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Have you had an unwanted visitor who turns you in to a social leper?

Sickness arrived our house about a week ago and WON’T BLOODY LEAVE!

My poor wee muffins are battling high temps, endless amounts of snot and a smoker’s cough like you wouldn’t believe.

It’s also the first week of school holidays, well for me it’s actually the second because last week my schoolie was home all week sick 😦


My kids are great sharers, which means the germs have gone from oldest to youngest.

It’s inevitable that No.3 will get it, especially considering he just took a swig of his brother’s germ laden drink bottle – kill me.

I believe you have to take the good with the bad when it comes to sick kids.


1. Instead of running around like crazy units, they are content to watch TV and leave you alone (well maybe not those under three).

2. It’s the best excuse ever for not leaving the house.

3. You can get away with not cooking tea cos no one will eat it anyhow!

4. Having sick kids gets you out of almost ANYTHING – work, cleaning your house, meetings, returning phone calls (writing a shitty blog post that probably has lots of typos).

5. You get LOTS of cuddles from kids who want to sit on you for hours – which means you can play candy crush guilt-free with your spare hand – GENIUS!

Awww don't you wish you could just eat them?

Awww don’t you wish you could just eat them?


1. Kids who can’t blow their noses, I think someone should start-up a business doing this – oh yeah and while you’re at it, a toilet training school would also ROCK.

2. The probability you will get snot, phlegm, spew, poo, wee on you rises exponentially.

3. It costs a fortune to buy pain relief these days, and for a kid who has a 39C temp for four days you can’t avoid it :(.

4. They don’t stop whining, whimpering, calling our your name (poor wee mites but it does get taxing).

5. You are instant social lepers and miss out on parties, catching up with friends, school holiday movies, theme parks.

My new favourite toy - www.quickmeme.com

My new favourite toy – http://www.quickmeme.com

Has ‘sickness’ visited your house yet? And did he bring his mates cranky, grizzly, moanie and sneezy?

What is the best and worst part of having sick kids for you?

It’s Tuesday, 9.30am, and I wrote this in 25 minutes because I have FOMO in regards to IBOT.

For those not in the know, fear of missing out on I Blog on Tuesday!

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