the car ALONE and got to have MY music up loud.

1. My IBOT newspaper writing deadline is Tuesday so always makes Monday a stressful day.
2. It’s bloody cold in winter and on Mondays I usually like to do FUG ALL because weekends are so full on.
3. 8.30pm games – those are just torture!

Totally loving my new BFF sick right now!

Totally loving my new BFF sick right now!

Did I mention I got a trophy πŸ˜‰

What was the last trophy you won?
Have I inspired you to get your ass out and play a team sport?
Do you want my autograph?

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64 thoughts on “Is there anything more awesome than getting a kick-ass trophy? NUP!

  1. What an awesome looking runners up trophy! All we got for our netball trophies, runners up or otherwise was a beer stein. Has come in handy though πŸ˜‰

  2. Hahahaha! Sleeping with your trophy. I still remember my first trophy. Sigh. I only ever got one as a kid. Then I got one a few years ago from the cheer squad which says “best coach ever”. That more than made up for the lack of kid bling. Enjoy your trophy!

  3. Congrats for being runners up Em. Still an awesome effort! Now the inner demons coming out in me. Fark! One point, one point! I’d be spitting chips. Did you blame the umpires?? Ha ha I played netters for 25 years! Love that sport. Was even looking for a local indoor team that wanted extra players.

  4. LOL, you are very funny… well done Mrs Mop, an awesome trophy and honestly I can totally relate to all your pros… all of them. I still love to break the routine and get out of bathm story and ned… well, it’s been going on 16 years now, I need some breaks… I bet it is SO good for your body/immune system to get out on that court as well and get cold and then all hot and sweaty. So what will the summer sport be??

    • Aww hun do you think I should keep playing? I have the chance to but it’s kinda hard with work, kids, house, hubby and blog but when I’m there I love it! Thanks for visit lovely and hugs to you today xx

  5. Good on you Em – be proud. Did I mention I won a trophy (well we did) for our work ‘masterchef’ mystery box challenge cook off a couple of weeks ago. Woo Hoo.

  6. Of course I want your autograph!! You are a bloody legend Em!!

  7. oh man, 1 point!?!?!?!? I hope you’re not retired, I reckon it’s great to get out there even if it is only 1 night a week and hang with the girls, get some exercise…shit, I’ve never got a trophy for my tennis!! Well done! So when does next season start? x

  8. One point! I would have been cut too. I’m a fierce competitor on the netball court and hate losing! We’ve been in a few over the last few years, won a couple, lost a couple but we don’t get fancy schmancy trophies like you! We get a glass! Yes. Win or lose a glass with the netball association logo on them. I now have a collection of six so if you ever come to dinner I will bring out the crystal… I mean glass ware!

  9. Well done darl u deserve it. And such a nice trophy too! I love the purple.

  10. WOOHOO !!!! Trophies rock πŸ™‚ I have my share of trophies but my favorite one of all time is
    Wait for it ……….
    A horses ass ! Yes that right, I was given a trophy of a horses ass for coming last in a trivia night LOL
    Glad your team got to the grand final but POO for the other team winning by one stinking point πŸ™‚

  11. TROPHY WITH PINKKKK! If the winning one didn’t have pink, you’re ahead in my books. Go the runners up!

  12. I’m impressed! Mostly because I’ve never won a trophy, boo hoo. I was always SO jealous of Marcia in “that” episode of The Brady Bunch, where Jan gets ticked and hides all her trophies and ribbons – I was totally on Jan’s side!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT today xxx

  13. LOVING the trophy!!! GO Bluebirds!! I love to play a sport like that (just to get out of the dinner/bed routine mainly) but I think I would be sooo rubbish that no one would want me. Maybe I could be a cheerleader????? That could work right?? xx

  14. Thought I’d better comment coz you commented on mine! Just jokes, I visit your blog REGULAR!
    1. You’re tall. I love tall people – who’d be short hey?
    2. A while back on my Woe Is Me, I’m so Sportingly Useless post, you commented that you too feel like you have a mountain to climb to get back to your old fit self. Looks to me like you’re doing awesome (and in case you’re interested, I’m pretty impressed with my progress too)
    3. I don’t have a trophy – but everyone who competed at my Crossfit Competition got a little plastic lanyard thingy, and I am keeping mine FOREVER and it is also hanging carefully on my wardrobe door where I can see it all the time.


    • I might look fit but don’t let my chicken legs fool you!
      Yes thank gawd I’m tall, it’s great except for when I buy jeans or but shoes!
      I doubt I could do CrossFit – but maybe I need a challenge!
      Love your work! x

  15. I will be expecting a headshot with your autograph at PBEVENT.

  16. Congrats Em!!! And, yes I want your autograph!

  17. Love love love the trophy! Love love love the post! This may be quite sad, but I don’t think I have ever won a trophy……

  18. Congrats on the trophy Em, it is shit hot!
    The last trophy I got was when I completed a senior ballet exam about a hundred years ago now.

  19. Roller Derby. Just saying is all!!
    Oh and nice trophy! πŸ˜‰ xx

  20. I want to play for your league if you get a trophy for losing. We get nothing – usually have to bye our own drink at the pub on the way home. Glad to hear that your not retiring either…if my team wont let me your not allowed to either!

  21. I love playing in a close game of netball – intense!!

  22. awesome stuff – i have never played team sports nor have i ever had the pleasure of holding a real trophy! i got things like most improved bowler the year i played bowling in a league when i was in primary! i did win my own bowling ball though LMAO. i did not take it to bed with me like your loverly trophy! xxx deb

  23. What a lovely trophy! I hate when you just lose by one. Although, that’s just from watching my brother’s play sports, I’ve never played anything other than tennis and I’ve never won a trophy. Love that last photo πŸ˜‰

  24. Well done Em! I loved playing netball when I was younger and then when I filled in for an adult team… I wasn’t as great because I was so unfit!! I’ve always loved trophies too. All mine were scored for being academic not for being sporty… and strangely I became a plumber….. πŸ™‚

  25. Go Emily! That’s awesome. What a great sense of achievement, especially when netball was one of your ‘finding myself again’ activities that you were talking about earlier in the year (if I remember rightly…). You are a great role model to your kids for a)committing to the full season, b)being fit and healthy and c)for being gracious about coming 2nd! I think you need to vlog an Oscar worthy speech thanking God, your agent and a high school teacher or two.

    • Now I feel bad that I’ve said no to the next season 😦 it just conflicts so much with my work but once I’m there I love it! You are right Lara… It was my ‘me thing’ mmmm you have got me rethinking my retire decision now! As for vlog that would be funny!
      You rock! xx

  26. Ok never understood netball my sisters played it to me it seems like the most vicious sport. Totally LOVING your trophy it’s purple and sparkly…..if I was you I would be playing Eye of the Tiger in the car up as loud as you can…..it’s better to come second by the way cause you know “first the worst, second the best, third the one with the hairy chest”.

  27. Oh love, what I wouldn’t give to have been at that awards ceremony, way better than the Logies for sure!!
    I’ve never won a trophy for anything, but was quite proud of a Mothercraft award I got in high school (probably don’t even do Mothercraft, in these modern days of electricity and all).
    Your kids are going to be telling everyone they know what an awesome Olympian their mum is, for sure!! xx

  28. I freakin’ love trophy’s!
    I had many of them between the years of 3 and 18, but alas, I they have been few and far between since.
    I think the last one was for looking like Lisa McCune. Yes, I have been tempted to sign an autograph or two. Oh, and yes, I’ll take your paw print gladly πŸ™‚

  29. Woo hoo!!! Go, girl!! How awesome is THAT???!!! And what a great example for your kidlets! You’re a superhero to them πŸ™‚
    Well done! Go the Bluebirds! xxx

  30. Woo hoo! Congrats! I don’t mind losing (too much) when it’s a nice tight game. Can’t wait til mine are older and I can play again. I usually play defence too.

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