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Ten things men think but are usually smart enough not to say out loud!

Learning when to hold your tongue is a trait may of us aren’t so great at.

But in order to survive parenthood and marriage, many couples refrain from saying things they would LOVE to get off their chest.

I recently I wrote a post about books I’d love to publish

Here is a list that is sort of not really an extension of this:

Ten things husbands or partners would LOVE to say to us but never will – for fear of getting shot.

1. I know you were crushing candy just before I walked in the door and then quickly did the husband hustle to clean up this pigsty.

2. Your mum cooks way better than you! (Actually the Husband says this to me!).

3. Yes, yes I know you work WAY harder than me and you don’t get a lunch break, sick days, or to speak to other adults, blah blah blah.

4. Do you really think it’s such a great idea to eat chocolate and drink wine so late at night? Your GUT ain’t getting any smaller!

5. I couldn’t give a shit about the bargain you got at the supermarket today – unless it involves boobs.

6. Surely you’re not that naive to think that I only look at news videos on my very large-screened 4G smart phone.

7. If the lawns annoy you so fugging much get off your chocolate ass and do them yourself instead of hinting at how good the neighbours look!

8. Of course I love you but please shut the hell up about how tired you are – I’m trying to ignore you by watching sport, reality TV or play a game on my iPad.

9. I think it’s a great idea for you to get out of the house more – because it give me a few hours without your nagging.

10. I stopped listening about 30 seconds ago, what the hell are you talking about WOMAN? (This is when they start smiling and nodding).

What do you think your partner is secretly thinking but values their life too much to say?
Does your significant other actually say any of the above? Are they still alive?

Or are you kidding yourself in to thinking your lovely partner would NEVER have these thoughts?

It’s a Tuesday IBOT post – inspired by Jess @ Essentially Jess