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Is there anything more awesome than getting a kick-ass trophy? NUP!

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose as long as… YOU GET A TROPHY!!


Just a wee bit excited about getting this trophy!

Just a wee bit excited about getting this trophy!

Last night my netball team, the Bluebirds, played in the grand finals and we …


Yes hard to believe considering the shit-hot trophy I have in bed with me to show for it, but it was a super close game.

After 40 minutes of gruelling play, including a few Academy Award-winning stacks by yours truly – the score was tied!

So – much to the excitement of the crowd, all five of them, we had to play for 10 minutes more – you could have cut the tension with a blunt, rusty knife.

I could say that “it was a game of two halves” and “the better team won on the day” but that’s not the case, it was honestly a tight game, with lots of handling errors on both sides.

We were bloody legends on the court – and I’m proud to be a retired Bluebird!

Just after we lost by one point - BOO :(

Just after we lost by one point – BOO 😦 I’m smack bang in the middle of this pic, just in case you can’t recognise me!

You know – before I got on the court I wasn’t stressed about winning, but as soon as that old dude on the sideline started cheering for our opposing team – REALLY, REALLY LOUDLY – something inside of me broke.

I leaped like a muppet and ran like a headless chicken to defend those shooters because I wanted to WIN mother fuggers!

If you didn’t know I once got an F for sportsmanship – I don’t like losing.

But it wasn’t to be – sadly they won by one – YES ONE BLOODY GOAL 😦

However, they say every cloud has a silver lining and ‘they’ were right – this particular silver lining came in the form of a TROPHY!!

WHOOP  - a runner-up trophy!!

WHOOP WHOOP – a runner-up trophy!!

The last and only ever trophy I won was at a work function where I kicked ass – wait for it – at go karting!

So to get one for netball was amazing (and not just because I paid $120 plus for fees) BUT I know that my children are going to go OFF when they see it!

I will be like a SUPER DUPER NETBALL MUM in their eyes!

And seriously, isn’t it a great feeling to see your children’s eyes light up – no matter what the reason?

Just a tiny bit proud - and sweaty - YUK

Just a tiny bit proud – and sweaty – YUK

I also have to admit that I might have acted like a bit of a pork chop when I was handed my Academy Award trophy.

I’m not saying that I bowed to the crowd other players – but I might have.

Isn't she GORGEOUS! Seriously - what a stunner!

Isn’t she GORGEOUS! Seriously – what a stunner!

Before I shut the hell up about winning a stupid runner-up netball trophy wrap this up I want to point out the good and bad of playing netball outdoors in winter.

1. I usually get out of the dinner, bath, bed routine.
2. The girls I play with are AWESOME, most were mums, but there were two or three lovelies under 20 that were FANTASTIC, and happy to listen to my mum drivel.
3. I had 15 minutes, to and from netball, in the car ALONE and got to have MY music up loud.

1. My IBOT newspaper writing deadline is Tuesday so always makes Monday a stressful day.
2. It’s bloody cold in winter and on Mondays I usually like to do FUG ALL because weekends are so full on.
3. 8.30pm games – those are just torture!

Totally loving my new BFF sick right now!

Totally loving my new BFF sick right now!

Did I mention I got a trophy 😉

What was the last trophy you won?
Have I inspired you to get your ass out and play a team sport?
Do you want my autograph?

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Leaping back on the netball court after a 17-year hiatus

My heart was racing, I could barely eat (a rare thing for me) and I was consumed with worry about how the next hour would unfold.

I hadn’t felt this nervous since the eve of my induction with my second child.

What could get me, Mrs I Don’t Really Give A Shit About Much, so worked up?


Yep don’t rub your computer screens, you read right, I was totally working myself up into a frenzied state because after 17 years I was about to get back on the courts.

Is this what a netball looks like?

Is this what a netball looks like?

Notice the perm and clenched fist - I was one tough chick back then!

I bet you’re thinking what an awesome looking athlete I look here 😉 – this was taken nearly 20 years ago!

I was worried because I’m TOTALLY unfit and haven’t played any sport, apart from ‘chase three little shits around the house’ in years.

Don’t let my trademark chicken legs fool you – I’m so unfit that I need to stop for drink’s break when I walk down the driveway to get the newspaper!

I also knew that if I fell or played like a gumbie then I was letting the whole team down, and I hate that shit.

Being part of a team is a big deal to me and I didn’t want to be ‘that person’ who didn’t pull their weight, literally.

All day I hoped that each beep of my phone was my friend saying the game had been cancelled (sorry Ang but it’s true :).

No amount of peep talks from friends were helping – I just had to bite the bullet, put on three bras and have a teaspoon of cement.

Check out that mighty defence lean - which ALWAYS gets my pulled up by the refs

Check out that mighty defence lean – which ALWAYS gets my pulled up by the refs

Stressing just before I took to the court

Stressing just before I took to the court

After 10 minutes I had to sub off because my legs were jelly and I couldn’t run anymore.

I then got my second wind and played the last two quarters, some in the rain, and kicked some teenage-girl butt!

It was AWESOME, I ran around like a possessed woman, leaping, jumping, and defending that ball like it was one of my children.

We won and I felt proud that I had helped achieve this in some way.

This is blurry because we were moving SO fast ;)

This is blurry because we were moving SO fast 😉

And it doesn’t matter that I’m now walking a bit like a cowboy and can barely move my arms, I leaped out of my comfort zone and have become part of a team again.

What team sport did or did you play? What’s stopping you from getting back into it?

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