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Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo nearly visited our pool

As I’m writing this, my first blog in a week (gasp – say all you super bloggers) an awesome thunderstorm is happening around me.

Although I’m sure no one really cares about why I’ve been absent for a week I’m going to tell you – newspaper deadlines.

For those who’ve had to met them, you know the stress. Okay so what I’m doing now isn’t quite as stressful as when I worked on a daily paper, but it’s still hectic.

And I chow through a HEAP of caffeine every day because of it.


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But I’ve meet them and it means I have 2 whole weeks without work and I’m bloody over the moon!

When I hit deadline this morning I felt as though the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders – truly.

I did a jig, ate some almonds (yep party food for the wanna-be skinny) and sat down for 15 minutes and folded the washing!

After doing some much-neglected household duties I picked up the trio from Kindy nice and early.

We went swimming, it was lovely – especially in 33C heat – until it turned to shit, literally.

About half an hour into our pool session Maddi told me she needed to go to the toilet.

In fairness she had been doing what I like to call ‘poo farts’ in the car on the way home so I knew something was brewing.

But I asked if she could hold on for a bit, because I couldn’t be farked getting out, and she said she could.
Not two minutes later the poor wee sausage was TC (touching cotton) and we had to exit the pool quickly.

Too late, the eagle had landed.

No sweat really, it was our pool area, unlike a week ago when No.2 decided to leave a surprise in a friend’s communal pool.

My poor friend was mortified, luckily no-one saw it, or if they did they just pretended they hadn’t.

So back to the turd burger at my place, instead of letting me help her remove the offending item, Maddi basically dropped her swimmers and hello, out came Mr Hanky – the Christmas Poo!


(Photo credit – southparkstudios.com)

Why oh why can’t my kids just have nice easy, solid logs.

Anyhow, after a lot of scrubbing and washing, I returned to the pool – thank goodness for Chlorine.

Now there’s a lesson to be learned here – Don’t delay now what could turn into a shit fight later!!

What have you delayed or ignored only to have it blow up in your face?!

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