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Things I know will happen once the Husband heads back to work


Leaping into a bowl of coffee was the first thing on my mind at 4.54am this morning when No.3 woke.

We have early risers, and no amount of tinted windows, blinds, or black-out curtains (and yes we have all three) can stop this.

Their little circadian rhythms are perfectly in tune with the rising of the sun, sadly the same can’t be said at the other end of the day.

I’ve begrudgedly come to accept that I will never get to stay in bed past 5.30am – unless I sleep in our walk-in robe, something I’ve often thought of doing.

But the past few weeks have been much easier because I have had the Husband home in the mornings to share the load, but sadly only for two more sleeps.

The Husband, aka ‘superdad’ making breakfast for the gang this morning

Here’s 5 things I know will happen once the husband goes back to be being away from home for 13 hours a day:

1. I’ll realise what a bloody legend he is and be super nice to him when he gets home (for the first day anyhow).

2. I will have to answer every question, fix every problem, adjudicate every fight, and get all the cuddles and kisses – YAY!!!

3. I’ll be the big bad wolf for a few days because “dadda lets us have lollies and Shapes for breakfast” and turns a blind eye to things I don’t.

4. I might lose some weight because I’ll be back to doing everything eg nappy changing, strapping the kids in the car, and every other physical duty possible I have been able to fob off to him during the holidays.

5. Trips to the bathroom and shower will no longer be solo missions, but a four-person adventure.

This Friday thanks to Miss Cinders for giving me the inspiration to write a “Things I know” blog

To Grace for letting me Flog by Blog this sunny Friday

And to Bree for letting me link to her Flash Blog Friday.

Things I Know

28 thoughts on “Things I know will happen once the Husband heads back to work

  1. Man I so do not miss the every single day early risers! My early riser is now 17yo and I thank the Goddess every day he can get his own breakfast now! I’m so not a naturally early riser!

    The two youngins – 7 and 10 – will hold out as long as they can on weekends before waking me up for something. I love that they know Mum might be awake and just laying there, but Mum also needs to rest her weary bones!

    Thanks for linking up to TIK!

    Happy Friday! xxx

  2. Right here with you! I have loved having Dad home to share the load, somehow the load has been more pleasant and less of a chore with the 2 of us together.

  3. I totally get this. My husband has been home for almost two weeks and next week he returns to 13 hour work days. Will miss sleep ins, self imposed time out, and solo showers. Am counting down the days to his next holiday.

  4. Ahhhh peace in the bathroom…how I miss that!

  5. Nothing worse than having the husband home!! Mine doesn’t help me, lazes around on the lounge on his butt or plays games on Facebook. I’d rather him be at work.!

  6. I love having my Mr Awesome home. Sadly he didn’t get any time off over the holidays, well except for the public holidays of course. The big bad wolf part made me giggle. Miss Two has been walking around all day telling me that daddy said she could have an ice block so could I please get her one.

  7. I’m similarly grateful for my husband being home at the moment – it’s nice to share the load, isn’t it? And I think I’m the big bad wolf today too – he’s let them stay in their PJs all day, made them cubby houses and let them have cake for “lunch dessert” – I haven’t! I hope things do go a little easier for you when he does return to work – all the best with that!

    • Your husband sound like mine, super dad, which I love because it means when he’s off work he becomes the ‘go-to’ parent – well unless there’s tears and then mum is the only one that can kiss things better. Thanks for you best wishes, I’ve been mentally preparing myself for a few days now – so hopefully it’ll be better than I have imagined 🙂

  8. I love having my husband at home too – except we don’t have any little ones to look after which means he looks after me – YAY !!!!!
    Have a great day !
    #Things I Know visitor

  9. Mike’s still got another week off! 3 weeks is far too much, though will be happy with Nick being off school for 8 weeks or whatever insanity it is that that’s 3 weeks we won’t need vacation care!

  10. I know, it’s a blessing and a curse when they return to work! Good luck!

  11. It takes a couple of days of adjustment when the husbands go back to work, doesn’t it? But at the end of it, I’m pushing Mr Surfer out the door. Is that bad? 🙂

  12. I’m so glad mine is now past the early rising stage, it makes such a difference. And yes, it’s lovely having hubs at home to help, even if he does allow chocolate chip panckes for breakfast when I get to sleep in 🙂

  13. Feeling your pain lovely lady. My hubby went back recently after three weeks off. To say my body went into shock is not an exaggeration.

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