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Nothing reeks of desperation more than a beer in your handbag!

Experts say you can tell a lot about someone by what’s in their handbag.

Take this one for example – one can only assume the owner is bloody thirsty, hungover, battling to stay awake and ridiculously slightly addicted to caffeine!

Quite an impressive haul right?

Quite an impressive haul right?

I spot four drinks and a wallet – and this is what I assume they are for.

1. Beer – the hair of the dog – the poor biatch is as hung as a horse and is hoping a swig of beer will help.

2. Iced coffee – just in case the booze doesn’t help, the caffeine combined with milk will act as a binding agent to help prevent the beer coming back up.

3. The cola drink fake sugar – obviously this is a desperate last-ditch attempt to bring the tired body back to life.

4. Water bottle – to clean up whatever surface is hurled on after the person consumes the above liquids!

5. A wallet – to buy more beer if it goes down REALLY well!

And here is why the owner of this handbag – MOI – had all those drinks in her bag…

A night out with the hubby for our anniversary after a few bubbles were consumed, and not ones from the bath!

A night out with the hubby for our anniversary after a few bubbles were consumed, and not ones from the bath!

And I’m happy to report I managed to drink and hold down ALL of the liquid refreshments – and a few hours later I felt FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC! (probably thanks to an entire box of medium-sized movie popcorn – droooolllll).

What is the most unusual thing in your handbag at the moment?

Anyhoe, today I’m a guest blogger for the lovely Kyla from Three Quarters Full – she is hosting a series of posts by mums who are taking the time to remember (or reclaim) who they were before they became a parent first, a person second.

Here’s a snippet of what I wrote…

Despite the fact I’m a ‘sensible’ mother of three – there is still a risk-taking party girl lurking inside of me somewhere, desperate to get out.

So head over and have a read @ The Woman Beneath

It’s TUESDAY and I BLOG – and thanks to the lovely Jess I get to link up and read about what everyone else has been up to!