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A tirade targeting twats, gits and Kim Kardashian

Someone once told me I had a short fuse.

Sadly – that person is no longer with us.

Yes I am Keanu, well spotted dude!

Yes I am Keanu, well spotted dude!

No I’m not that bad, I just speak out about things that irritate me.

And while there’s plenty of injustices in the world that infuriate me, eg women not being treated equally, genocide, racism, and animals being slaughtered for no reason, there’s also a few things closer to home that make my blood boil and pulse race.

What I rant and rave on about:

I can’t vote – in fact I am only a ‘resident for tax purposes’ because I arrived here after 2001. New Zealanders have to jump through more hoops than most other nationalities to get citizenship (I’m going red just thinking about it).

How Australian politicians slag each other off, it’s very childish, have you ever watched a debate in Parliament, I cringe in embarrassment at times.

The ‘news’ on the big commercial networks – they make news instead of breaking the news. And don’t get me started on what is considered newsworthy on these three main channels. Give me ABC or SBS news any day.

SBS World News Australia - for those who really want to know what's happening in the world - she is my favourite SBS news reader.   Image source

SBS World News Australia – for those who really want to know what’s happening in Australia and the world – this woman is my favourite SBS news reader. Image source

People who drive slowly in the fast lane and then don’t move over because they think they’re going fast enough and that we should slow down.

Reality TV shows, talking about irritating, especially when it makes people such as Kim Kardashian famous. Who the hell is she anyhow, someone please tell me why she is so famous? Did she try and help to find a cure for cancer? Assist in helping to find the answer to global warming? Now those people are the ones we should be making famous.

Those selfish gits who put non-Aldi shopping trolleys behind the bigger, nicer and more comfortable token-only Aldi ones – lazy snots! How hard is it really to put your trolley in the right slot so I don’t have to move three trolleys with a screaming toddler in my arms?

Drivers who get cranky at having to stop at pedestrian crossings – it’s my right to cross the road without getting knocked over you twat!

Friends who appear to be listening and talking to you but also have one ear listening for a juicier conversation – when they find one they leap into it leaving you talking to yourself – RUDE.

Receptionists at the doctors, I know they are around sick, miserable people all day, but that’s no excuse for acting like nasty guard dogs.


Husbands who take out the trash and forget to put in a new rubbish bag before I scrape off dinner leftovers into the bin.

The fact that my stupid blog theme doesn’t have bullet points – GRRR.

Do any of these things make your blood boil also? Or are you guilty of one of the above – go on admit it – you really love a bit of Kim, Survivor and Real Housewives?

This rant was prompted by the crew @ The Lounge – this week hosted by Robomum


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